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Default Thursday Morning Chit Chat......

Well chickies it is 12:01 so it is offically Thursday... I am sitting here writing out a todo list for the week-end. It just keeps getting longer. I want to have everything ready before I head out for my manicure and pedicure so I don't mess up my nails when I get home. I had my hair done Wed night got it cut a wee bit shorter I like it alot. I am starting to get freaked with all the things I have to do before we leave. Thank goodness the kids are leaving this morning.... DH and I will get to have a nice quite night and a peacefull drive We made some vacation plans tonight... we are going to go to the Poconos(?) the end of July for our anniversary... there is a nice campground I found and we are going to stay there and then go to the Nascar race. He is also going to take me to Hershey PA as well. I am so excited. We have not really gone anywhere for any length of time without the girls before it will be nice . Well chickies I must go my DD's best friend is here and she is crying.... she lost a really good friend and neighbour ( a woman who was like another mom to her) to cancer this morning she is having a hard time dealing with it... but she is going to the wedding with us she is just a jumble of emotions poor wee thing.
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Hi Little chick and others to come later. How awful for that girl to lose someone close. Life is hard hard so often.

My mother's health problems continue - she phoned me yesterday to say that she has to have a rectal examination this morning as she has been bleeding. I think it has been going on a while and she has been too embarrassed to talk about it.

Anyway, lots to do. Will pop in later.
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I vant to draw your blood
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Good morning, Chicks~~

Littlechick, sorry about your dd's friend. Give her a hug for me and tell her a stranger is saying a prayer for her.

Clovey, tell your mom I'm praying for her, too. Hopefully, the bleeding is nothing serious.

Not a whole lot going on here. Found out the little park a few miles away is having its grand opening next weekend. DH and I plan to be there for the festivities and then, I'm hoping that will be our regular walking place...even if we have to wait til 8:00 to walk to avoid the worst heat of the day.

I'm turning into a grump, jobwise...doc has lately been sending people over at 4:30 and later and I'm supposed to leave at addition, his office staff has this "she's only the lab person. She can just wait" attitude when it comes to needing info to send in stuff to the lab...ugh!! Yet, he throws a fit if I'm 5 mins late with his reports every day. Consequently, I've been going around with my knickers in a twist...

Well, time to fly out the door.

All you chicks have a great day on the Beach

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Oh. Little Chick I will be praying for that little girl. Hopefully the wedding will distract for a while.

Clovey, I'm so sorry about your Mom, sweetie. I'll be saying prayers for her, and for you.

Running... seeing my doc today to check on a chest pain and nausea I've been having. I think the nausea is stress (thank God I finally got my period last week... two weeks late!), and I think my arteries are completely clogged. Well, they FEEL clogged everytime I eat a bag of bridge mix.

Love and hugs for all of you... and prayers for those of you who need them. (all of you!?!?) back later...
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Mamacita, we posted together... hi, sweetie!
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morning girls!!
little chick- so sorry for your dd's little friend, sending prayers your way for her. i had to read your post 2x. believe it or not my dh and i are going to the pocono nascar race 8/1 also. i've never been to a race before so i am really excited. good luck with all the pre wedding stuff this week!!!

ellis- i am so proud of you for going to a oa meeting!! (i just got caught up on my reading today) good for you. i hope some day i have the courage to go down that path, i'm just not quite there yet.

mama- sorry you are having problems at work, hope it gets better soon. how's dh doing?

clovey sorry about your mom, sending prayers your way.

to all of the rest of you lovely beach babes hope you have a wonderful day.
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Come on Spring!
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Clovey, I really feel for you and your Mum and will send some prayers winging across the Big Pond. Little Chick, your poor DD's friend! It's so sad but ellis is right: perhaps the wedding will help.

Nothing exciting here this morning - so far! The fireflies were out last night, a damned cheerful robin woke me before 4 AM abd The Girls are quite indignant over a cat who is hanging around!

I got heck from the doc over my wrist and will hie me off for an X-Ray this afternoon when Jane comes. The results won't get to the doc until tomorrow afternoon so I'm sort of counting on a castless weekend. Cast! Just got a guilty twitch about my script for Sunday! This morning, after my bath, I need to really focus on that. Ellis, I need you here as my muse! We could sit on the porch and talk Victorian.

Guilt is setting in - gotta go!
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Morning, everyone! Today is my DH's birthday. I asked him what he wanted for dessert for his birthday and told him that Kroger's has strawberries on sale so I'll be picking up strawberries and Cool Whip after work today. I asked if he wanted cake and he asked me if it was OP. When I told him that it wasn't he told me to skip buying it. Maybe he will end up losing some weight too.

On the other hand I am planning my son's birthday party for next weekend and he wants Chuck-E-Cheese. There is nothing there but salad that I should eat. I probably will have a healthy snack before I go and try to eat just one slice of pizza with Canadian Bacon and Pineapple on it. He wants cupcakes instead of a cake so I probably will be less tempted to eat them.
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Default Hi kids

Not much going on here.

Clovey, such a natural reaction for your mother. Denial is not a river in Egypt.

Mama, just use a REALLY big needle for those latecomers.

Ruth, you behave with or without a cast!

Making a cake right now for dh coworker...........why???????? Don't know. DH asked and I have been sooooo cranky lately (TOM came for a visit) that I felt guilt.

Hope you all have a great Thursday!
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Conquering with SBD
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Mornin' I'm not quite awake yet this morning. Weather is dull and rainy and just makes you feel like crawling back into bed for another hour or two. However, I'm at work and ready for the day.

Littlechick - So sorry to hear about DD's friend. That is such a difficult thing for children to understand at a young age. Hope that she is able to cope without too much trauma. Hugs.

Clovey - Saying a prayer for your mom. Those are such difficult things to deal with, and embarrassing, so often get left too long before they are dealt with. Wishing her, and you, the best.

Ruth - I'm torn about my opinion on a cast. If it helps the healing and reduces some of the pain, you should get it, although, I do know how much of a hinderance they can be. Hope everything goes well, though, and perhaps a cast won't be needed. That would be the best of both worlds.

Well, today you can knock me over with a feather. I had a nail appointment last night, and as I was walking out of the door, DH asked me to pick up some ju jubes while I was out. He said that he and Ms Poopy Bum were going to camp out for the night in the family room. She has been banned from the living areas of the house until her 'problem' is under control.

Now you have to understand this man of mine - he didn't grow up with pets or animals, and has basically tolerated the pets that we had while out kids were growing up. When all the kids moved out, he said that he was not going to have another animal in the house - ever. I pestered him for a puppy to keep me company because he travels and is often away for a month or two at a time. He finally conceded, but made sure that I understood the animal is mine. He called the breeder, and pestered the poor man until the puppies were born. We went to see the puppies when they were 5 days old - this involves driving 2 hours each way to the kennels where she was born. Every Friday night from then until we brought her home, he insisted that we go to visit. The first weekend that we had her, we went to visit our daughter and grandkids. Halfway through the weekend, my daughter took me aside and asked me what on earth was wrong with dad. She had never seen him devote so much time to one of the animals....

When I came home from my appointment last night, the 'camping out' tent that we have for the grandkids was set up in the family room, all the blankets were arranged inside, a tv for entertainment and some snacks. They were just waiting for their ju jubes. He slept in the family room in the tent with the dogs. Oh my goodness...

One of our sons was leaving for work at 9:30 last night, and I could see him walking out to his car shaking his head. He probably still hasn't gotten over that one yet. Anyway, it was a nice treat for the puppy.

Well, looks like it is work time now. Must go. Have a great day, everyone.
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Morning, all!

Sounds like it's not a great sorry, guys!

LC: so sorry about DD's friend! That must be so hard for her, especially at her age. The older I get (and the more people I lose to cancer), the more I feel that we should be doing more to learn about and get rid of cancer. I have a feeling a large check will be going out to the American Cancer Society later this's such an awful disease. I'm thrilled to hear about your vacation...DH and I rarely get away too, but our last weekend has really brought us closer together and reinvigorated our marriage! The poconos are great! Very pretty! Hershey is wonderful, too...just driving up and down the street outside the factory is enough...the smell is beyond fabulous! If you get a chance, check out Harrisburg. The river area is gorgeous and great for strolls, there is a little island that you can get to by crossing an old iron bridge that has carnival rides and a minor league baseball stadium, and the capitol building is beautiful!

Clovey, so sorry to hear about your mum! Hopefully it's just hemerroids (sp?) and nothing serious. I can understand how she would be embarrassed...I've had the same problem from time to time and never told my doctor. I don't want him poking around down there! Glad she's standing up for herself and getting it checking out.

Mamacita, enjoy the sounds lovely and a great place to release stress! I'm so sorry to hear about work...I guess there are two things you can do. You can approach the doctor at a time when he is less busy and tell him your concerns. If that doesn't work, go to your superior and lodge a complaint. OR, you can play hardball, and just make his report late everytime he sends someone late to you. If he protests, just let him know that you find it hard to give him the courtesy of a quick report when he does not give you the same professional courtesy. He'll get the point very quickly. You have something he wants, and he has to treat you courteously to get it. Period. Devious , but it works.

ELLIS!!! Chest pain and nausea? Aren't those two signs of heart attack???? You have me very worried! I hope you are at the doctor right now getting checked...please let us know how you are! You are very much in my prayers! I can see how a late period could lead to stress, though (which causes chest pain and nausea in me...). Glad it came and you can relax. Isn't it funny how we hate having it, but are totally upset when it doesn't come on time?

Jodi, glad to see you back! I go to OA as well, and it's great. There's a girl in our group who has been coming for over a year, but is not on a food plan, has not taken any of the steps yet, but is trying. Coming to the meetings is her first step, and she's very well accepted in our group. I hope you can try it when you are ready. I'm amazed at all it is doing for me! We have a nascar track near us and people here are HUGE Nascar fans. I'm not sure I get the point...the races go on forever and ever...but I recognize that it is a big deal around here.

Ruth, great luck with your script! I'm sure it will be fabulous, considering your coup at your last performance! How did the costume-making go? Sorry your doctor gave you heck, though glad you went. I find myself in that position all the time...I try not to bother the doctor, but when I do, I hear that I should have come in a long time ago...Oy! Hope you remain castless, but it heals safely!

Barb, can your husband give workshops on how to support an SBD wife??? : What a sweetheart he is! I hope he has an extra special birthday! I think it's amazing that Chuck E. has a salad bar now. I think you could bring some meat and toss it on the salad to make a great lunch...that pizza has sugar in the crust, sugar in the sauce, full fat cheese, and the pineapple is not op...stay away from it, girl! I know you can do this!

Oh, RNMom, so sorry you are stuck making a cake! One day I think I can do that, but definitely not now. I would eat it without even thinking about it. *sigh* Good for you that you can do it...but please don't feel guilty about being cranky during TOM. We are *all* like that, some more than others ( ), and it's a natural part of life. Just apologize and give him a hug, then go on with life, eh?

Forgot to do my darn situps today. I'm still craving, but not sure why. Maybe the extra carbs (I had one or two a day on vacation rather than just one)? I'm just a bit hungry...and planned to eat the same stuff I usually's just not filling me up the same way. Oy. The scale remains my friend, though...which is great.

Had burgers last night for dinner on those Ezekiel buns and it was wonderful!!! Yum! Having tuna with tomatoes and lettuce, probably some 3 bean salad and coleslaw, too, for lunch. Tonight we are having cashew chicken salad on ezekiel buns with a salad on the side for dinner. I have Jazzercise tonight and am a bit scared as I didn't go last week due to vacation. I'm hoping I can get through it...but if I do, I'll feel amazing!

A couple people mentioned in the Wed. chat that they are bored with their selection and with salads...check a couple of recent threads on that subject and look at the recipe forum...there are a ton of wonderful things to make there and you can have dinner leftovers for lunch! I think the key to being successful at SBD is to keep changing things around and have lots of different foods! I love remaking Cooking Light recipes. You can find them at (you have to register to see the recipes, but it is free and worth the time!).

Hope everyone has a much better day...I'm holding you in my prayers!
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I can do this!
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Peggy, you'd think with such a long-winded post I could fit you in there somewhere, eh? We posted at the same time. Your DH sounds like a total doll! I think men who care for animals are the best! Seeing my DH with our puppy makes me love him even more.
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Faith in me
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Good Morning/Afternoon ladies!

Littlechick I'm so sorry to hear about your dd's friend. I know how hard it is to go through something like that. In the past 5 yrs about 7 people I know have been diagnosed with cancer and almost half have died from it.

Clovey, I'm sorry to hear about your mom. I hope it's nothing serious.

ELLIS, I really hope you're getting all of that checked out!

Ruth, I know how it is to wear a cast. It's not fun. Last year a broke a bone in my foot that's hard to break. Leave it to me to break it. It was so stupid. I broke my foot jumping out of my bed, didn't even realize that I had and got right back into bed and fell asleep. It wasn't fun at all. I do hope your arm/wrist gets better soon!

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL day!!!
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I graduated!
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Hi everyone...

I'm on a late start day... I slept in, for a change DH didn't wake me up! Either that or I was so out of it that I don't remember him trying to wake me up, he usually wakes me up 15 times in the morning to tell me something inane he saw on the morning news or to ask me something... or just to sing to me

Anyway... I feel totally bloated. I'm probably starting another 3 weeks of PMS. *grrrr* Scale says that I'm up about two pounds. I'm hoping that it's just water weight.

I think that I'm feeling stalled because I'm not eating enough veggies. I feel like I need to increase my veggie intake and nothing is appealing to me. Maybe I should get some cauliflower and make the mashed thing. I'm thawing wild caught salmon for dinner with no idea of what I'm going to do with it. Leaning toward lemon and dill and wrapping in foil on the grill.

It's overcast most of the day but getting quite hot and humid (for my thin blood anyway).

I'm on a mad dash to finish stuff for the baby shower for SIL this weekend.

Will keep a prayer for your mom Clovey.

for Mamacita and LC...

Ellis... sounds stressful. I hope everything comes out okay... will be waiting to hear with

And fingers crossed for Ruth too... hope your wrist is okay!

Barb... about the party at chuck-e-cheese, one of the things that is recommended in the books is to have a teaspoon of fiber (like metamucil) in a glass of water 15 minutes before a meal... makes you feel fuller. You could always pack something in...

RNMOM I kinda know what you mean about making cakes for DH... I get into the same situation with mine, only it's apple cobbler. And then the damn thing smells so good. I'm not making one while I'm on phase 2... you're a better woman that I!

Peggy... it sounds like your DH is enjoying a second childhood with "your" puppy! I didn't see what your puppies problem is but we went through two ruptured anal glands with our littlest dog and sugery to have them removed. Big hugs to you...

beachgal... you're almost at your Aug. goat!!! WTG GIRL!!!

Now I have to get inspired for more exercise. I'm so freaking disorganzied that I am hard pressed to get anything done let alone exercise! It amazes me that you all can post and post and find time to do everything else. I have to learn how to budget my personal time and scheduling better.

School starts in August... if I don't get it under control now I am afraid everything (including my dieting) will fall in the toilet.

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Default Ellis....

What did the doc say?????? You really need to be healthy. I want you around so you can "walk" to my place with my bracelet......
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