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Suzy God answers prayers. Your son is home. May God continue to protect your family.
Great pictures.

Cheryl I am sure that you are relieved that your paper is done. That is really long. How long did it take you to write it and what is it on?

Janice I only go on low carb for a maximum of 7 days but usually 3-4 days does it for me. I love my sugars too, just don't get me started....once it is out of my system I allow myself a sweet dessert once a week other wise it is fruit with a squirt of whipping cream, yogurt, or a latte.

Gayle did you order that dress for the wedding or did you decide on something else?

Shelley has Mike had any luck with a job? How about the sale of the piano?
ARe you finding it hard with your parents living with you while thier place gets fixed up? I know that I would have a hard time with my parents living here.

Sherry when are you done school? I bet you are looking forward to the end.

Allison how is your daughter doing? Will she be going to the funeral? It must be so hard on everyone.

Debbi that belly of yours must be hard as a board with all that belly dancing. It must be a lot of fun.

I sure am enjoying my week without Larry here. I can eat when and if I want, I don't have to be home for noon and the evening.....

Time to give my sis a call and see if she will come into the city and meet me for lunch.

Have a good day everyone.
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Janice ~ I'm the same way with sugar...there's no end once I start. The low carb/no sugar diet for a week sounds like a good idea. I may follow your example and see if it helps with the cravings.
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Suzy, so happy Travis is home! I know you are too! I loved those pictures!! What a great thing for them to do in Maine!

Janice, I have tried to do a modified low carb, and make it part of my life. I have found now, I don't like white bread, (except hot rolls right out of the oven) I can't stand regular pasta. I like the whole wheat stuff!

Cheryl, I hate to write papers and always had a few people read them and critique before I handed them in. I am sure you are thrilled to have it over!

Hi to everyone else, not enough time before work to write to everyone! Sorry!

Do want to tell you, I went to an open house yesterday and may change my career again! I am looking into library science to become a librarian. I have always thought that would be a fun job! I love libraries! Rob was joking last night, I could be the first belly dancing librarian! Sort of gives conflicting images doesn't! LOL!
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Belly dancing librarian - times they are changing. Sounds good to me!
I'm down another pound today. I find low carb easy right now. When I plateau I will switch to WW. I have lost weight on both before. The trick as we all know is to keep it off. I plan my meals ahead and pack my lunch for work, otherwise the vending machine calls me.
Suzy - I think low carb would work for you to get the sugar cravings under control. I eat a lot of meat and caesar salad or regular salad. Don't forget to use salad dressings that are NOT light or fat free just read the label. I put bacon bits and shredded cheddar on top. YUM! Also lots of sugar free jello. Good luck if you decide to give it a try.
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Please go to #19...........A New thread has been started!!!!
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