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I'm on my fifth day of quitting sugar and weight loss diet, and I fell off the wagon majorly at a party today. They were serving an absolutely delicious looking birthday cake, with huge slices, and tons of high fat icing, and I was already headachy and not well prepared to be at that party. I managed to stay off the cake and the refined sugars, which I'm a tiny bit proud of, but I had two glasses of wine and two bowls of fried rice with high-fat curry.
I think the curry-and-rice are not so horrible for breaking the sugar-addiction (although they're bad for the calorie restriction). The problem will be the wine. And now I'm prolonging the number of days I'm going to feel a headache and jumpy and irritable. But then again sometimes I think I'll be irritable, every day of my life that I'm not over-indulging.
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I just wanted to say congrats on not eating the cake Lisa. That is a real
acomplishment for those of us who have problems with sugar. Wishing you
the best of luck on keeping off the sugar and losing weight. You can do it!!!
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sugar can be killer. they have great sugar free candies but theyre just as good for you as diet soda. however, since i'm on sbd i kept sugar free candies on me just in case. well i should've read the entire book, word for word. because, i seemed to skip over the chapter stating how certain diet 'sugars' can cause gastrointestinal distress. well i learned that the hard way (t.m.i, I know!!). so if you must have sugar, i would suggest trying the sugar free candy but VERY limited or you'll be sorry =). and they also make diet hot chocolate which i swear you'd never know the difference. Good Luck!!
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Hi I'm new but wanted to say I completely understand the sugaraholic issue. About 9 years ago I gave up sugar and within 7-8 months I had lost 20 lbs., stopped eating compulsively absolutely no binge eating. I was finally sane with food. Then I decided I could handle sugar again. It started slowly but it took back over. I finally got sick and tired of the yo-yoing and out of control behavior with food. I stopped eating sugar again 7 days ago. I'm finally back in control. No intense cravings, no binge feels wonderful and I'm regaining some self-respect. For those who are struggling with giving sugar up. It is hard but the pay-off is worth it. BTW, I lost 5 lbs this week. I think is because I'm not retaining fluids caused by eating sugar and processed foods.
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