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Unhappy "Sore Loser..."

I've lost a whopping 25lbs over the last 3 months... and not one single person has noticed; not even my husband. I keep thinking it can't be real... but when I get dressed I'm 2 sizes smaller. I guess when your're a size 24 to start with it doesn't seem like much... but inside of me I'm having this big party and I want to jump up and down and shout hurray! (sigh....) I guess I need to work on "self" a bit more.
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Well done, am so chuffed for you, that is so un kind that no one has said anything, God thats 2 stone you have last. Are they blind, you will be able to see that a mile of. Congrats again for the wait loss, Hope to here from you soon.

Take care and Good Luck

Am Rooting for use
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i agree. first off congrats!!!! thats wonderful! dont let anyone take that from you!! i hhappen to think that when you are bigger to start with, loss that dramatic is SURE to be noticed

keep it up! im rooting for ya!!
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I know when I lost my first 25 people sure noticed. Of course some may just be unsure and don't want to hurt your feelings. Or they don't know how to ask. This world has made people so sensitive to issues such as weight abnd color and handicaps that people are just afraid to speak up and ask questions. So please don't let it get you down. You know what you have accomplished andshould be very proud. Keep it up and the compliments will come.
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Default OH MY GOD....

Can I relate to this one!!!! I too have lost about 27 lbs and not a SINGLE SOLITARY SOUL HAS NOTICED (okay except for my mother in law who kinda asked "have you lost weight or something...but that doesn't really count!).

Okay I understand if people see you every day (hubby, kids, co-workers) they may not notice weight loss, but I have been in situations with people I have not seen in a couple of months and they didn't say BOO!

I do notice my clothes are fitting much better...shirts are doing up or loose..and blazers I used to wear open (cuz I couldn't do them up)...can now be buttoned up...a very weird & strange feeling.

I guess if you have a lot of weight to lose (I have lost about 25 of a total of 75 I need to get rid of) might take a while for people to notice???

Just give yourself a big pat on the back...get yourself some special "reward" and keep on going!

Good luck!

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Old 12-10-2001, 03:45 PM   #6  
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Soon2slim - I think losing 25 lbs is incredible! And my guess is that soon after posting people will be starting to notice. A couple of things I did to prompt people... was to...

get more form fitting, fashionable clothes...

get a new hair cut...

get a new makeup job.

And then I made sure I had the right friends... ones who supported me.

Maybe you could get your husband to take you out for a celebration (on program! ) healthy dinner... and wear something slick and becoming. You deserve it.

I found sometimes I had to ask for what I deserved. It wasn't that people were being intentionally mean or unobservant but, I came to a point where I was comfortable tooting my on horn - relatively quietly, but I got the point across.
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Soon2slim, way to go, what a great loss for just three months! You must be really working the program; keep the faith!

I too started at size 24, and people didn't notice for a long time. But the many changes I was noticing in my own life helped compensate for that: physically feeling better, breathing easier, feeling more confident, and enjoying the way clothes fit. Enjoy those feelings for now, and know that soon the compliments will start pouring in!

I'm a size ten now, and have been lifetime since last summer. I feel SO good; nothing will ever make me go back to those unhealthful old habits. It took a while to change, but now my eyes are open.

You go, girl! And take patch's advice, it's great.

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Default Some people just don't notice

A couple of years ago I lost quite a lot of weight and my boyfriend didn't even notice. But you have to remember that guys don't notice things like weight much. The funny thing is, when you loose all the weight and people start noticing, they will make comments about being healthy and not starving yourself or are you sick - you just can't win.
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just smile & remember YOU DID IT!! love yourself, treat yourself well everyone else will notice, just keep right on patting yourself on that slimmer back of yours!!
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Angry Don't be so hard...

Hey there soon,
Don't be so hard on yourself. I know exactly how you feel. I have been on this plateau for way too long now. Instead of reaching my goal of losing 25 more pounds by Christmas..from September.
Instead, I gained 4 pounds over the holidays. I have taken those off plus 2. But I have been beating myself up too. I was in a size 24 also. Currently wearing a 1X and size 12 jeans. (They are snugger than they were a few months ago.. ) But, what we have to do instead of beating ourselves up, is just shake it off and get busy doing what we know we need to do, in order to reach the goal. My goal is to weigh between 115 and 122. A size 5 jeans, whichever comes first. It's hard work I know. But what I am doing is browsing "nude art" sites, to get some inspiration. To see my fully realized self in full view. To imagine how wonderful my sex life with my husband is going to be for BOTH of us. I know that until I rid myself of my excess weight, I will be self conscious while lovemaking.....and sexual freedom is my ultimate goal. If you want to know why all of this is so important to me, you can read one or both of my journals: "The Shedding Weight Loss Journal" :
And "It's OK To Be Sexual! From the heart of a woman":
We belong to ourselves!

Hang in there, We will all get there together.
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Congrats on the loss!!!!

When I first began my journey, it was my lil secret. Less pressure that way on me.
It took about a 30 lb loss before anyone noticed. And then it all exploded, everyone seemed to notice.

Hang in there and enjoy ppl not noticing at first. Less pressure from the outside. And in time, everyone will notce.

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Default Congrats

I have lost over 90 lbs since July, and I was close to 70-80 lbs before folks really started noticing - especially those I had not told and were therefore not "suspect"

Anyway, it catapulted and now EVERYONE notices.

I find I go down a clothing size about every 20 lbs and it makes sense that it takes a few sizes (as well as buying and wearing better sizes ) to really have folks notice.

Look at it this way, it kind of shows that you are not just your weight the the people around you - if they notice every dress size, think of how much they must have your exact size memorized. Sounds nuts but kind of makes sense.

Just enjoy the new, healthier you and they will notice.
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HI !!!

Just read your post and feel encouraged reading it !!

I lost about 50 lb 18 mths ago but sad to say have put a lot of it

back.. Have to get motivated again!!!! But yes people did start

noticing when i had lost that much Good Luck !!
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I, too, have experienced weight loss without everyone noticing. I started losing in July and by September had lost about 25 pounds. I couldn't believe that people were not noticing.

However, I went on holidays, lost another 5 pounds, or so, and when I returned, people were even emailing me to let me know that they had noticed. It seems that when I was away, people's image of me went back to the fat person, so when I returned, it was a shock.

Just before going on holidays, I celebrated my 50th birthday. There were several parties for me the week before I left and I did not see any of the pics until I got back. I really do have to admit that, if I were the observer in my case, I don't think I would have commented on the weight loss by the observation. I was still pretty big in the pictures, even though I had lost a lot of weight.

The really funny comment that I get (especially from men) is that they really like my new hairdo. I haven't changed my hairdo for 3 years. LOL. I have now lost almost 60 pounds. I was in a meeting the other day and one of the men piped up in the middle about how much he liked my new do. It was almost too funny because it was a very serious meeting with a lot of the executives present. I smiled graciously and thanked him...thinking to myself all the while that he thinks it's the hair, but it really is the weight (much smaller face now).

Take it in stride, even have some fun with it and know within yourself that you have accomplished what is too difficult for many people. You are also on your way to being healthier.

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Default Just be patient... they'll see it!

Soon2slim~ Hey! I've recently lost 25 lbs too! I'm currently 210 from 235, and I have a few people in my life who've noticed my weight loss but not mentioned it for different reasons... Some of these may apply to the people in your life too.

First of all there's my bf... he's a sweet heart; he's always been super suportive & happy with me no matter what my size was. Now that I'm loseing weight, he's really happy for me & proud of me... but he's not sure how to tell me! Whenever he compliments me or points out a feature of mine that's obviously slimmer (face, but, tummy, etc...) he confesses that he's been wanting to tell me that he's noticed for days but... he's afraid that if he says I look really good/slim/better, then I'll think that he thought I used to look bad/fat/ugly! Did that make sence? So your husband may just not know how to go about telling you that you're looking better!

Then there's my sis! I'll make this as short as possible... (our relationship has become quite complex... I could go on for pages!) The thing is we've always been overweight together & we always talked about loseing weight together! Now I'm losing weight & she's still talking about it... do you see where this would cause problems? Anyways, she quite obviously notices the difference, but says nothing out of anger/jealously/her own self consciousness?

My mom's reaction is better, but reserved... You see, she didn't say anything to me about my weight loss for quite a while because my sis was always around & she could see those tensions building & didn't want to add to the problem! So just a little while ago she confessed to me that she's noticed my changes, but she hadn't had a chance to congradulate me with out hurting my sister.

I can't leave out my weird best friend Alicia who's always been a toothpick! Weight is the only thing that's not a disaster in her life! I love her... but Good Greif she gets herself into some messed up situations! (have any close friends like that?) Our lives are as different as water & fire! I've got pretty much everything in order & happily peaceful in my life (except for my weight of course) Alicia on the other hand has not had a peaceful, calm, or normal day since she was 14! Well, her weight has always been the one thing that she can top me on. Ya know what I mean... like, her love life is a wreck, but at least she can wear the cute, little clothes that I can only dream of wearing! (As sick as it is... I think that helps her sleep at night!) She's obviously noticed the change too, but she refuses to mention it or to congradulate me! It seems that she's afraid that I'll soon have everything in order & she won't have anything to hold over me! Unfortunately the best of friends can sometimes be this petty!

Anyways, i've got to tell you CONGRADULATIONS!!!
It's great that you've been dropping those lbs & sooner or later people will definatly take notice & compliment you on your successes! And don't worry... if the reason that they haven't said anything is that they've got issues like the people in my life, they'll come around; good friends & family always do, it just may take some patience! But hey, you've just dropped 25 lbs; you MUST have patience!

talk to ya later, kalypso

235+/210/1st goal 195
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