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Default Wed. 12/15 Hump Day Chick Chat

Good Morning! Just wanted to get us started. I'll check back in later. Have a great day all! It's a chilly 19 here this morning!

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Good grief! Bamie starts the thread!
Good morning!

Just getting the kids off to school... back shortly...
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Good morning everyone from rainy Bermuda, well it is pretty dreary here but 74 degrees and no snow so I guess I can't complain. I have decided that this time of year is very difficult to restrict eating but I have been pretty good considering. I have been to 2 of my 5 parties this week. Last night was dinner out at a nice restaurant and it was great, I passed on the bread and potatoes but did have the bread and butter pudding. It was good but as I was on my 5th or 6th bite I remembered the 3 bite rule ... I then figured it was too late and finished it. It was good but enough... I will be good now. I am still losing very slowly which is ok because I am not completely missing out, I feel as if I am making better choices and not totally depriving myself. I have also started diuretics yesterday for high blood pressue and feel that will help with a lot of my bloating. I feel really good choosing this WOE and finally feel as if it is doable. I have almost completed my christmas shopping, only a few more presents to get and then I need to start packing to go home for the holiday. I am very excited. Must go now. Hope everyone has a great hump day and does the best that they can do.
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Well, Bamie, it's 12F for a high today and going to 0F tonight! However it's a gorgeous sunny day unfolding so it will be very pretty with the snow on the trees.

Boy, if you want to get in Chrisitmas Joy mode, be Mrs Santa and talk to kids. Ernie (Santa) and I did our story telling at the Library last night and had a wonderful time. The little kids truly believe and told us all kinds of secrets. Librarian Liz took pictures which I'll post if they turn out well. We went in costume to the Long Horn for dinner afterwards and livened up the joint. Didja ever see Santa playing pool? Ernie ordered wings and had to remove his beard! I behaved myself with a veggie wrap, cole slaw and a glass of red - no fries or wings!

I have lots of "stuff" to deal with today so had better get on with it. I'll spare you the details.

I hope everyone has a Happy Hump Day!
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Happy morning, chickies!

Bamie, you are up way too early!

Ellis, hope getting the kiddos off to school was quick and painless!

Boston, your weather sounds heavenly (and so does your dessert)

I'm still holding at 223.5, which has me extremely frustrated. Not the plateauing, but the fact that I actually gained weight and it hasn't come back off, so it's real! I wish I could think it was muscle...and maybe it is, but oy. At least I'm still over 100 under. I just wish I knew what I should be doing. Maybe I need to go down to a 1.5 phase.

It's snowing very, very slowly out there...just tiny, drifting flakes. So pretty! But it is COLD! My fingers felt like they were getting frostbite inside my gloves this morning. I don't miss the fat, but I do miss the insulation of my lost 100 pounds!

Not much else to report...just lots and lots and lots of homework and cleaning and such to do! Hope this is a great day for everyone!
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I know what you mean about the insulation, Laurie! I'm much colder this winter. Oh, well, at least my coat fits again. I'm stuck at 152. I've been here a number of weeks now but I haven't been eating totally OP so I'm glad I'm not gaining. I've also been finding it difficult to exercise as often lately. Too many other things going on. I think the holidays are difficult for most of us.

No snow here but it was in the mid 20's this morning. On days like this I really miss Florida and am glad I am no longer in Michigan!
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Good Morning Chicks!

I weighed in this morning and actually lost 1 pound. Which is exciting because after the two weeks of parties and trips I was afraid to get on the scale this am. We had a very late dinner after DS program at church last night so I didn't eat until 8 pm. I had a steak, salad and broccoli. No drinks just iced tea. I was afraid the X was going to annoy me but it actually was DM who annoyed me. DM has come down with a sore throat but was sharing her walleye with DS. Maybe it just is that time of year when someone is bound to annoy you.

Bami - wow that is chilly! Good cuddling weather

Bostonchick - Three bite rule wouldn't work for me because I could probably fit an entire piece of cake in three bites if I tried real hard.

Ruth - your evening sounds like a blast. I love the idea of going out to eat all dressed as Santa & Mrs. Claus.

Laurie - Don't be depressed. You are an inspiration to all of us and like you told me a while ago - the scale has been kind to you lately, don't worry about a hiccup in the weight loss.

Barb - It would be hard to find someone who has managed to stay completely OP this time of the year. Maybe we should have a contest to see if there actually is someone who has actually stayed completely OP for the month of December.

As for me the parties and such are almost completely done. There is only one more on December 24 and I should be able to stay OP except for a few drinkies. I'm going to really commit myself in between now and the 31st to eat right and exercise! Anybody with me?
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My last final is today!! I hope I do well. i can't wait for the semester to end.

Hope everyone is doing well.
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Morning ladies.

I know I've been MIA, yet AGAIN. But I'm trying to get my finances and life in order. Hey, it's a start, right???

Hope you are all well. I've resolved to read up and catch up with you all during the holidays, since I am staying home and not traveling!!! It's gonna be a holiday all about me -- and a few friends on Christmas Day. I am cooking and they will eat what I am going to make, damnit!

Smooches to all
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hey everyone,

Jessica congrats on the last final.

Today I started out with 2 poach eggs and then sampled the brownies I made for a party tonight. Not a good day.

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Well chickies I had to go take me a nap! OMG I was so tired and still am. My doc is tryin a new med and it really has wiped me out. But he said it could take a few days to regulate. I sure hope I don't feel like this every morning when I wake up! It is a mild anti-depressant but he is using it for cronic pain from my accident. He said they use it to try and trick the brain so it won't tell you there is pain. Or summin like that! I'm still feeling kind of out of it. I have very strange reactions to a lot of medications. But I told him at this point I would stand on my head if I thought it would help! Well I am goin to lay on the couch and watch t.v. something else I never do during the day. But my body just feels so heavy! Ugh if it is like this for more than 3 or 4 days I will stop taking it casue I can't hang with this. Take care all and have a great day!
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Good mornin'. I am having a hard time getting up in the mornings, but I'm hoping that some extra planning of time will mean that I can relax for a few days before Christmas...I have my pedicure appointment, hair appointment, nails, too, so I won't be able to do any work after those.

You are all talking about cooler temps...we feel like we are in a drought. Not quite, there is still snow on the ground but the temps are fairly warm for this time of year. DH is trying to get a skating rink in the back yard for the grand kids and the temps aren't cold enough. Didn't think I would complain about that, but I just do a small whine here

We are still working on the hardwood flooring...that's my life in a nutshell. Hopefully will be done tonight or tomorrow night. Ran into some major snags last night that we were too tired to iron out late, so they are leftr for tonight.

Have a great day everyone. Must go.
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Default Hi ladies

It's cold here in Nashville, but no snow. I fly home tomorrow. I fly into Jackson Hole Wyoming. I don't know if anyone has ever been there but right now it's a winter wonderland. It's so pretty. It's going to be sad to leave the little rugrats, but I've had a blast. I was pretty burned out before I got here, so it's been a good "refueling" for me.

Bamiegurl, what's the name of the med. The doc has put my daughter on something like that, I'm curious to know more about it.

Jenne, good to hear from you. Good luck on all your efforts.

Well, I'd love to respond to everyone, but we are headed out to the Opryland Mall, sounds like fun to me.

You all behave.
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RNMOM... I love Oprymills! My sister boycotts it cause she wants Opryland back! haha The med is Amitriptyline HCL 25mg tablets. I hope y'all have fun at the mall. So many stores so little time! teehee

I think maybe I may be coming down with something casue I still do not feel well and it is afternoon. Talk with y'all chicks in the morning!
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Default opryland mall was great

Walked and walked,,,,,,,,,,had 3 very small boys in tow......did I mention 3 small boys in tow....... It takes the mood out of shopping when your having to potty every 10 minutes.............dwanmmmma "I need to go potty!!!! There's sure a lot of people and cars and stores in this end of the world. Little old Rexburg, Idaho for me....boring I know Well I see ya all and wave across the country as I fly over ya tomorrow. Have a supper day!
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