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Default Just starting....again!

I dont know what it is but I can not seem to stay on this diet now. I know that it works because I did lose 20lb on it. What seems to be my problem is that I try to stay on the 1st phase for as long as possible and then I end up just giving up, and when I try to start again I mess up on week on like tuesday and say "oh well I will start again on monday" if anyone has any suggestions on how to get out of this slump and back into weight lose mode.. plz contact me! btw I am starting it one and I really hope that day 2 is around the corner...
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Hi Red GOOD LUCK and let me know because I am having the same problem week 1 went great lost 9 pounds now I seem to cheat 1 a week with horrible stuff like candy I dont crave braeds or any of the other just chocolate!!!!!!!!! I did start exercising today that helped today
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Hi there,

It really is a problem when you lose focus and can't seem to find it again. I've been stuck for a few weeks in that same mode, although I've been on Phase 2 for some time now. I restarted Phase 1 today and am feeling fairly dedicated right now, but I'm not sure what the difference is.

Here are some suggestions - not sure which is at work for me right now, but something has changed my mood:

Buddy up - find a friend who gets it and confess. Oddly, when I opened my mouth to say "I've been stuck lately" she opened her mouth and said the EXACT same thing at the same time. It was good to feel like I wasn't alone in my struggle and to have someone around to brainstorm ideas and possible causes.

Be prepared - chop veggies, store some quick on plan foods in the freezer, spend the money for a favourite veggie even if it's off season.

Get inspired to cook - look at a cookbook, magazine, web site or specific cuisine and challenge yourself to adapt a recipe to be on plan for whatever phase you're in.

Get inspired to exercise - have a look at and read some of the short newsletters there. I print them off and put them into a binder that stays in the bathroom. It's my reading material lol!

Focus on the positive. What a good body you have - even if I don't like my current shape, I have to respect the body that bore two beautiful children and that manages to stay strong in spite of the abuse I've heaped on it.

Whatever the time of day, get back on track - don't fall for the last supper, start tomorrow, finish the week and start fresh stuff. If you've strayed at lunch, have the on plan dinner you intended and have the dessert too. Get back into the routine as soon as you can. Don't spend time justifying or recriminating either, just move forward.

Have a good talk with that inner child. Sounds odd, but sometimes my struggle is internal with the adult knowing what to do and the petulant child inside resisting what is best 'just because'. A gentle confrontation, often in the form of a journal entry, sometimes does the trick!

Hope some of that helps. As I said, I'm not sure what is working but this was my all-out assault.

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I am the same way. I did this hard core and lost 14 lbs in my first 2 weeks. Then, when it was time to go to phase 2, I couldn't stick with it and have lost track ever since. Worst of all, I haven't been able to get back on track.

I can't fully afford the diet right now as I don't have money for all the fresh veggies, but I am going to go back on once the 1st of the new year hits. Not as a new year's resolution mind you (I only pick resolutions I know I can accomplish -- this year may have something to do with being healthy, but I can't do the weight thing because if I gain I'd feel like a failure and go completely off track!). But I do want to get back on the beach again, if only to cleanse and learn how to eat correctly again.

I even bought cookies for the first time since, wow, at least May. And I don't even like cookies!

So, I am in the same boat. Have been since May. Despite my raving about how easy this is to follow (P1 anyway), I can't once I get to P2. And it bites...

Maybe we can work on it together?
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I found on Atkins that I was fine while on induction but once I started forward and adding back carbs I would fall on my face, and have to go back on induction. I am heading towards the end of week 2 of phase 1 and so far so good. So maybe not cutting out sooooo many carbs initially will help me. I can honestly say I think I will stay away from potatoes and bread, until I reach goal and probably after that unless it is a special occasion. I miss my Candy fix but I need to get over that fix anyway.

I would guess that doesn't help... but it seem to me the stricter I am with myself then the less likely I am to fall off the wagon and I will say that they food is here to eat due to the fact I have two teens and DH who don't have to watch what they eat.

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I seem to do better when I take the all or nothing approach to this WOE. If I allow one single bite of off plan foods I just keep heading the wrong direction. Unfortunately, I believe this all or nothing thinking is what gets me into trouble. I too followed plan right on mark and lost 13 or 14 lbs on PI, then PII and I just was so afraid of those carbs and the cravings returning that my brain was telling me "You can't do this so why try." A little bit here and little bit there and before I knew it I was cheating more than OP.

Something inside of "ourselves" has to click and that desire to care for ourselves has to become stronger than the desire to destroy ourselves. Every battle that we win, no matter how small, increases our strength and we can fight harder next time. We just have to stay with and tell ourselves daily, hourly, minute-by-minute, I am worth the effort to eat right and exercise.
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Come on Spring!
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Bunna, that is so true! I have been so "off plan" but telling myself I wasn't. I'm going to print off your post. Thanks!
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