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Default Thursday Beach Chick Chat

Good morning, Chicklets~~

I'm so excited I can barely contain myself. DD and DSIL will be flying in 24 hours from now!! We haven't seen them since Christmas of last year.

We'll be picking them up at the airport and then heading on to Huntsville for my uncle's 90th birthday celebration.

So, will be MIA for tomorrow and the weekend.

Finally got back to the doctor's yesterday for a recheck on all my "bites". Turns out that I had a secondary infection from the initial spider bites...probably caused by me scratching them in my sleep. Officially called "folliculitis". He put me on these hideous horse pill sized antibiotics and said that should put me to rights within a week. I'm just happy that I'm not contagious.

Hope everyone has a great day/weekend on the Beach. Hope the sun shines and storms stay away.

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Quick Hi as I've not got Hershey fed yet and she claims to be starving. We will move her to Morna's on Sunday which will make for strange mornings here.

Mamacita, I'm so glad the doc explained the bite problem and I hope the horse pills work fast. It's so exciting to have your DD and DSIL come for a visit after so long! I hope the 90th party goes well for everyone and you manage to stay sort of OP!

Today is my day "off". When JAne gets here at 11 I'll take off for town, dropping off the last batch of school work on the way. I will spend a good long time with the pups and Lucy. I may even take Lucy out for a wee walk on Morna's property. Morna has some free time this afternoon so we'll be able to visit for a bit. Then I'll pick up groceries and come home.

Rehearsal tonight so I must remember to avoid onions and garlic which precludes the Chinese Buffet temptation. I'll try to learn a few lines before I go.

It's very foggy this morning but is going to burn off so I will have coffee on the deck. There are not too many mornings left when I can do that!

Have a great Thursday, Chickies.
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Oh Momma your headin over to my town! I love living in Huntsville. I take it that was Huntsville,Al. I have never heard of one in Ga. but... that don't mean anything! I love Ga. as well since that is where I was born! I hope you all have a wonderful time and visit. How long do they get to stay?

Ruth... Good morning! Sounds like another busy day for.It is foggy here as well. I have to take DS to school again so I am not to thrilled about it! It has 20 mins. to be gone! haha

As for me well I got all my boxes unpacked now I just have to finish sorting orders. Nothing really goin on around here today. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN and then I have to clean. It seems the more I clean the more I find! My sister is coming Sun. so I have to try and get everything in order you know! Well I'll check back with you chicks later. Had a good OP day yesterday and lookin forward to another!
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Hi chicks remember me....Little chick.... sorry I have been MIA lately but I have been putting the push on looking for a job. I have had one interview and I have another one tomorrow as well as getting a message last night from a placement agency which I have to call back today. I have been in a terrible mood my kids and hubby have not been liking me a whole lot come to think of it I really don't like myself. Of course I am as mad as **** at myself because I have done nothing but eat and I don't even know how much I have gained but my clothes are tight and some pants won't even button so I need to get back on track. GRRR. I hope you chicks are all doing well I have not had time yet to go back and read past posts to catch up but hopefully I can get to that a little later. Well I must get going I have a wee one coming to the door so I will pop in later. Have a great day chicks.
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Mamacita, have a wonderful time with your DD and DSIL! And enjoy the birthday party!
I'm glad you've got something for those bites.

Ruth, enjoy your day off, and give the Girls hugs for me.
I hope the rehearsals go well!

Bamie, have a good visit with your sister! And be careful in that fog.

DH has today off, and we'll be shopping for plumbing supplies and other nasty things related to renovating. My sweet man stayed up late last night fixing the bathroom sink, so at least we won't have to brush our teeth in the kitchen this morning!

Have a wonderful day, girls!
Love and hugs to all...
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Little Chick, we missed you, sweetie!
I'm sorry you've been having a hard time... lots of hugs and prayers coming your way...
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Good morning, gals. I'm able to post today before I get busy at work. Another day of classes here. Hopefully the class will get out early like it did yesterday. I was able to squeeze in 40 minutes at the gym last night. I still can't get my heart rate above 130 even working out really hard but it is possible it is still taking time for the Beta blocker to wear off. My resting pulse was a little closer to normal last night at least. I am able to do a higher level for a longer time on the machines. It feels so good.

I've been busy planning for next weekend's trip. My son, Brian, and I are going to be driving to Corpus Christi (7 hour drive) with another mom and cub scout. We'll get there late on Friday and stay in a hotel and meet up with about 35 others from our Pack at the aircraft carrrier, U.S.S. Lexington, where we will stay overnight and then head back on Sunday. I know I will be off plan for that weekend (at least the 3 meals aboard ship) but I will do my best. They don't let us bring food or drink aboard so I'll just have to eat what they serve and then check out the snack bar to see if they have anything closer to plan.

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Good morning chickies! So, I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but my husband is the sports editor of our local paper. He writes a weekly column, usually sports-related, but sometimes just about other funny stuff. Yesterday's column was all about how we are on the South beach Diet!!!!! It's finny cuz the people at work are always commenting about how they learn more about me in the paper (reading what DH writes about me) then what I tell them myself! So, I know I will be hazed in this morning's marketing meeting for sure! Only one co-worker knows about it, b/c he traveled to Chicago with me last week. Oh well! Pressure's on now to lose!

If you want to see it, I could post it here -- it is pretty funny. (Much to my dismay!)

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Glorious morning, chickies! This is pretty early for me, but I just had to share:

Yesterday was my 3rd wedding anniversary and to celebrate, DH suggested that I try on my wedding dress. I admit, I was a little afraid, but it was actually TOO BIG! Then we went out to dinner and had a wonderful, but off-plan, evening. I worked out a little harder and longer than usual to afford the extra calories.

This Saturday is the big boat race in Philly. Our company is sponsoring two boats this year. Hopefully, my boat will beat our other boat. At our last practice, we raced each other and my boat was blown out of the water by the other boat. I was really disappointed b/c I thought we had been training really hard. Turns out that the other boat was a racing boat (very narrow, made of fiberglass, extremely light) and ours was a traditional practice boat (very wide, made of wood, and much heavier). If all things are equal on race day, I think we can take 'em!

For my next challenge, I'm contemplating doing a Century Ride with Team in Training. I feel like I need to have a competative goal so I can continue to be motivated to work out. Has anyone ever done a Century Ride before? 100 miles on a long could that possibly take? I doubt I could walk/run a full marathon, my hips and legs would probably just disintegrate. I'd love to do a triathalon, too, but I'd have to join a pool.

Ruth, you must be so excited for all the pups! There are so many new ones in our neighborhood lately, I can't wait for DD to be old enough for us to get one.

Little Chick, hang in there with the job search. When you've gotten the right job, staying on track will be much easier. Maybe your family will even like you again! Good luck!

Mama, have a wonderful time with DD and DSIL! Here's hoping the weather holds out for you!

Have a great day at the beach everyone!
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Lauren-- Well, OF COURSE I wanna read it! Inquiring minds want to know.

I'm feeling a little drained today b/c I still haven't been able to catch up on sleep. I was up late last night editing a paper for my supervisor's doctoral exams, and really, sometimes all that scholarly babble gets a little tiresome.

Today should be quiet at the office, as most of the nursing instructors will be gone with their clinical groups. It will be more than tempting not to nap away at my desk.

Keep me awake ladies! I need some entertainment.
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Hi Chickies,

Such busy days, everybody. Hope everybody has a wonderful, on plan, day.

Littlechick, I can sympathize with your recent struggles, both on the job search and the program. Is there anything more nerve-wracking than a job interview?

My mother is coming to visit today, so I've been madly cutting up veggies in preparation for the need to binge. I'm 42 and still react to any pressure from her about my weight. Even if she thinks she's being encouraging, it makes me want to run out and inhale a truckload of donuts. So, my mini-goal is to resist the knee-jerk reactions to whatever comments she'll inevitably make. Break the cycle, change the pattern etc etc.

Have great days everyone!
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I'm with littleChick -- remember ME???


I am back on come October 1 ladies. Well, phase 1 for a week to lose all I've gained and then onto 2. Which is kinda sad to go off an come back on, but I've been eating horribly and have no structure.

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Jenn, we've miss you and LittleChick too. Of course we remember you. Welcome back!
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Good morning, ladies! I have read your posts, and everyone sounds great! I am sick, but recovering in time for Saturdays test. I will be back full fledge and on Ph1 on Monday. Very excited for things to get back to normal!!!!

Have a great day on the beach!
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Hey lilchick & Jenne good to see you chicks back!
Well I just tried that egg idea from the daily dish. The one where you put tuna in them. Oh man I wish I would have thought about that when I first started! I really liked it. Makes a great snack. Well it is soooo cold. It's only 54 out but I think 40 inside. I need to get up and get busy so I won't be cold but my knee hurts sooo bad today I just want to scream! I'm sure it is from Tues. venture in the yard. UGH! What was I thinkin! Ok I think I will see if there is a good movie on instead take some pain reliever and maybe I can clean the spare room this afternoon!
Kvixen... Feel better soon!
To the rest of you chicks have a great OP day.
Oh yea Goldiefun I want to read!!!!!!!!!!! That is so funny! I can't wait to read it!

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