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I vant to draw your blood
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Default Tuesday Beach Chick Chat 01/18

Good morning, Chicks~~

Brrrr!! Freezing this morning. It's 21* with a "feels like" 11*.

Got my coffee in hand just to keep my hands from icing over.

Not much going on...but that horrid woman from last Thursday had the cojones to call my boss and complain that *I* was mean to HER!! CAn you believe it??? The wretched thing!! I tell you, the next time she comes in... There's no law that says I HAVE to wait til that alcohol dries before I stick...

Tonight is knitting group. We're supposed to make plans for our sleepover...if the hostess shows. She's been MIA the past few weeks. She's a respiratory therapist and has gotten stuck working the past few Tuesdays, much to her unhappiness.

As far as the eating goes, I think someone may have hit it...I haven't been getting as many veggies as I'd like. So, I made a point of eating a huge salad last night. Today will be chicken veggie soup for lunch and another salad for dinner.

Ruth, how's the headache???
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Good morning Chickies!

Mama - I hope you warm up soon. We are finally getting back into the double digits here today. I hope we stay there awhile!

It is back to work for me today. I have tons of stuff to do so I am going in early. I am having a difficult time getting back into the routine after winter break and all our snow days, but I hope to get the ball rolling well this morning.

I plan on hitting Jazzercise after work today, then working in my home office for awhile. I have totally let my MK business slide since Christmas and have some serious work to do. I haven't told you ladies, but I am trying to earn money to save to put towards adoption fees. I have been so focused on learning about SBD that I have not been putting the effort into my business that I should.

My hubby went to the store the other day and brought home some whole wheat flour that he ground right in the store. I baked some blueberry muffins from the recipie section and boy, are they good! I am having one for breakfast and salad for lunch.

I hope everyone has a wonderful on program day!

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Come on Spring!
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Good morning, Mamacita, you weather wuss! It's -15F here this morning and the house is very cold. I wore my winter coat over my warm chenille robe when I gave the Girls their breakfast. By the way, I thought of you yesterday. I finally found a nurse at the Clinic who could get blood from me! Three vials, just like that and no bruise! Are you related to Debbie the Nurse Practitioner at Country Roads Clinic?

Today is my darling Hershey's eighth birthday so we will have to plan some sort of celebration. Maybe a hamburg steak for dinner? She needs to eat lots and late because tomorrow is a no food morning because of her operation. (I know I go on and on about her but I do adore her - and it's mutual. She thinks I'm a goddess and I try to live up to her expectations!)

Got the results of my knee X-Ray - it's frassing arthritis! Poop! So I need to keep on taking drugs - Tylenol or Advil - and do some physio to strengthen the muscles. I was really hoping it was something they could fix. Losing weight will help, of course. I did get a renewal for my diuretic which I've not takes for about eight weeks. Hmm - I wonder if that accounts for my out of ONEderland blip. We'll see.

MoŽl and his buddy, Wade, carried the heavy part of the treadmill upstairs late yesterday afternoon. It was quite a lift even for those two strong hunks. MoŽl will come back this morning and assemble it with me. It's definitely a two person job. I am to start using it very slowly and not use the incline. Never fear! It'll be about three minutes the first time, I think. Since it's in the bathroom there will be no TV but I'm thinking about books on tape which I can get from the library.

Today will certainly be an indoor day except for a trip for the paper and Tylenol. We definitely need wood brough in - maybe M. will bring in some if I look helpless? We were thinking of going out to dinner tonight because the Long Horn has reopened after renovations but it's too darn cold. I finally made stir fried chicken last night so may do the suggested chili today.

So....come and cozy up by the fire and tell us what's happening in your niche of the Beach.
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Come on Spring!
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Morning, Nally. We were posting at the same time. I hope the warming trend your way heads our way. Hey, great DH you have there! I must try those muffins too but I'll buy whole wheat flour.
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Mamacita, that woman will get her come-uppance one day. And it'll be really, REALLY bad!!

Nally, how wonderful that you're planning on adopting!

Ruth, give Hershey a big birthday hug for me.

With the windchill, it's -41 F here. Brother! I think I'd better give DD a drive to school.

I've got to run and get the kids off... back later... love to all of you!
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someday 145
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Morning all;
Ok Ruth, we southerns aren't wusses. We are perment snowbirds. heehee. I am with Mama, it's cold here. I think we are at about 20 also. Tonight we are suppose to get to 18 with wind chill 10. BURRRRR. This is when I wish I had a fireplace.
Not much new on my plot of beach. Just catching up the laundry today. Did all my housework yesterday. GB's are back this morning. I hate when they can't go out and play. They won't keep their coats and gloves on to play outside.
Off to start another load. Cruise by later today.
Everyone have a great day.
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Morning Ladies!

Got a very busy morning this morning. I am off to take the kiddo to school then I have to take my car to get it serviced in the next town over. With a baby, that ought to be fun! hhmm...

Eggs/Bacon for Breakfast and maybe some leftover Chicken Capri from last night for lunch. For dinner, I'll be working at the restaurant so I will have to resist temptations such as those yummy cheese fries...YUM!! I will be good...I hope.. and have a chicken salad.

Hope everyone stays warm today & has a FANTASTIC OP Day!!
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It's only 8 degrees here, and I can't even imagine how cold you are, Ellis! It's a good day to stay inside, that's for sure! It felt good to come out of Curves all sweaty and have that bracing cold air hit me, though. I'm starting to feel better and I think I'm finally climbing out of this "funk" I've been in. Thank you for all the encouragement you've been sending my way!

Mamacita, I wish I could be there the next time that "woman" comes in to see you in action! Make us proud!

Nally, What store do you shop in that let's you grind your own wheat? That sounds great! It's wonderful that you are looking into adoption, and I sure hope the process goes smoothly for you.

Ruth, sing Happy Birthday to Hershey from all of us! Hope she enjoys her hamburger steak. Sorry to hear about your arthritus, be very careful with your knee on the treadmill.

Ellis, Bundle up!

Chipper, I'm also looking forward to the days I can let the kids play outside. They want to play in the sandbox, and I don't know how in the world they can stand touching that freezing sand! I'm running out of ideas for playing inside, and we're all getting bored! Yesterday we did face-painting, and that kept them happy for a while, but what a mess to clean up! Speaking of kids, the little one just got here, so I have to run. Salmon's on the menu tonight, come on over!
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We are all Beautiful!!!
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Good Morning!

Sounds like everyone is chipper this am. I was supposed to get up and exercise but it was so cold!!!!!!! I turned my alarm off and jumped back under the down comforter and flannel sheets. I'll try to get it in this evening. I had a very SBD prep night last night. I made overnight slaw, salmon rollups, popcorn califlower (with much less salt & oil) turkey bacon and balsamic vinagrette. So I feel very prepared today!

Darling young man (26) called me and asked me to go out. He got my number from one of my friends who thinks it's hilarious. I'm not sure what to do. I told him that I would have to think about it. Why do I feel he has a bet with his friends about going out with this older lady?

Bami - This is it girlfriend - - you get your butt into the doctor and get checked out!!!!! I'm worried that you have developed pnuemonia and then if you get hit with that wicked flu I'm afraid you'll end up in the hospital. So call your doctor today!!!! Don't make me come to Alabama!

Ruth - Happy Birthday to Hersh! I love it when you talk about the girls. Hopefully when I get my own house again I'll have a little one to talk about.

Naly - Good for you. I love babies! I even volunteered to babysit for my girlfriend on NY Eve with her 4 month old.

Mama - I wouldn't pick a fight with someone who is going to stick a needle in my arm. She's probably one of those people who are never happy about anything.

Chipper - We love our fireplace! So cozy.

Amb-lyn - Good luck with service stations. Last time I went it cost me 400 bucks!

Cottage - Yeah! Get out of the funk! You can do it.

Have a great day ladies!
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Morning, gals! I tried a different exercise class last night. It's called Pain in the Butt! You can guess what it exercises but, boy, did I find out how poor my balance is! I think I enjoyed Intro to Pilates - Mat and Powerflex better but I'll give it a few other tries and see if my balance improves. Tonight is a Cub Scout den meeting so no time to exercise. That's okay since I have the rest of the week for vacation (and pulling up carpet to lay tile) so there is plenty of time to exercise.

Tomorrow morning I go in to have blood drawn for my cholesterol retest and blood pressure check. I'll let y'all know how it goes.

Mama - I hope I get a good blood draw tomorrow. I have tiny rolling veins. Wish you were there!

Nally - Those muffins are good, aren't they! I freeze some and then eat them over a longer time. If they sit in the fridge, I end up eating more than one a day.

Ruth - Sorry about the arthritis. Definitely don't use the incline unless your doc says it is okay. I used mine after I first got my treadmill and ended up with problems. I can now use it as long as I am careful.

Morning, ellis and amb_lyn!

Chipper - I couldn't get my son to wear his heavy coat to school today either so he will just be cold at recess. He has a sweatshirt and jacket but it isn't supposed to get out of the 40's today.

cottage - How old are the kids? Maybe we can come up with some ideas.
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Default Hiya

Well, for all you woosies with freezing weather and bad veins..............waaaaa. Living in a frozen wasteland is good for you! And as far as the vein thing goes, well..................I'm with Mama on her bad days......wait for the alcohol to dry WHATEVER! My motto is "I'll fish for a vein till you bleed!"

Not much going on here, I've been behaving and found out we have a wedding in May (my second oldest son) sooooooooo, I guess I better keep on behaving!

Hugs to you all!
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I can do this!
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Mama, it's a good thing that woman doesn't really have cojones or Ruth would be making bookends from them! (Ruth, can you use [email protected]@bs? ) I can't believe that woman complained, Mama!!! Some people! Good luck with the veggies. Let us know how it goes!

Nally, don't you love Jazzercise? It's my favorite!!! So glad I'm not the only chick doing it...we'll have to compare routines! Did you love the one to "Let's get it started in here" where you got to pose with your hip out? That one made me feel so sexy! I can't believe your DH ground his own flour. How cool!

Man, Ruth, I love that you have strong, sexy hunks using lifting things in your house...that oughta warm it up some! And the names...Moel? How cool! Make sure he puts some wood in for you. Just sneak a leg out of that chenille bathrobe and he'll be your wood slave. It's just under 0 here and I am frozen. I have the heat up so high my coworker just asked me to turn it off. I cannot get used to living without my 100 pounds of insulation!!! So sorry about the arthritis, Ruth. That sucks!!! Have you tried Glucosamine and Chondroitin (sp???) yet? Everyone I know swears by it, and for their dogs, too! My dad just found out he has arthritis in his knees, my grandmother has horrible arthritis, and my knees hurt. I know I'm going to end up with it. My dad has found some relief by doing specific exercises the doctor gave him. (I know, just what you need, more exercise! ) And personally, I LOVE hearing about your pups!!! They are both darling, and they are your kids, so feel free to keep us up to date! When is Hersh's surgery tomorrow? I'll be keeping her in my prayers.

Ellis, turn the car heater up all the way!!! I can't imagine that cold. Brrrr! Stay warm, chickie!

Chipper, you stay warm too! What are GBs?

Amb_lyn, how old are your kiddos? Good luck tonight. Cheese fries...yum! Just think of the fat and stay away...I just read yesterday that not only is cholesterol and saturated fat bad for your heart, but it also leads to Altzheimers! Ack!!!

Hello to everyone who has posted since I started...there are probably dozens of you by now!

I'm still kind of in the dumps, but the sun is shining out there (it's not going to get any higher than 10 degrees F today!) and I'm trying to stay positive.

The scale wouldn't zero today! I think I'm around 220, which would be good since TOM is over. I'm frustrated with my weight not going anywhere and very cravy. I had a second dessert last night. I may need to do a Phase 1 week after all, but I'm balking at it even though I know it's not that bad. Oy!

Have class tonight and another meal in the dining hall. I'll have some chicken breasts, veggies or a salad, and couscous or leftover bulgher and carmelized onions. Going to try to stay warm! I have my cuddleduds on under a cashmere sweater ($17 bucks at a consignment store!). Stay warm and cuddle with your loved ones, chickies!
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Hi again all! I just wanted to let you know that the grocery store that my DH got the flour at is HyVee. They have a whole organic section there, but I keep reminding him that it is not necessarily organic that we need, but to watch the sugars and do the whole wheat. He is doing really well! He was pretty excited about the flour grinding, :wink:

I hope everyone stays warm and has a great afternoon! I am off to teach a special ed class in library then lunch duty, fun fun!

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Come on Spring!
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I now have an assembled treadmill in my bathroom. I can sit on the can and contemplate exercising! MoŽl was here at 11 and just left. I didn't have the nerve to ask about bringing in wood.

It's still very cold but is sunny so I am going to bundle up and gt the car out to warm up while I lug some wood. Then I'll bundle up Harry and take him to the Library while I do my drug run and get a new extension cord for the treadmill. My bathroom is all white, green and vanilla and an orange one will just NOT do!

Have a great afternoon!
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Good Morning!

Wow, listening to all of you and your cold weather makes me feel bad since it's supposed to be in the upper 70's here today. This is the first time I'm wearing short sleeves in a long time. Anybody want to come visit here? We got warm weather and strawberries (although tons of crops were ruined by the recent storms).

Not much happening on my side of the beach today. I have a meeting with a bride this afternoon and that's about it. I just got a little more motivation to stay OP as I just booked my Laughlin trip in April. We're kicking off the weekend with a Jimmy Buffett concert in Anaheim, then off to "Phins to the West" in Laughlin. I can't wait but this time I'm going to be ready to put my bathingsuit on!!!

Mama-What a jerk that lady is! Revenge will be yours the next time she comes in!

Nally-That's great that you are trying to adopt! There are so many kids in this world who need a good home to grow up in!

Ruth-Sorry to hear about your knee. Hopefully that will just give you more motivation to lose weight! My stepdad is a type 2 diabetic who had polio when he was a kid. His knees and hips are terrible but he still continues to eat and eat. He doesn't get that if he would just lose some weight, he might be in a lot less pain. You certainly are good at playing the "damsel in distress". Sounds like you always have those young guys eating out of your it up!

Ellis-Try to stay warm!

Chipper-I recently did one of those laundry days. They suck but it sure is nice when it's all done!

Amb Lyn-You can avoid those nasty, full of fat, starchy cheese fries! Make sure you eat something OP before you go there so you're not so hungry.

Cottage-Hope you got a good Curves workout! I missed exercise this morning.....I've got to get back in the routine of getting up and doing it!

Anchor-Between you and Ruth, you guys are the women! Getting all those younger guys has got to be great for the ego. I hope that guy didn't have a bet going on with his buddies but guys can be such jerks sometimes! I always love those prep nights for the rest of the week. I know I appreciate it when things are already made but I don't appreciate doing it!

Barb-Your poor bootie! I learned balance in school as I was a dancer. Next time you go, focus softly on a stationary object on the wall (even an itty bitty hole or a fly that's been squished ). Try not to look around at everyone else...just focus softly on the point on the wall. Hopefully that will help. Balance does get better with practice! If you like doing videos at home, Tae Bo is great for learning balance.

RNMOM-The MOG has to be looking good at her son's keep it up! This time it's going to work for you! You want to look better than the MOB don't you?

Beachgal-Poor Laurie ! Come out of the dumps! You've already done so well and should be very proud of yourself! The scale will move again! Phase 1 is not very fun but it may kickstart your weightloss. It's only 2 weeks out of your entire life. You're committing to yourself! You can do it!

Everyone else: Have a great day!
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