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Come on Spring!
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Default Tuesday Beach Chick Chat

Spring is officially here! I sat on the back deck with my coffee and watched the sunrise. Mind you it was 20F and I had on my chenille robe and a cozy blanket but the season is now open!

I really need to settle down to dropping some of this weight! (How many times have I said that! ) The weekend was a bit of a carb fest and the scale is showing it. I guess I may as well change my ticker - dammit! If it weren't for what it does to my blood sugar, I'd go back on Phase I. Phase II with careful carbs will have to be the rule this week. Too bad that being a MOD doesn't include easy weightloss!

Once I do my exercises, I'm going to tackle the kitchen floor yet again. I really should take before and after pictures! Right now the yard is frozen but later this morning muddy paw season will return. I really wish I could have screw on and off paws for The Girls! I know they make little boots for dogs but Lucy would have hers off and buried in a trice. Good thing I love my furries.

What's happening in your slice of the Spring Beach?
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BING BING BING ERT ERT ERT!!! No Hittin' that snooze button gals.. Time to git up and seize the day!!!

Ruthie: Exasperating ain't it??? Muddy Doggy paws and loosin weight. ..! If you look to the South imagine me on my deck watchin the sunrise and the birds feeding with my two furbabies rompin about!

BB: Hope all goes well with DH's treatment this morning..Drink yer water -make sure you git yer greens in too.. Sending you lots of strength and love today. :

Soon: so whats up with this Fruit pizza?? Sounds delish!

Sarahslacker: you have a good plan fer stayin on track. I thought of you last night as I was seized by an uncontrollable urge for chocolate cake.. I fought it off thinking of me, what you wrote yesterday and thinking about all the successes here at 3fc!

Weezie! You were the PRETTIEST ONE at the wedding!!!!! and you looking Gooood! And darlin' tis yer nature to be in the middle of things and be helpful.. not surprised you were the Right hand lady fer the bride. I haveta say the dress only looked good on you.

Stephie: Yes Dall , we all git bored with it all! I can only suggest new recipes, checking the board for success stories.. and fer you gal strugglin with those last few pounds, watch yer calories and up yer exercise.. your bodies need less calories to maintain your current weight, so fill up on veggies, high volume whole grains - and move more!

Demeter: Wow sounds like a major change in that bathroom! I love home improvement stuff... At this point there's not much me and DH haven't done! Give me a toolbelt and I tawk like a truck driver - and I love the sound of power tools

Barb: Sooo, I decided to try to make the Braised Kale..had to run out to the store last night, and figured Id pick up some Kale... FIRST problem: I had no idea what Kale LOOKS like ! It was with all these other leafy mustard greens and collards and I think Spinach... So I got these leaves-that I think is Kale , and upon check out the lady starts talkin to me about Iguanas and Lizards... I'm totally baffled by this... then she asks do I feed it crickets or somethin Apparently, this store sells loose Kale mostly to folks who have lizards and rabbits.. Who Knew??!! Anyway, gonna give the recipe a try tonight!

all you wonderful chicadoodles!

Alrighty then, I'm bout a half tank full Need to git more CAWFEEEEEE - go to Curves and hit the craft stores!

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chick on the beach
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well spring really has came it's 8:00am and its almost 55 out side it's suppose to be 75 i gess it's time to pull out the shorts and hit the tanning bed i gess ill play taxi today my mom's car is tore up and i have to take her every were today and i gess it's back to the grocery store im leaving the fudge pops at the store i keep eating more than one i really worked out good yesterday and boy can i feel it today ...........i have a ?..if it's that time of the month does the scales go up im up 2 pounds today and i was down 2 yesterday well i gess ill hush everyone have a good day know you like moping that floor its so much fun i don't have dog's but i have hard headed kids that don't wipe there feet so i feel your pain

schatzi... to u to i know i need it today
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Only a couple of posts so far - everyone must be sleeping in today! ; Yesterday was a pretty lazy day, but was doing some "prep" for today's errands - recycling, boxing up damaged Longaberger pottery to ship back, sacking up clothes for donation. While I'm out running errands today, I think I'm going to treat myself to an ice cream maker so that I can make SF sorbets, etc.

Ruth - Yay for spring!!!! I don't have any furniture on my deck so I can't sip my coffee out there. I usually stand at the door and look longingly into the back yard. Think I'll look around at some patio furniture while I'm out running around today and see if I can find something moderately cheap.

Schatzi - You finally gonna make it to the craft store? Gotta love that. Have fun putting together your flower boxes! (I think that's what you said you were going to work on.)

Weezle - Gotta agree with Schatz. You looked great in the bridesmaid's dress! Sorry that it turned out to be more work than you expected, but hopefully you can relax now.

Gotta get started on the to-do list. Everyone have a great day!
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someday 145
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Birds a singing this morning,
I did 15 minutes on treadmill. After being sick I gotta start slow and work up again. Forgot the water bottle, that made it harder. Off to doctors today for checkup and tomorrow the allergist for the asthma checkup and get better meds. My doctors want me on better asthma meds, but, when you go in and have to tell the doctor that treats you, you wonder if they like being told what to do. Find out tomorrow.
Going to walmart to get a few things then back home and try to get some cleaning done.
Hope to get back on program next week. Have to work up an exercise routine. With all my new toys, don't know where to begin.
Well, off to get ready to head to doctors office.
Have a great day everyone
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Default just a quick hi...

to all--not many posts so far this a.m.

Wish me luck--attending our Tampa Bay Newcomers installation of new officers for next year. I have been treasurer for almost two years and looking forward to passing on responsibility

Wish me luck with lunch--I always pass on the bread--eat the salad, meat and veggies--but there's bananas foster for dessert--my plan is not to have any--but I may have one glass of wine to celebrate. Been finding out that wine really messes my sb program up.

Have a great day all.
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just a few more...
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up and at 'em!

today here hould be warm but rainy, fine by me that way I can do inside work and not feel ripped offf, lol. Off to the gym but have no plan...not good. My 10k is Sat and I have still not run further than half of it, to top it off I've got this nagging blister...oh well just gotta make it to Sunday.

good luck on both fronts Pink!

Weezle you looked gorgeous at the wedding! It looks like you had a grat time and now all that work and stress is gone, whooo hooo!!

maybe I'll join you Want except mine with be a fakey tan, I burn way to easy to get into a bed...gotta stay covered on this beach
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Helloooo? Treats, please!
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Hey chicks, well I lost 2 of the many pounds I gained this month. My ticker is still a big fat liar but I'll get back there. Nothing exciting today, just hte usual, I have one class today and the rest of the day will be spent on data analysis. Still trying to figure out what to take out of the freezer for dinner tonight. Last night I made the Chicken Capri. I forget how good that recipe is. Very yummy. The only thing is you have to season it much more than called for in the book. I mix the ricotta with s$p and garlic powder before spreading on the chicken, just like what I do to my lasagna. I had it with a glass of Pinot Noir that wasn't very good. Anyone here actually like Pinot Noir? I've not liked a single one I've tried so far.

Ruth: What a great start to the morning. I love the feeling of being up early enough to watch the sunrise....although it's been ages since I've done that.

Schatzi: I have the same problem with some greens. They lump them all together and I can't tell which is which. With Kale it's so much easier to buy the pre-cut pre-washed bags though. But if not, its very dark green sort of curly leaves with a very thick stalk funning almost the entire length of the leaf. That recipe is fabulous, you'll love it and your Kale search will be very worth it.

wantitbad: I agree with the fudge pops...too tempting and too easy to eat 1/2 a box for me. So they remain int he store where they belong.

jana: an icecream make sounds great. Just in time for the warmer weather. you can make all sorts of stuff in there.

chipper: hope you feel better soon. take care of your self!

pink: I'm sending good will power vibes your way. Maybe restrict yourself to only having one glass at the end of the day? I find that that way it actually helps me as it takes away my sweet tooth and I have wine instead of dessert.

Anyone I misssed: have a great day!
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Morning Ladies!

Not too much to report, it was a slow news weekend along with yesterday. I did have pizza Sunday night, and now of course the scale is showing it. Eh well, back on track for these last few days before the water park.

I did find some low carb ice cream treats, only 4 net carbs, however I didn't take into account the fat content or the calories, so I will no longer be indugling in those.

Also, quick question about "naked" tacos (without the shell). Is that allowed on p1? I usually use ground sirloin, the taco seasoning mix, lettuce, LF cheese and just a small (and I do mean small) dab of LF sour cream. Can I eat this?

Sorry for not having time to post to everyone, it's a busy morning here at work...I'll check back in later for chat.


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Good Morning everyone,
Wow, I thought there'd be a lot of posts by now, where is everyone? I had my Weigh & Measure at Curves first thing today, then I made myself sit down and do the bills and start a load of laundry before I could indulge in my favorite "chick chat".
Ruth, I can totally sympathize with you regarding the weight issue! I'm having an awful time and my W&M proved it. I was so happy to lose 4 lbs this month, and now 2 of those lbs are back. It's my own fault, I do so well all week, then blow it on the weekends. We have got to get our butts back on track! I think part of my problem is due to the fact that Jake says he loves the way I look now, and my kids and my friends keep telling me I look great and don't need to lose anymore. But I seriously need to lose another 10 - 15 lbs, and one day soon I'm going to do it!

Schatzi, want it, Jana, Chipper, pinkeagle,and battmom! I'm sprinkling some on everyone here today!
Hi, Pearsy and Nicole!
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Hi Everyone! I haven't been on here for a while and looks like I've missed a lot! I will have to go back and find the pictures of Wheezle in the wedding!

I had a busy weekend. Stayed mostly on plan EXCEPT for the tortilla chips. I ate out lunch w/a friend. Got the Fajita salad - no dressing. But can't stop w/ tortilla chips and salsa.

I signed up for a Pilates class at the Y. I'm excited. But the first session isn't until late April.

My big goal is to lose at least another 10 lbs. in April and then more in May before my big trip out East to visit my sister. I have been holding steady so have to get more serious w/the exercise.

Today I've had 1 slice of cheese that wasn't low fat and 2 eggs w/onion green peppers no fat used.
I don't have any nuts in the house either but I'm out of mozzerella sticks so need to hit the store!
Have a great day everyone!
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gotta lose it!
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Morning (I'm sooo not a morning person!) My back is killing me today, so I'm going to skip curves & just workout on the gazelle. I have to work tonight & we are getting 9000 units in tonight (that's a HUGE truck!) And I have to train the new guy....any one watch the show "My Wife & Kids"...the Junior character...that's my replacement (not literally but they act the same). Speaking of celebrities...the little girl thaty places Enimen's little sister in the movie "Eight Mile" was in my store yesterday....what a cutie. Very pleasant and she just beamed when we recognized her - too cute. I've had Katie Holmes come in & what an UNPLEASANT gal! Ok enough name dropping...gotta go get ready - see ya later!
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Dare - naked tacos would be fine but you need to check your taco mix seasoning. Most have sugar. You can make your own really easily. I know Ruth has listed what she uses before. I mostly use chili powder and cumin in mine depending on what flavor I want.

I love the Kale! I do have to go to a different grocery store to find it and I buy it in the bunches of leaves. THey don't sell it packaged and washed here but it is really easy to wash and trim the thick stems off. Of course, most people feed it to their iguanas. Iguanas need to eat leafy greens that are full of nutrition on kale is one of the best. I guess this is one time when we should eat like the animals
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South Beach Life Style
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Morning Girls~~

Ruth~ I agree with the muddy paw prints.. but I love my dog, so ALOT gets looked over,,

I am still OP, hard to believe I started on Feb 06,2006 and the only mess up I had was the accidental Jello. And I am still not craving, Aunt Margaret it back visiting with her Monthly visit, she arrived this morning, so That impresses me that I am NOT craving right now...
Take Care All
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Live, Laugh, Love
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Hey there. I still look like today. I feel like I'm never going to recover! I am very glad the wedding is over, but relaxing is the last thing I have time to do. I have my Chico's interview at 4:30 today, then I have to run to the music store because the one I usually go to didn't have the books I need for my lesson tomorrow. Then, volleyball from 6:30-8:00. Tomorrow, I teach at 4:15. Thursday, I teach at 5:30. Friday, I teach at 4:30. Saturday, I teach from 3:00-5:00.

I really need to buy some running shoes. (I haven't made it shopping yet.) I looked at the Nike Shox and also there's one by Asics that's only $90 (ONLY) and Shape Magazine says it's the best running shoe all around. I just definitely need something besides walking shoes to run in. Without that extra cushioning, my knees just get banged up.

Thanks for all the compliments, girlies. Just goes to show you that if you bust your butt, you can lose the weight. It just takes that little bit of motivation to get you going.



I hope that I can help motivate you girls (or at least my before and current pictures can) because that would make all the work I've put in even more worth it to me. I know for a lot of people, exercise is the hardest part. I know for me it was. I can eat right until the cows come home, but it was getting my butt to the gym that was tough. Now it's not so tough because as soon as you do it for a week, you feel better. You sleep better. You're not as hungry. Drinking water isn't as tough. And as soon as you see your first big drop after being stuck on a plateau for several weeks (months?) you'll see that it's worth it.

I still have work to do. Originally, I wanted to get down to 120. Now that I'm 128 and I've done some research, I think I may drop that to 115. Healthy range for my height/bone structure is 103-137, so I figure 115 will work. I just know I couldn't have gotten this far without you girls. This forum has been the best thing for my weight loss, self esteem, and motivation.

Sorry I rambled and took up a ton of space. Love you girls.

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