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Default Hump day chat

Good morning ladies. Thought I would drop in since it is early. Once I wake up fully it's not worth trying to go back to sleep because it takes me hours. I hope everyone is doing well. I went and bought some fabric yesterday to make a twin comforter to match Kylee's baby crib set. I don't understand why they don't make twin and full comforters to match. After spending that much money to decorate a baby's room why would you want to have to pay to completely re-do it all in a couple years when they move to a big bed? Anyways, here is her crib set. I think it is so cute! Only 13 weeks till she's here!
Everyone have a great OP day!
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Default Happy Hump Day Beach Chat 09/15

Good morning, Chickees~~

Well, I'm officially the mother of two "adult" children. My baby turned 21 yesterday. Since she lives in La La Land and works an odd noon to 9:00 PM shift, I wasn't able to call her and talk to her, so we left a message on her voice mail.

The spider bites are still there...still itchy and achy...but I do believe I'll survive.

Went to Stitch n' ***** last night and had a fun time knitting and sipping apple cinnamon herb tea. Dinner was a roast chicken leg and some green beans.

Haven't lost any more but haven't gained either.

Not much else going on...slow day at the lab yesterday...wondering if it will be more of the same today. I'm taking my Alphasmart so I can write if it's really quiet.

Hope all you chicks have a wonderful day on the Beach!

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Girls... I've merged your Good Morning threads.
I'm just rushing out the door... I'll be back later.
love and hugs to all...
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I'm rushing out too! Hersh is doing her afternoon clinic job this morning as I have to interview a prospective rector this afternoon. A female and from Newfoundland! She'd better like dogs in Church, drink Scotch and have a good sense of humour!
Catch you all later!
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good morning ladies,
how is everyone today? i am still on a roll this will be day 5 op for me, i am feeling really good still so happy and thankful something finally kicked in for me. thank you all so much for all of your support i know i have been a whiney mess the past few months and truly not myself. you all gave me the encouragement to hang in there and keep trying and i am DOING IT!!!! thank you all so much!! not a whole lot going on here today just work and the regular stuff for today.

jennie527 how excited you must be with only 13 weeks to go the bedding is beautiful!! lavender is such a soothing color. i'm sure your nursery will be wonderful!!

mama happy b-day to your dd !! sorry to hear the bites are still bothering you, hope you feel better soon!!

sweet tooth i keep missing your posts everyday- i just wanted to say congrats on all your milestones recently and thank you so much for the encouragement it does not go unnoticed!! have a good one!!

hi ellis!! nice to see you so early this morning. are you taking care of yourself?? give yourself a big hug today!!!

to all the rest of you chickies out there hugs to those that need them. have a great day!!!

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Good monring all!

Jennie -- the bedding is so cute! Very fun!

Well, we are off to Kansas City tonight -- it's Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) -- but will be back on Friday. (Just to turn around and go back again on Sat. for weekend events). And then back home to work on Monday and Tue and back again Tue. night to catch a flight to Chicago for business then back again on Thur. and then back to KC on Friday for Yom Kippur. So, as you can see the next couple of weeks are going to be CRAZY!!! But, I will STAY ON PROGRAM!!! And I will try to get online to visit you all whenever possible!

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Default Inconsistancy

Okay, so everybody remember the first time I was on Ph1 and had to bust out the Fibercon and we celebrated (finally) "Weezle Made the Big Poop?" This time around, I had to bust out the Immodium. Last night during our movie, my stomach was making HORRID noises and I was like "MAN, I have something awful going on in there or something!" True enough, a little while later I exploded...3 times. I was like GEEEEEZ. Of course, Terry thinks it's funny. Makin' fart noises every time he walked past the bathroom. Thanks for the bloody sympathy, dear.

Up earlier than usual today as I have to pack my bag for volleyball. It's one of those nights where I work until 6:15, and have to be allllll the way across town, on the volleyball court at 6:30.

I absolutely loathe working by myself, and that's what I get to do today, on Wednesday, our slowest of days (besides Saturday.) Hoping we'll be semi-busy and the day will pass quickly.

Well, everyone have a good day. Talk to you all soon!
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Hello to all !!
Just poped in for a quick hello. I am off to drop off DD2 at her MDO today then off to the chiro. I did however get the chance to walk yesterday so I finaaly got out there and exercised!! Now if I can just do it tomorrow.

Goldie- Boy you are one busy lady!! Have a nice new year!
Jodi- Keep it up the weight will soon fall::
Jennie- Good luck with the last few weeks. Don't try to do too much!
Mama I want to go to Stitch and ***** just to *****. I don't sew at all but that sounds great!! Girl Fun
Ruth & Ellis Good morning to you all too.

Hope everyone has a great day. Lokks like rain again here. Very bad thunder and lightning lastnight. My 2 year old was not happy. But went to sleep. Stay dry today Barb whereever you are. Talk to you all later,
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Jennie - I love the bedding! Lavender is such a pretty color. I wish you lived closer. I have an adorable mobile made of fabric angel bears in lavender and pale green that would look great with your pattern. I used it even though my son's bedroom was done in bright primary colors. He didn't care.

Mamacita - the knitting sounds like fun. I wish I could find a group to crochet with. I'd probably do it more.

Skherb - It does look like more rain, doesn't it? But at least we are not in New Orleans. I've been saying my prayers for those in the path of Ivan.

I got stuck at with a customer yesterday and didn't get to exercise but I did get to walk to her location and back. And it was raining a little on the way back. Even with the Kolaches yesterday I am down another half pound today so I am determined to exercise today. I've got my stuff in the car.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Hello all! Waiting on the cable guy this morning! My poor dear kids have had to live without cable in their rooms for a week and a half now! Poor things! Please don't report me to child services! Oh and the whining especially from my DS. Paleaze! I didn't even have a tv at his age much less cable in my room! Still stayin on track! Oh I wanted something sweet so bad lastnight but had a bottle of water instead! DD b-day cake was givin me the eye but I walked on! Oh temptation is an evil thing. haha Well plenty to keep me busy trying to decorate this house. My DS says I have way to much Home Interior stuff. I told him I am supposed to it's my job! Well I pray we all have a great OP day! Take care everyone!
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Good Morning everyone. Hope everyone is having a great day at the beach. It is beautiful weather here again (after the snow last week) and looks like we will be getting an indian summer after all.

Mama - Hope the spide bites get better soon...however, much better that you are able to endure the itch. One of my children had a birthday yesterday as well...along with his mommy. He called me to wish me happy birthday, so I was able to catch up to him yesterday with the same message. He was supposed to be home for supper last night and to watch the hockey game, but didn't quite make it that far. Kids, for pete's sake. Hope your day goes well today.

Ruth - Sending you a 'Hi' on the run. Have a good day.

Jennie - Only 13 weeks to go. It will go so fast, you won't believe it. You have picked a lovely crib set for baby. When you finish the twin set, put the pics up, too. I would love to see.

Jodi - WTG. You keep at it. I'm so glad that it has kicked in. You will soon realize the successes of your change. Congrats and keep on going.

Lauren - You are such a busy lady. Have fun at your celelbrations. I am so glad that you are planning to stay OP while you are away. I always find that it is so much easier to resist temptations when I have considered the impact of foolish eating and have a plan in mind as to how to manage a proper eating program. WTG.

Weezle - I find the same problem - I keep both the metamucil and imodium ready when I am on Phase 1. I just don't know which way it will be, but what I do know is that it will be one extreme or the other - no middle ground there. Take care.

skherb - Congrats on the exercise. You CAN do it. The best part is that it will work well toward your weight loss goal, too. Keep it up.

Barb - Remember that everyday chores and walking are still good exercise. Just because it wasn't scheduled and done at the gym does not discount the value that it contributes towards your health. I think we don't give ourselves credit for the exercise time spent doing everyday chores. You count the walk as your exercise.

ellis - Know you are on the run, but 'Hi' and have a great day.

Me - It is turning out to be a truly bad week for me. It started last Friday when I went to lunch with a client. Even though I had planned in advance what I would eat, I forgot to consider that the meal I was ordering had a piece of banana bread with it. Yup, I ate every morsel. THEN, on Sunday, went to a tea with DH and planned not to eat any of the dainties that would be served. If they were regular dainties, it wouldn't have been a problem, but they were Norwegian dainties in celelbration of the founding of the particular university that we were at. Unfortunately, Norwegian is also my heritage and I had not had Norwegian dainties for about 30 years. My plate was loaded.... To top the off program eating, the staff had a surprise birthday cake for me yesterday. Of course I had one great BIG piece. This morning the scale was up 2 pounds over the scale Monday morning, so it is back to Phase 1 for me. I must get my act together here before it is too late. Today is planned to be a better day. I'm counting on it.

I also bought myself an MP3 player to use for exercising. I didn't get very far with converting my workout files onto it last night, but will finish tonight. I am finding that the discman that I am presently using is so big and bulky, along with skipping badly, that the MP3 will probably do a better job for me.

Hope everyone has a great day. Take care.
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Good morning, chickies! I have been alas, not on the beach for a few days and HATE it. I miss eating healthily. I had a friend's birthday this weekend, and it is just a slippery slope. But I am back OP, and didn't gain any weight so I am happy.

Everyone sounds like they are having great days. Happy Rosh Hasanah to all!
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Good Morning ladies!

Jennie the lavender is so pretty...I know you are just soooo excited!!

Well last night I went out and bought the Bridget Jone's books...I've been wanting them for a while now...I LOVE the movie and can't wait for the new one to come out! I loooooooooove Colin Firth in the movie. Well I woke up to the sound of rain this was POURING....Can we get a break from it? lol My friends have decided to stay in Mobile, Alabama during the hurricane...but if Ivan becomes a 5 they're getting out of there....I looked on the weather channel this morning...and there's ANOTHER storm on it's way....Jeane.......**Sigh** When will they stop coming??? Well I hope everyone has a great and safe day today!!
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I am going to try to post in the daily today...with only 8 posts so far, I think I can make it...but I bet a bunch of other people will post while I'm working, so please forgive me for not posting to you, okay?

Jennie, the crib set is darling, and I love Kylie's name! Can you use the rest of the crib set on a regular bed, like the dust ruffle and such?

Mama, congrats on your baby growing know that the older they get, the better friends you will be, so it's really a reason to rejoice. Your dinner sounds delicous and I love the name of your knitting group!

Ellis, you are keeping our forum neat and tidy as a pin! Hope you have a good day.

Ruth, good luck to the rector...she'll have a hard time putting one over on you! Are you taking Hersh with you to the interview? Would tell you right away if she's okay with dogs in church! How's Lucy? She's close to delivery time, right?

Jodi! CONGRATULATIONS on doing five days OP...that is great, and the hardest part is starting, so it's just coasting from here, girl!

Lauren, have a wonderful Rosh Hashanah and a safe and happy couple of weeks!

Weezle...looking forward to celebrating, "Weezle is stopped up!" You make me laugh girl...and I can totally sympathize. My digestive system is not happy with me this week. Wonder if it has anything to do with the couple salads with lots of fresh veggies (including broc. and cauliflower) I've had lately? Hope your day passes quickly!

SKHerb, congrats on exercising!

Barb, good luck on exercising today and congrats on the loss!

Bamiegirl, congrats on denying temptation. YGG!


I'm crazy-busy at work...lots and lots and lots to do! Lots of running around as well back and forth across campus for different meeting and events.

I'm plateauing around 253.5 and 254.5, but I'm trying hard not to get down about it. I did a great weightlifting workout on Monday and can hardly legs are so sore! But it was the hard week and next two will be much easier as my legs heal. It was definitely worth it! I can already see increases of at least 20 pounds in what I'm able to lift to failure. Very cool! Decided to get a dumbbell for one of my charms. Have to get two for 60 lbs and 65 lbs. I'll get them put on bracelet will be more than half full!

Started a walking program at work today with pedometers. Did it last year and it was really fun, so signed up again. They take your BP and do fat percentage, etc. My BP was down a bit, which is great, and my body fat is now 39% Just barely into the "Very High" category. It was 42% in early August, so the weightlifting must be helping! My BMI is 35.5, which is also lower. Good stuff!

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Default Morning

Finally made it to the site before o-dark-thirty. You are all still up and going.

Jenne-cute baby stuff. Makes me want to snuggle one.

mama-does having a child that's officially adult make them one? I have 3 official adults and they certainly don't act like one......must have got it from their dad

Ellis-stick around awhile and fill us in. How are YOU doing? Been thinking about you.

Ruth-good luck rector-searching.

Justjodi-ahhhhh isn't it a great feeling???? I hear you 100%

Goldie-have fun in Kansas City. Sounds like you'll be way busy.

Weezle-have fun in volleyball.....spike one for all of us.

skherb-way to walk! Do it tomorrow too, (I'm giving myself this peptalk too) You'll feel better.

Barb-what's a kolaches? Sounds yummy.

Bammiegurl-well I haven't call Child Protective services yet, but ........

Sweetooth-What kind of MP3 player did you get? I want one so bad. I use a disc player and it really is hard to run with. I want a mini ipod........drool....

kvixen-if you didn't gain weight while you wandered from the beach GOOD FOR YOU!!!! I wish I had been so lucky.

HistoryChick-you're welcome to come on over to Idaho, no storms brewing here.....just freezing cold nights.

Beachgirl- WTG on the weightlifting! That's such a boring thing for me, I have a hard time making myself do it. I'd rather run. What kind of charm bracelet is it? A dumbell, very cute!

Well, as for me, it's cold here. Boo hoo. I'm having to cover my tomatoes every night. Last night I canned tomatoes, applesauce and applejuice. Went to bed tired and finally got the kitchen cleaned up and the stuff put away. What a mess, but I love to can.

Sticking with the program on phase 1. Decided I had to get the sugar toxins out of my system so I could quit cheating. Never underestimate the power of Phase 1!!!!!

Hope you all have a great day! Be safe and have fun.
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