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Default Weekend Beach Chat 09/11-12

Good morning, Chicks~~

Didn't sleep well last night...spiderphobia...Yesterday evening I dropped something that rolled under the bed. I was down there on hands and knees fishing for it and noticed that the girls had drug a lot of their toys under there and I'd accumulated several books as well. I'm guessing I disturbed a couple of spiders who'd decided it was a cozy place to live. One crawled up onto my pillow and one was on ME!!!! All this after DD winds up at the docs for two spider bites. Needless to say, it was Sleepless in Snellville as I envisioned armies of spiders crawling over me in the night.

So, while I lay there in the darkness, I started thinking about the significance of today's date. I didn't lose any loved ones in the attacks, something for which I'm incredibly grateful, but I had friends and co-workers who lost friends and family. I don't want to get political here, because I don't believe this is the place for it. But please take a moment today to say a prayer or send good vibes out for those who kissed someone special goodbye for the very last time.

On a happier note, had a little breakthrough with DH yesterday evening. Usually when we go to Costco, we wind up eating a hotdog and soda. Last night, he actually offered to share a chicken Caesar salad with me! So, yesterday was pretty much 100% on program. (I'm sure the salad dressing had some sugar in it.)

Today is Yellow Daisy Festival...the largest arts and crafts show in the southeast. It pretty much takes over an entire campground at Stone Mountain Park. I'll get in plenty of walking and perspiring today, that's for sure.

It's still dark right now, but if you're awake, the weather's can come join me on the deck for tea.

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morning mama sorry about the spider scare!! i also am terribly afraid of spiders, i've luckily never been bit but i am always on guard. there seem to be alot of spiders up here too this year big nasty scary ones. your daisy festival sounds wonderful have a great time!! and congrats on the op dinner choice, dh might be coming around after all??

well the kids and i went to visit grandma yesterday, it was a nice visit. she didn't know who i was this really tears me up we were so close when i was a kid. she thought my dd was me. and had no idea who the boys were. we had a little cake and sang happy birthday. i guess it really isn't the not remembering us so much that really bothers me it is the fact that she is also suffering with dimentia and she is so tormented, she has it in her mind that her children are all there and they are being beat constantly in front of her and she cries and my heart just breaks. other than the tears she has no emotion left. she has been this way for 4 years now and it just keeps getting harder and harder. thank you all for your kind words!!

so yesterday wasn't bad at all, went out for crab legs with dh last night i did have some butter with them but all in all not a bad meal. went to the bookstore yesterday after work in search of yet another diet book to read. i ended up with a book called change one. i'm not sure about the diet but i like the concept (changing one thing a week as far as diet habits go) so i am working this weekend on combining those principals with my current plan and we'll see what we end up with. there were also several exercises in the book using resistance bands so i'm going to work on them also. today will be a funfilled day of laundry, cleaning and shopping!! dh went out with his buddies early hunting, the kids went to visit their father for the night and i am here in a VERY quiet house alone for the biggest part of the day.

hello to all the newbies welcome to the beach!!

hope everyone has a great day!!

peggy congrats on your loss sounds like you made it over your plateau congrats on staying so strong!!

laurie i see your numbers moving down keep up the great work!

rnmom we can do this keep trying!!
i know i missed alot of you but for all the rest have a great day!! and big hugs!!
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Mamacita, I'm so sorry about your spider episode! I don't know that we have biting spiders up here. Moths are what I fear the most. Those big furry ones. shudder.
Thank you for the reminder of the day. Yes, I will be saying prayers for all involved today.
Enjoy the Yellow Daisy Festival! I love the name!

Jodi, I'm so sorry about your dear grandmother. Remember that what you are seeing and hearing is not entirely your grandmother. It's just the disease. Your grandmother is still "in there", and all of the love you give her will continue to get through to her.
Hey... you're alone in the house!? You lucky girl, you! Enjoy it!

I am doing SO well! (emotionally, not diet-wise, darlings! I'm still fat as an old pig.) You'd think I was on drugs or something! (it can't be my anti-depressants, because I keep forgetting to take them.) It's just got to be all the prayers I'm getting. Lots of them from here... thank you, girls.
The only thing that did me in yesterday was reading Dad's obit. And I keep thinking of things to tell him. I know I can still "talk to him". I know he's still with me. I just wouldn't mind a few more face-to-face conversations. I really want to tell him how impressed I was with his departure. And I know he'd say, "Well, that's the way I planned it! I waited until you and your sister left the room so that Mom could be alone with me!" The Great Planner to the end.
Also, I really wanted to make him more of my little smoked oyster crepes. He had them for the first time about six weeks ago, and loved them. (those of you who really know me, know I'm a lousy cook, and Dad doesn't (didn't) give out compliments readily)

You know, I think someone should invent a do-it-yourself, home DNA kit. For instance, it would come in really handy for times like when I call the entire family into the bathroom, point to the wet, crumpled facecloth lying atop the neatly folded clean towels on the shelf and say, "Who did that?" And everyone says, "Not ME!!"
A home DNA kit would really put the fear of God into my family. There'd be no more hedging.
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Come on Spring!
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Mamacita, try to put the spiders out of your mind and enjoy the Yellow Daisy Festival. What a neat name! We are planning a big Village Teaparty next summer and may steal that name.

Jodi, I know too well how you are feeling when you visit your dear grandma. My Mum had dementia for a couple of years before she died and it was so hard visiting her. The workings of the brain are very strange and complicated. The only reassurance I can give is that she will probably become calmer as the dementia progresses. I know that doesn't help but.....

Ellis Sweetie, you sound calm and in control. Just keep talking to your Dad because he is close to you now. I talk to mine all the time! Oyster crepes, eh? To **** with dim sum next time we are together. A home DNA analysis kit? Great idea!

The Girls slept until 6:30 this morning, probably because my neighbour on the next road doesn't drive his truck on the weekend. Of course I was awake at 5 anyhow, just waiting for the woofs. Or is it wooves? It rained in the night but is clearing now.

We have to make some decisions about tomorrow's show today. The Mill is located between our two lakes. Some of the homes along the Upper Lake were flooded so the Ministry of Natural Resources lowered the dam a foot to drain some of the water. Great idea except it all runs under the Mill and the noise level in there is so high you can't hear anything today! We will probably have to move the show to another location tomorrow. The Fair Hall comes to mind - or the Church. Yikes! And I thought I was going to have a free day!

I was tempted to go out for breakfast this morning until I remembered reading that the typical breakfast special has about 1000 calories so I've just had a very virtuous breakfast of Laughing Cow on whole wheat toast with tomato. I hope the rest of today is as pristine!

I'm off to walk Lucy down for the paper and check out the water flow.

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oh my goodness a DNA kit would be wonderful!!! what a great tool to keep them honest!! and goodness knows when you have kids almost every mishap involves some sort of body fluid. that is priceless!! yes i am home alone today!!! woooo hooo i just finished exercising with the resistance bands, yes you heard me i tried it, it wasn;t bad i think i'll do it again tomorrow this just might be my thing. ellis you sound great!! keep strong and take care of YOU.

thanks ruth that does help, i know she is in there somewhere.
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Default Good morning ladies

Good to see you up and going.

Mamacita, eeewwww, I hate spiders, I'm crawling all over just reading your story. Can you spell BUGBOMB? I have stock in the company.

Ellis, good to see you posting. My heart is with you and your family. Oh, by the way, you aren't a big fat pig! Deal with one stressors at a time. Hugs to you

Jodi, hope your visit to grandma was a good one. Sounds like the family had fun.

Ruth, have fun at your show. Glad the girls slept in for you, you really should learn the fun thing of sleeping in until 0700.

Well, my DH and I had a great talk last night. I let him know I was back being addicted to sugar so I'm going back to phase one. He's going to do it with me. I hate to think about the process of doing this, I have these yummy fuji apples that I've gorged on, but I think I've got to clear out the sweets totally. Boo hoo. It's been an interesting process to see what I could and couldn't eat. It's been a month now since I've been OP, so back to it.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Cloudy and rainy here. Weird doc in the ER today, he manages to run tests on people that don't need to be done. We'll be unnecessarily busy. Oh, well. I'm armed with my food for the day!
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Hi Everybody,
Great day for coffee on the patio swing.

Spiders that bite?! Yikes! My mother was cured of her spider fears when a nest of the little guys started repelling from her overhead light. My dad wasn't home at the time so she had to deal with it herself. It was 1970 so no doubt she just fumigated with Raid! Wouldn't feel right doing that today, but ignorance must have been bliss.

I wrote a bunch more, but it's a downer so I deleted it.

Hope everybody has a good on plan day.
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Come on Spring!
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Heidi, you can do downer posts in here. We all get that way and understand.
Sometimes though, it's just as cathartic to write it, read it and then delete it!
I hope you have a better day starting now with a !!!
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I hope everyone's weekend goes ok, and the 09/11 rememberances go smoothly today.
Today we are going garage saleing. A few of the big thrift stores are having fundraising g-sales. We need to stock up on a few things for our new son, so off we go! Just waiting till Dh gets up (worked nights) and trying to keep the kiddies occupied till we leave.
We have some pretty gross wolf spiders trying to get in out of the cold, and PUKE, are they huge! You can practically see their fangs! Good luck to all you in forgetting about the spiders!
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Oh, I hate spiders! I know most are harmless but it is the ones that aren't that worry me. Now snakes don't bother me.

I just got back from a 2 hour walk. I found the end of the walking trail and it isn't as long as I thought. I walked part of it with a really nice elderly women who was walking as fast as I was. I want to be as fit as her when I am her age. I had a good time at the gym last night. My legs and butt are definitely firmer than they used to be.

Today is the Great Fountain Festival. Lots of activities for kids. We're going this afternoon when the temp is in the 90's. It should be lots of fun even if it is pretty hot. I can't even conceive of snow at this time of year. We got snow only once this past winter and it was on Valentines day when we were out picking up the Scouting for Food cans.
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Afternoon all,

Well, DH, DD & DS just left for an overnight camping trip. The whole school goes camping (k-9) the first weekend back at a campground up in Maine, they pitch tents, play flashlight tag and run around all night. Mothers are invited but it is primarily a dad's thing. In honor of my free time I'll be mowing the lawn and doing laundry - ah the exciting life

Been really hungry/craving yesterday today. So far I have resisted but I'm trying to decide on a really yummy lunch to fortify me for my afternoon chugging around on the lawn tractor. I'm still feeling out the differences between SBD and Atkins but figure as long as I stick with protein and veggies I can't go wrong. I did buy some hummus I'm looking forward to having as a snack tho. I choked down my eggs for breakfast but I can't wait for another week to go by and a switch to oatmeal or buckwheat pancakes or anything else for breakfast!! The book talks about high-fiber cereals being ok, anyone know if Kashi Go-Lean Crunch is ok or too high in sugar or ???

We lost track of one of our gerbils last night (DD didn't quite get the cage back right after taking them out) so maybe it will be out hunting spiders and keeping the house safe for the rest of us!

Well, off to dream up lunch and mow that lawn before MORE rain moves in.

P.S. - I had to change my avatar to the picture of my Ridgeback and me on the beach, just couldn't resist

Good thoughts to all on this difficult day...
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Spider suck! I have two webs in my windows and I can't even open them because of fear! I am going to get the gall to ask the building manager guy to come and clean them for me! If I see him anyway. Maybe I can clog my sink or something so I can say, "oh by the way---could you get the two huge webs in my windows? Thanks"

I had a good night and a good weigh in this morning. Down from 199 to 193.8. One more pound and I am in virgin territory!

I did have piononos last night - I skipped the rice and potatoes but I have a feeling that plaintains stuffed with meat is not totally on program. They were small and guess what? I couldn't finish the second one and actually left it on my plate!

Talk about breakthroughs...

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Hi everyone: I have been MIA for quite some time as we have been dealing with hurricanes Charley and Frances and now watching for Ivan. We were without power for several days, and it is amazing the things we just take for granted. i don't know how many times I wanted to hit the light switch, and my DH wanted to know why I had turned off the overhead fan.: We had some damage to our home, need a new roof as we lost a lot of shingles, but we are fortunate, as we have no leaks. Some folks have really been devestated. And it is amazing the size of the trees that these storms brought down.

My OP eating has suffered a lot, especially in the shelter. You eat what is available, and it is certainly not OP. We had guests at the time of Frances - cousins on their honeymoon. We provided them with a honeymoon they will never forget.

I sure don't care for spiders either. And we have some of the biting type - especially the Brown Recluse, that causes major problems with their bites. have been reading that in the areas where there has been a lot of flooding, people are dealing with scorpions, rattlers and water mocosins. Glad that is not us, or I wouldn't be in our house. I can't abide snakes.

Ellis: Once again, for your sake, and your Mom's I am happy for you that your Dads passing was peaceful and easy for him. You will have that happy memory always. but sorry for the sadness you feel. I know how it is to want to tell him something, but I think if you just tell him, he will know. He won't be far away from you all.

Ruthie: Sounds like flooding hasn't been limited to Fl. I hope your fair goes off well, and that you find a good spot for it.

I may not be back for a while again, depending on what 'Ivan the Terrible' has up his sleeve. So keep on keepin' on everyone. Lizzie
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Default The BirdLady is BACK

I can't tell you how good it is to check in and see so many familiar faces still here hangin' in.

Ellis, I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. May the love of friends and family as well as the memories be comforting to you.

I gave up on strictly following South Beach although I still think that the food choices are better ones and I still do little things like substitute rye bread for white, etc.

However, I am completely incapable of doing portion control on my own. My brain doesn't have an "enough" switch. So, two weeks ago I returned to Weight Watchers and I am following the Flex plan and counting points. I was out of town last weekend so I missed my Sunday meeting. That means that tomorrow will be my first weigh in after two weeks. According to my home scale, I should have good news. I will let you know.

I've had five points so far today (and actually they were good "South Beachy" points) but tonight I will be going out to dinner for my partner's birthday so wish me luck. I did pretty well last weekend while out of town sticking mostly to fish and avoiding sauces.

Oh, and one other thing ... a friend gave me a treadmill and I bought an excercise bike so I am using them both most mornings. I am HORRIBLY out of shape -- can only do 5 min on the bike and 10 min on the treadmill. But something is better than nothing, right?

Great to see you all still here.
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All this talk of spiders is making my skin crawl! They seem to be spinning webs all over the place this time of year, yukk! Has anyone noticed that they're fatter (the spiders!) this year?
I had the girls this morning, so I didn't go off on my usual yardsale trekking, but my VERY DARLING HUSBAND stopped at an auction on his way home from work and bought me 2 Longaberger baskets as a surprise. He must want something......?

Ruth, your breakfast sounded pretty good, good for you for staying OP! I had a 2egg omelet with smoked turkey breast and a piece of string cheese. (I made waffles for the little ones, and didn't even snatch a bite!)

jodi, I sympathize with you RE your grandmother. My grandmother also had Altheimer's and dimentia, and sometimes it was a real nightmare. She and I were especially close, and it really hurt when she didn't recognize me anymore. Hope there's a breakthrough soon on the research for that terrible disease. I wish you well on your new dieting strategy.

Ellis, so glad you are staying strong. Listening to you talk about your Dad should be a reminder to the rest of us to make the most of the time we have with our loved ones.

RNMOM, good for you for going back on Phase 1. I've been back on it since I gained some pounds while on vacation, and this time it was really hard for me. But I stayed with it and lost all the extra weight, and then some, so I know you can do it, too.

kfs151, Kashi Go-Lean Crunch has too much sugar, but Kashi Go-Lean is fine. The Kashi Go-Lean Crunch was my favorite cereal!

Lizziepie, I'm praying that hurricane Ivan won't affect you as bad as they're predicting. You guys in Florida have certainly had enough!

Hi Jenne, SoCalBirdLady, and anyone else I may have missed. Have a great day!
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