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Default Should I start Phase 2

I'm supposed to start Phase 2 on Sunday. The first week of Phase 1 I lost 6.5 pounds. This week, the second week of Phase 1, I've lost nothing and the scale has gone up 1 pound so far I'm not cheating either. So do you guys think I should start Phase 2 on Sunday or just do Phase 1 for another week or what?

I am eating so much less than I used to, and the stuff I'm eating is so much healthier........I just don't see why I'm not losing any this week.

Anyhow, what should I do?
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6.5 sounds like a LOT of weight for one week!!! I am really new at this, so I don't know how typical that is, but I'm thinking that was enough for 2 weeks! One thing I have noticed in Weight Watchers is that some weeks you don't seem to lose any, but most of the time (if you haven't been cheating) it will catch up to you the next week. Also, where you are in your female cycle will have an effect...

I don't know what to tell you other than don't get discouraged! Are you exercising at all?
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The people that have huge weight losses in phase one are usually very overweight to start with. Most people seem to lose a lot the first week, not so much the second week, then you stall for the next couple of weeks as far as losing pounds go but if you take your measurements you will lose inches rather than pounds. If you have a lot of weight to lose then it can be good to do phase one for longer but if you are fairly close to your goal weight then stalls are pretty normal. You will be losing fat if you stay OP it just may not show up on the bathroom scales.
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My situation is similar. I decided to go into Phase II this past Thursday. Yesterday! I started with a cup of strawberries with my egg breakfast Thurs. Today I had a bowl of oatmeal and an egg. It seems I still need protein with breakfast. I haven't lost in the second Phase I week, and I still have belly fat! I'm just slowly introducing the other food for the Phase II plan. Oh, and although I eat salads and veggies and legumes, I started needing metamucil a couple of days ago! That part I don't understand, except my exercising has been negligent, and I am sure it's a big factor. Also increased the water, but I drink a lot of that and decaf iced tea with splenda. This evening I made a key lime pie (made with jello, low fat cream cheese, and splenda, etc. ) that uses All Bran for the pie crust, and I'll see how it turns out for the weekend. I looked at a couple of other SBD boards, and the weight loss stall seems common.
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I had a stall all last week and it has only been just this week (week 5) that I have started to lose again. I found (like the book says) what little carbs I added back were too much for me. I was only eating brown rice and fruit and the occasional pc. of bread. I have found now that I only have cereal and fruit that I am starting to lose again. I will only eat rice or bread rarely now.
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I too lost a lot the first week, around ten or 11 pounds. In fact, I haven't lost much since that point, just playing up and down with a few pounds since then.
I do notice, though, when I eat less carbohydrates the pounds seem to melt off easily, so I'm still a "believer."
The less carbs I eat, and the more exercise I do, the slimmer I get. Those two things together are powerful. Alone, they don't do much for me.

Also, I've noticed something important about Splenda...I'm more likely to lose pounds eating a little sugar than eating Splenda products (and believe me I've gone there several times). In fact, Splenda makes me gain so much it HAS to be water retention.

Everyone's body is different, however.
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Thanks guys. I decided to start Phase 2 but in a very limited way. Like maybe only adding back a few strawberries a day to start with and see how it goes. I bought some bread but I can ignore it until I see how I do with the fruit. I might also have cereal a few days a week, but not have fruit on the days that I do. So bascially I'm gonna just add one new carb a day for the first week or so of Phase 2 and see how it goes. And it will only be for breakfast or lunch.
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I just finished by second week of Phase I and had similar results. I lost 7 pounds the first week and only 1 pound the second.

I agree with Chick On The Beach that you HAVE to take measurements. Although I didn't lose much the second week I did lose about a 1/2 inch on all my measurements! That was encouraging.

I am going to begin introducing a small amount of Phase II foods this week because I find it hard to keep up my energy with so few carbs. Now that I'm getting better about exercising regularly I find that I need those foods.

Good luck! I know it can be frustrating to be "good" and it not be reflected on the scale. So pull out that measuring tape!
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I just had 1% cotttage cheese with a few strawberries cut up into it. OMG it tasted so good.
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