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Default Tuesday Beach Chat 1/28

Good morning is it me or is the month flying by. Must get the cold temps moving the calendar along lol.

Went to dinner last night at an Italian restaurant in North Greenbush. Total food porn, but oh so good. Joe and I needed a date night. We skipped the movie and opted for dessert and coffee (not going near the scale today) It was no nice not rushing or doing any of the work. Even the 40 minute ride each way was enjoyable.

I promise to be OP when I go to lunch with my sister this afternoon. Fortunately she is leading a much healthier life and is down over 40 pounds.

Afterwards I plan on going to Fairway Market. Has anyone been? I figure going would be a treat.

Coffee is ready, who wants to join me? Plenty of Paul to go around
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Come on Spring!
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Default xxx

Good morning! Another winter's day ahead with warnings about wind. Yesterday it looked like it was snowing all day but it was just the night's snow swirling around. Lot and lots of accidents and highway closures. It's pretty bad when they close the highway between Ottawa and Montreal! I have an appointment at a bank this morning to go over some investments but will keep a close eye on the driving conditions and cancel if it looks bad.

Spent a couple of hours with Joanne at the Mill Office trying to figure out tax receipts with the fancy-dancy Past Perfect software. I think it's a lot easier to just write tax receipts than figure that out. I may give it another try later this afternoon once my brain gets a few things sorted out.

I see Jekel started us off. No comments about the food porn but it certainly sounds like you had a good evening. I'll take a bit of Paul in my mug and get on with the day.

So tired of winter. I go to town for a haircut on Thursday and will pick up some flowers just for me.

Happy Tuesday. Remember we get three more minutes of daylight every day now! Bring it on!
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Darned, DH is in town, so no Keurig with Paul today . Just plain ole dark roast.

The month is going by quickly! Glad you enjoyed your date night, Jennifer. You need to go off plan a bit sometimes, as long as you jump back on again.

The kids have a two hour delay, since it's below zero right now (wow, it'll be two degrees warmer two hours later!). I kinda giggle, since I grew up in northern Illinois, and I don't remember school off all the time below zero. Not sure I would've ever graduated!

Just a long day of work otherwise.
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I finally have a few minutes to sit down and join you with my Paul's, Jennifer. It sounds like you have a really nice day planned. I've never been to Fairway Market, in fact I've never heard of it, but you'll have to tell us all about it!

One more day of frigid temps to get through, then we're supposed to start warming up again. Come on, Spring!
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Good morning, Tammy and Ruth! Delayed openings are starting to come across the bottom of my TV screen, too, but the grandkids and my Girlies are opening on time. Bundle up!
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Good Morning

My new tenants moved in yesterday and my siblings arrived very sisters flight was delayed by 5 hours. Needless to say, I didn't get much rest and I have to be to work in an hour. Oh, well.

Take care everyone! Have a great Tuesday!
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Good morning,

Jekel sounds like date night went well

Ruth stay warm and be safe driving

Tywnn we are at zero but we are still having school, they only close if we get a lot of snow or ice but they have already had 6 snow days this year

Cottage I am with you bring on Spring

Debbie glad you had tenants move in, sorry you didn't get much sleep maybe you can turn in early tonight?

Today is just meetings and I need to stock up on some groceries, I think I will go in person to one of the meetings since it is very close to Trader Joes and I get hit that up after the meeting this afternoon.

Stay warm and think Spring!
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Good Morning

Yum Italian food...glad you enjoyed your date Jennifer.

Debbie, glad your tenants are in & you get a rest soon.

Hope everyone stays safe in the cold & snow.

I can't believe Jan is almost gone. We have kinda backwards weather in CA. February has been our rainy month the past couple years, whereas it used to be January so while you're all hoping for the spring, I'm going to be a doing a rain dance.

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Hello all - still here and still working out (only 1x a week or so but the FitBit is helping me). TOM yesterday so no weigh in.

Stay warm! I am looking forward to a much warmer Feb (wishful thinking)!
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Good morning, ladies. This chick is SO very happy with life today. I started the Police Department yesterday and, I've gotta say, I already feel like it's my new home. I'm super excited for my career to officially begin here! They put me on mid-shift for the rest of this week, so I go in from 4 PM to midnight tonight. MUCH more my type of shift. Tee hee...giddy!

jekel - Girl, it is NOT just you. How is it that January is already almost over??? And I'm about to pour my second cup myself.

Ruth - Safe travels if you're able to head out!!!

Lexxiss - Hope you get some rest tonight!

Twynn, cottage, Pearl, and Pearlygirl -
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Working on healthy
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Today turned into an extra rest day for both of us. We had dog and cat follies at 4:30 in the morning so I decided to sleep in until I woke up. We stayed in bed until after 10. We have been so tired lately any extra sleep is a luxury. I decided to use a personal day because I needed to get some blood work done anyway. Then Tim decided to find someone to cover his evening shift so we are just relaxing at home now. I'm a little jealous because he is of until Monday but I still have to work tomorrow. Might need a real vacation soon.

Staying OP well though not getting the exercise routine in yet. The doctor was really happy with my 6.5 lbs since 1/1 even if I'm not (I expected that big carb stopping whoosh).

Now off to find something to make for dinner. When Tim works it's all leftovers, now I need a plan.

Karen - I made this lentil miso gravy last night. It was amazing. We had it over cauliflower steaks but it would be good over anything.
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Afternoon, chicks! Good to have the last Tuesday of January done; for me this month is dragging a little; must be the fact that I have spent most of the month frozen! It's 10* right now on the thermometer but the wind chill is 20 degrees lower! I came home a few minutes earlier than normal and have Creamy Mexican Casserole in the crockpot so I have no excuse not to get in my workout.

Jennifer, glad you had a good night out!
Ruth, our roads have been awful with the blowing and drifting snow.
Twynn, I hate to say this but we didn't close when it was -25* last week. You Southerners are so delicate.
Cyndi, why are days off so darn enjoyable even when you don't do anything special?
Natasha, hope your new job continues to be great.
Greetings to Debbie, Cottage, Pearl, pearlygirl and jenne!

Okay, off the couch and onto a workout!
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Hi everyone. Im new here and Im on Phase 2 hope to get to know all of you. Glad I found a place to chat with others that are on plan too . :-)
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Welcome to the forum SouthernJudy!!!!
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