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Come on Spring!
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Default Thrilling(?) Thursday Beach Chat

Good morning, Beach Babes. We are just getting rain and mild temps today and tomorrow and managed to avoid the freezing rain. I swear Delta is some little magic spot that misses a lot of dire weather warnings.

Had an interesting evening. My young (40 is young) neighbour called in a panic to tell me there was a raccoon in her bedroom and it was growling. Her Rottie was more scared than she was. I went over and we decided to call the volunteer firemen. Felt silly but that was one pissed off masked bandit. Two guys came and sort of shooed him out while we stayed out of the way and comforted Bluto the Rottie. There is a balcony off Rachel's bedroom and the critter came in that way since she'd left the sliding door open.

Today I really must get it together. When I've been away on a trip it takes me several days to get back in the groove again. I still have some USA shopping in my car although I did bring in my KitchenAid and love seeing it on the kitchen counter. Things to be mailed to BC had better be wrapped and ready to send soon.

Whoops! Just realized it's trash day so time to lug it to the road. I hate doing it when it's dark but ...

Have a Thrilling Thursday!
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Hmmmm, maybe your neighor won't leave open that door anymore, eh? (especially in freezing weather!) Very exciting! I hope the most thrilling part of your day Ruth is lugging your garbage to the road .

Yesterday wasn't great, but waaaaay better than Tuesday on the work/personal life. And eating was decent! Today is "just another day". I do have to finish the crockpot chili so we have a hot yummy dinner tonight.

Have a good one!
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I have to thank you for starting my morning off with a giggle, Ruth, although I'm sure it was not amusing to you and your neighbor at the time.

I'm going in a little later this morning since I'm working late tonight, and I have a lot to do to get ready for my trip in the morning. It's looking like it's going to rain all weekend, too, but that won't matter since we won't be outside much, anyway.

Hmmmm........I wonder how much cleanup there's going to be after the party last night?
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Good morning

Nothing thrilling here. It was -16 when I dragged out of bed to go up and check the vacant rentals. It would have sure been more convenient had these opened up in the warmer months. All we can do now is keep trudging forward.

On my agenda is moms eye appt. in Denver. I am going to try to do as little as possible when I return home.

Have a great day chickies!

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Good Morning All!!! It is beautiful here this morning - a little rain but with a temperature of +9 I will not complain....I think the low over night was somewhere around +6!! Crazy!!!

Well it is my first day back to work today and 5am came early!! I guess I could get used to winning the lottery and sleeping saying....

Today is day 10 of Phase 1 for me and I am soooo looking forward to cereal next week!! The plan for today is to avoid all of the Christmas treats that seem to be all over the office - lots of water for me today!!!

I hope you are all have a great Thursday!!

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Oh Debbie -16!!!! I don't think we have ever been that cold here. Wow you are brave.

Ruth thanks for the chuckle this morning.

Tammy kudos on another successful day!! I do hope things ease up for you.

Linda no matter what the weather, enjoy your time at Cape May.

Today I am spoiling myself. I am having a remote starter put in my car yippee!!!! I should be paying bills with my OT money, but heck I can rationalize this. Got tons done yesterday. I get so much more accomplished at Joe's when he is not there slowing me down lol. The only thing left to do is wipe down the inside of the oven.

I may begin to pack as I dread doing it. I did manage to write all my Christmas cards last night. Kept me from snacking which was a good thing.

Have a great day
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Hi Samm and welcome!!! I am only working 6 days this month so I can appreciate how nice it is staying home Be careful with cereal. For some reason I find it does not keep me full any more. Also, really read the label anything with sugar in the first line if ingredients pass on it. It is not worth it Enjoy your first day back at work
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Good morning

Mild but damp temperatures today. Trying to cut my coffee from 2 to 1 cup and its hard. I have to do some baking for this weekend and am having a hard time getting started. Will probably do things under stress. One thing that will be done is a thorough fridge clean out. Going to mr dd next wednesday if weather behaves. Its hard to believe that my little grandson will be 1 and walking.
So how did everyone do in november. I'm up .2 so pleased
Take care
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Good morning. It is cold here! I'm working this morning into afternoon and then will run some holiday errands in that part of town. Might try a new recipe for dinner tonight. Not much else happening. Have a great day.
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Good morning,

Brr it's cold and on my way it is was sleeting it was not supposed to start until commute home, I may have to leave early from work today. Tomorrow will definitely be wfh.

Tonight is supposed to be DD2 first Band concert but not sure if they will cancel or not due to weather coming in I am sure they are playing it by ear.

Ruth I did get a chuckle from your adventure

Debbie brrr I thought it was cold at 29 today, but I am sure it has to do with the fact that yesterday it was 60 lol

Cottage I hope you don't have to big of a cleanup job

Tywnn enjoy your day today

Samm welcome and enjoy your first day back at work. I second what Jekel said I cannot eat cereal only oatmeal now or it sets off cravings for me and does not fill me up.

Jekel enjoy your time off

Today is our winter luncheon, I brought goodies but do not plan on indulging in I will eat just the op food there is.
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After a high of about 50 yesterday, I left the house to find it at about 16F. I love my remote start and seat warmers.

Having the annual holiday party at our place on Saturday, so I'm in final planning (aka stressing) mode.

My dogs would have chased that Coon and my house would be trashed. I'm sure I'd have one or more dogs at the vet at this point. We used to have a ton at our old place, as there was a part of our deck that was well suited to nesting, I guess. We would always be trapping and relocating in the spring, but don't have that where we are now.
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Working on healthy
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Typical day off here, we spent most of it running around until about 4. Then we decided to indulge in a nap. It's not something we do often but it was nice and the dog loves it. It was a very successful day. I now really have a stove being delivered Monday (fiasco with the one I thought I ordered but that's old news now) and we have a ton of pellets coming tomorrow. I'm broke but we are set for winter I am so glad I tossed soup in the crockpot this morning. I wanted tortilla soup and couldn't find a recipe that used what I wanted, so I invented my own. It's yummy. Good thing because I tend to cook big batches.

Now for a glass of wine
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Hey ladies, just checking in.

Glad tomorrow is Friday and the bad weather missed us today. Had an afternoon high of 55*, which is crazy for this time of year.

Have a lovely evening and see you tomorrow!
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Happy Thursday!

Just stopping in to say hello. I was at home sick today, so I didn't get out in the damp, chilly fog we are having here! Enjoyed some bad daytime TV and hot tea. I hope that you all are having a good evening!

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