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Default Thrilling Thursday Beach Chat 4/4

Isn't it funny, I typed out the title, and thought, "april 4th...Melissa's birthday"....that's a friend from middle school!How we remember all the important things!

Well unfortunately,Buttercup was taken. I do have my name in on Belle, her sister, and they start looking at applications today. Keep your fingers crossed! I never intended to get a puppy, but DD wants one REAL BAD, and even DS was excited (he doesn't get excited about much except computers!). So, looking for a puppy we are. I'm still hopin' for Belle though .

AND, today is my last work day! CAN'T WAIT to go out with my friend tomorrow!!
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Good morning!

Tammy, I'm so excited for you and I'll keep my fingers crossed! Sorry about Buttercup and I hope she's happy in a loving home, but Belle's going to be the luckier pup!

My happy news is that all my tests came back negative and I'm fine!!!!!! Today's my last work day of the week, too, and I'm eager to have a quiet 3-day weekend where I can just nap and relax. I do want to get my garden started, though, but that's part of the relaxing.
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Come on Spring!
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Thrilling Works for me. I love positive titles! Sorry you missed out on Buttercup, Tammy, but fingers are crossed for Belle. What are you doing for your vacation? Have I missed something?

This morning I am off to Merrickville with Anna to shop for a farewell gift for Natalie who is leaving the Mill to be curator of the Brockville Museum. She lives in a converted schoolhouse so Anna and I are hoping to find something suitable for her. Merrickville has lots of upscale vintage shops and we just may have lunch at The Yellow Canoe where Linda and I lunched when she was here.

This afternoon I'll be back at accounting. I am doing Barb's taxes for her. She is having a knee replacement and wants them done before she goes. So far I've got her refund up to $600 but am hoping for a bit more as I research what's available.

Donna is supposed to come to clean today and I hope she gets it done this morning as I don't seem able to work at my desk when she's here. She brings her wee dog. I spend too much time laughing at the three dogs play.

Time for a breakfast smoothie and then on with Thursday and looking for thrills!
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Come on Spring!
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Terrific news, Linda! So relieved as I'm sure you are. I envy your being abel to garden. It's been cold again so the earth is frozen. It looks pretty terrible out there - all brown and gray with tatters of snow. The big snowpiles beside the barn are still there. I may tackle them with a shovel after this weekend when it's supposed to warm up a bit. The weather is making for a banner year for syrup production though.
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Awesome news, Linda!!!

Ruth - I took tomorrow off, and my friend and I are having a girl's night away. We're shopping tomorrow, hotel tomorrow night, then wandering back thru antique and flea markets. NO KIDS!! (and no husbands!!) WOO HOO!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Spring is returning today, I'm so happy It actually warmed up yesterday afternoon but was so windy it wasn't noticeable. The ritual squishing was a breeze but the tech warned me that they call back about 80% of first scans so not to be concerned if I get that letter. Last night we had planned to go see Lawrence of Arabia at our local theater until I realized it is 126 minutes No way can I sit that long, especially on a weeknight.

Tammy - good luck with the puppy.

Linda - great news! I'm with you, gardening is my relaxation too. Can't wait to get started here.

Ruth - Enjoy the dog circus

Just another work day here. Work is in a weird place right now, we are all working really hard but not very hopeful about the results. Makes it challenging to get motivated in the morning.

Had a perfect on plan day yesterday and I'm planning another one today. It's been such a challenging year with food between the stress and the thyroid. I am committed to getting back on track again and I'm not shopping for my clothes for DD's wedding until I'm back down a couple of sizes. hoping the weather will help, at least I'll get more exercise.

time to make the list for the day. Hope the thrills are all the good kind!
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Good morning. It's been a boring week here so I've been reading but just had nothing much to report. Off to yoga today, then errands. See how boring! Eating has been OP.

Twynn - Sorry about the pup; she was adorable.

Linda - Woo hoo!

Ruth - Have fun today.

Cyndi - Spring is supposed to be hitting us too. Finally!
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good morning

Twynn - hope that you get that puppy. Golden retrievers are my love, I had one for 14 years. Would love one now but we just love to pack up and go and they are a big responsibility.

Linda - so glad that the news is all good.

Ruth - no gardening here for a while yet.

Cyndi- enjoy your nice weather. We have the Laurence of Arabia dvd and always say one of these days will have to watch it again.

me - well, I have joined the hearing aid club. What a frustrating day I had yesterday. I think there will be for lots of adjustments. Our insurance doesn't cover them and they cost a bundle so I have to be pleased. Tuesdays eye appointment has been transferred to today. Lots of maintenance going on here.
take care
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Good Morning

DH and I looked at all the pups and really liked Belle Keeping our fingers crossed, Twynn.

We slept in and today start our Spring project. DH is downstairs waiting for me...BBL
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Good morning,

Quickfly by for me, I am on a conference call so need to pay attention. Sounds like everyone is doing better, yesterday I fell going up stairs (only me) getting off the train and toe was a bit sore but didn't bother me too much until I took my socks off at home, DH thinks I may lose my toenail, I hope not but definitely not liking wearing shoes.

Tywnn hope you get Belle instead

to everyone else

Okay back to work, have a great day everyone
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Quick fly by, just got in from work, love early OT home by 2pm. Enjoyingnmy salad with turkey then off to the bike path!

Pearl, you are on my list to do Hopefully tonight I will get a book or two out to you Life gets in the way of my plans lol
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Twynn- Sorry about Buttercup. Fingers crossed for Belle!

Linda- Wonderful news! I'm so glad everything turned out alright.

Ruth- I'd offer to help with the taxes, but I don't think my degree in U.S. accounting would help much with Canadian taxes Too bad, really. I enjoy doing taxes!

Cyndi- Congrats on the OP day yesterday and good luck with today!

Sophie- Sorry about the new club membership. You'll get adjusted in no time!

Pearlrose- ouch! Hope your toe and nail heal quickly. Sounds like something I would do!

Jekel- Enjoy your bike ride!

I have fast internet now! YAY! I forgot to tell you guys I had an interview on Tuesday for a staff accountant job. The woman interviewing me seemed to like me and be impressed with my mad Excel skills () so hopefully I'll be hearing back from them soon! Fingers crossed for me, please?

I need to make some more chili today or tomorrow. I've been eating it everyday for lunch. Yay fiber. At this rate, I might turn INTO a bowl of chili! Have a great day everyone
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Good afternoon, ladies...just popping in to say hello. Tomorrow will be my last night of work for over a full week!!! Saturday I will be heading up to Athens w/ my mom for the UGA Spring Game and then I will be taking her out for a birthday dinner. Then I'll be coming home and packing for my trip, going to bed, and then getting back up at 0400 hrs to head to Atlanta to pick up my cousin so we can head out to Massachusetts.

Mom and I had a good talk last night and she admitted that although she's been upset about my move she knows that it's what I want and she just hopes that I'll be as happy as I think I will be. BUT we've done this dance before and she usually goes back to being upset.
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