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Default Monday on The Beach Daily Chat 11/21

It's Monday!

And it's pouring rain. Kind of seems to go together, eh? At least it will be a short week for me and for most of us. I only work today and tomorrow. And the girls have 1/2 days this week, so I won't get bored!

How is everyone's week ahead looking?
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"Rainy days and Mondays always get me down....." Thankfully, we are having a beautiful, spring-like day in Alabama. Mid 70s. Because of the warm weather we've been having, tomorrow is a moderate chance of severe weather. Not such a fan of that.

It's a short week for Auston and me, too. We both work/school today and tomorrow. Wednesday morning, we get up early to leave for Louisiana. I am so excited! I'm considering packing Jazzercise clothes, but none of my sports bras fit any more. sigh.....

Thanks for the coffee, Cottage. It's lovely.
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Now we're all going to be singing the Carpenters (love the carpenters!), although I wonder if the younger chicks on here wonder what the heck those are!?

Had a successful grain free day yesterday, and hope to do so the next couple days so I'm not a complete pig at Thanksgiving. (eat pig: yes; be pig:no!) It helped me to say no to the buffalo dip and chips along with cookies last night at our bible study. I just had some peanuts when I got home! (I just made DS laugh with the pig statement...)

Today - work, if I'm lucky a run, then clean, clean, clean and pack. My house sitter is coming in, and I tend to leave it FAR cleaner for her then I keep it for myself. But then it's nice to come home to!! We plan on leaving tomorrow after work, then head home Sunday pm, arriving home on Monday. We could drive straight thru, but it is sooo much nicer (with young children) to stop part way.

Have a bright sunny beachy day!
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Wow, glad I got here in time to have a cup of hot coffee, thans Cottage. Good way to start my day.

It is cool here 28 degrees, hope the sun shines today.

This will be a short week for me too, unfortunately I am still trying to catch up at work for missing two weeks. One day at a time, the work isn't going anywhere.

Here's to a great Monday.
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If you want a moment to start your Monday, check out this picture. WHO says, "You look great! Do that to me, too!" WOW!!!
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Good Grief! "Vanity, thy name is Woman."
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning. I had an earworm about "rainydays and Mondays" but it left as I read Twynn's last line - now it's "I can see clearly now the rain is gone". Funny how our brains are just stuffed and things pop out periodically.

Good Monday morning everyone. Now "Monday, Monday" is my ear worm.

These worms had better just shut up as I have other stuff to deal with today. The lads were supposed to have fixed Jazz's (aka Houdini's) escape routes but that was wishful thinking. They may be back today but I'd just as soon they leave it for a week. In the meantime Jazz is back on the long lead in the yard and is being good about it. He does sigh when I clip it on but that's life.

Lots to keep me "off the streets" today. Donna is going to take my car to gas it up for our trip and I will plug away getting my financial report ready for today's late afternoon Board meeting. The furries go to the kennel mid-afternoon since we plan an early start tomorrow morning. I may even get my suitcase packed now that I don't have all the Christmas pageant costumes and props in the guestroom! I did get the laundry done yesterday and could just throw the whole basket into the car, I suppose. Car travel sure beats plane travel as far as packing is concerned.

I still have aches and pains from my fall on Saturday but things are healing. When I get to Linda's she may wonder if I was in a street brawl although my upper lip is nearly normal again. How do you put lipstick on a swollen and slightly bloody upper lip and what colour do you use? Never mind - I settled for Vit E ointment.

I'd better get outta here and get on with this busy day. Enjoy your Monday and the start of American Thanksgiving Week.
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Working on healthy
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Good morning It is not raining here though it is very cold. I'm more of a Manic Monday kind of girl though that always reminds me of Walk Like an Egyptian. Same era but DD and I loved that song in the mornings. This week we are all about recovering around here. There will be lots of sleep, healthy foods, some gentle walks and mindless movies and a few games; all the things that end up on the back burner when life is crazy.

Cottage - Enjoy your half days with the girls. Bet they are ready to start holiday crafts

Chel - it's your early Christmas. I know you two will have a great time!

Twynn - I always used to clean before the cleaner came I'm with you on the no grain train.

Chickadee - wow, you are colder than we are Hope that leftover work doesn't attract friends. I've always wanted a job where the work just gets done when I'm not there but I've always had jobs where the work just piles up waiting for me. So not fair

Ruth - glad you aren't feeling too achy this morning. I agree, the convenience of car travel really is a big plus, even when driving through some crazy areas.

Now I need to run. I do have a work phone call to debrief the conference then it's off to the Co-op to replenish our sad grocery supplies and cat treats (why do they prefer the cat treats I have to drive half an hour to buy?!). After that some laundry and cleaning and plenty of relaxing.

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Good Morning!

I woke up to my husband calling my name and asking why a light was on in the bathroom. He wasn't aware that I was sound asleep and had no idea what he was talking about. After apologizing for what seemed like 20 minutes, he tells me to go back to sleep. Yeah right.

I'm wide awake and on my first cup of coffee. I see everyone is in a Thanksgiving state of mind. Thank you, Cottage for the info about the Quorn Turkey Roast. I will definitely be serving that too! The reviews were overwhelmingly postive.

Time to get myself in gear for food shopping. I'm going to try to do the impossibe today: not forget one thing on my shopping list. Yeah right.
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good morning

Cottage - hope today is a short day for you.
Chelby - I can feel your excitement. How long is your drive
Chickadee - that's the way to take it, one day at a time.
Ruth - maybe everyone will think that you have had botox treatment. Swollen upper lips is so sexy.
Cyndi - your day sounds very calm
Twynn - I can understand the cleaning before going on a trip. I am the same.
Chris - Not a good start to the day. Hope it gets better.

after not a too on plan weekend, hope to get back on track today. Lots of things on my list but I seem to be doing everything else except what I should be doing.
take care
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Good morning! It's supposed to be rainy here too. And chilly. My poor son will be in for an adjustment when he arrives from balmy LA. But the forecast is nice for Thanksgiving day

Off to work out with my mom and trainer. Then, more grocery shopping for Thanksgiving perishables. My goal is to avoid the store after today if possible. Need a trip to Costco this week too but DH will do that.

P.S. I'm going with "Monday, Monday..."
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Good morning,

It's a busy busy morning here at work, I have to work three days then I am off Thursday and Friday.

For those traveling be safe and have good travels, we are staying here for Thanksgiving.

Okay back to work to try to finish up everything I can get done.

Have a great day everyone.
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Hi chicks, looking forward to a short and quiet work week here. I didn't get as much done over the weekend as I'd hoped, but it was nice to relax and had a fun girl's night out. We went to the Baltimore Inner Harbor and had dinner at Fogo de Chao (very SB-friendly, by the way), and went to a show at the Comedy Factory. I did get my Christmas list shopping and to-do list made up. Still need to do some paring down if I'm going to stay under the budget goal!

Oh dear, Ruth, I'm sorry to hear you had a fall. Hope you are not too ouchy.
Cyndi, you and Julie enjoy the relaxing and being home!

Lovely DH just brought me a cup of coffee, sorely needed to get through the rest of this afternoon.
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Sorry to have missed you all, AGAIN! I forget how disconnected I become on "vacation." I had a nice day - spent time with our niece, went shopping (needed sweats and searched for snow pants to no avail) then went food shopping for turkey day so MIL didn't have to (she's got a bad back).

tomorrow is up to Augusta to visit my member's office (that counts as work and not vacation time, right???) if my niece is feeling better otherwise, she can't go to day care and I am on babysitting duty. Good test for if we're ready, no?? LOL

Have a good one all. Ruth, feel better. Cyndi - patience be with you as Julie's nurse
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