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Default Fun Friday

Good morning all,
Well, we slept without the a/c last night. It was more comfortable temperature wise which made it possible, and I'm determined to lower our electric bill next month!

I guess I was quite bloated from AF and my vacation, as I've lost almost 5 lbs. since Monday's weigh in! That gives me a little motivation. Still struggling on the waist measurement, which I've revised to 31, and I've also revised my goal weight to 150.

Today is a clean up day at work and then I leave a bit early to pick my son up at day camp since my sitter is on vacation. We have friends over for drinks tonight, and dinner tomorrow, and I'm allowing myself to go off plan once each day for that (tonight I'll probably have some crackers with cheese; tomorrow night I'm making a panzanella salad, but with sour dough).

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Come on Spring!
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YES! I want a Fun Friday! Good title, Matilda, and I don't think we've used it before.

Did anyone watch the star show last night? I was behind the barn after ten last night with a glass of wine and a lawn chair and it was spectacular! I swear you can hear the meteors as they shoot across the sky. One big advantage of living in the boonies is the lack of lights to interfere with Mother Nature's light shows.

I'm off to the gym, then to the bank and to a friend's place to get some info for our Cape Breton trip. Then I absolutely MUST tackle some niggles before I settle into serious FUN!
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Good morning, Matilda! Congratulations on your weightloss, that's super! We had our windows open last night, too, and I'm so thankful that the latest heat wave is over. This certainly has been a hot and humid summer! Your plans for the day sound fun, and I hope you have a nice relaxing evening with your friends.

I have to work for a few hours this morning, and the plan is to finally go shopping for school supplies. That always tends to be a bit of a scavenger hunt. The school offers a pre-packaged box of supplies for each grade, but it's too late to order it now. I told Cindy next year we have to remember to do it!
I may ask the girls for some ideas for a birthday present for my granddaughter, Amber, who will be 10 tomorrow. We had planned to get her a new bike, but her parents are getting her one, instead, so now I'm at a loss as to what to get her.

Schmoodle, how did your resignation go yesterday? I bet they'll be sad to see you leave. Good luck with the new job!

Ruth! It was raining here last night, so we didn't get to see the show! I'm glad you got to enjoy it, though! Two weeks from today we'll be on our way!!!!!

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Working on healthy
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A quick hello friends I've got 10 trays of zucchini to scrape off and package along with all the usual morning stuff. It's one of those days. Last day of FT at my job of 12 years so ends to tie up. Both cats having urinary tract trouble. That's so frustrating, we feed really good food, have 2 fountains and still both have trouble and at the same time now Because life isn't crazy enough I think I'm going to buy a car today too. It was all internet negotiations, so much easier than running back and forth and dealing with salesmen! If I get a breather I'll stop back later. Happy Friday all!
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Good morning. Anyone superstitious? I'm back to the lake with lots to catch up on. My google reader has almost 100 things in it! Yikes. My eating was horrible, as usual down there. But I will be back on track today, no ifs, ands or butts. (Misspelling intended.) The teens had fun and our houseguest leaves town tomorrow but the boys may be staying with the other family tonight. I encountered a mythical creature this weekend - teen boys who happily eat vegetables!

Have a great day all. BBL
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Good Morning

Friday the 13th's are my hubbys' favorite days! His lucky numbers are 9 and 13. Glad to see everyone so chipper this AM. I slept again! I think I've had more sleep this last week then I usually get in a month. Great news for this insomniac! I'm going to ride to the pool and back then tackle some chores at home. Kirk's geology professor and wife invited us to their cabin for 2 nights! Kirk was a bit reluctant, but I'd love the break. Besides, I really believe when you get invited the first time you'd better say yes or else not get invited again. I think it's great to be taking this friendship a step closer-we have lots in common, as couples go. We'll leave Sunday AM and pups are invited!

Mmc, thanks for getting us started! I'm glad to hear it's cooling a bit for you. Congrats on dropping your water weight. I think your plan for the weekend is very sensible. One thing I have learned from Beck is to plan ahead for deviations. It helps to think things through, deviate as planned, then get back on plan. Enjoy! PS I looked up panzanella salad since I've never had it. It looks great with sourdough!

Ruth, I hope you get to cross those niggles off the list! I set my alarm last night and got up to look at the sky-I couldn't see anything from here. I think the mountains may block the view to the NE. Glad you got a great show!

Linda, happy shopping! Even if it is just for school supplies-and maybe a BD present!

Cyndi, you'll have to share the details on your car! Yes, internet buying is so much easier. Sorry to hear the kitties are having continuing frustrating. Enjoy your last FT day! New horizons lie ahead!

Karen, hmmm....what's up with teens eating veggies? lol. I hope you get all caught up and back in control food-wise.

Ok, I'd better get ready if I'm going to hit the pavement. It's a perfect bike riding day! It is sure easier when I have hours and hours in the AM lol.
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Good Morning ladies! I figure I would put a little more in than my thought for hte day today... guess I may have been a little grumpy yesterday morning! My scale isn't being kind to me lately so its time to re-evaluate my foods... and thinking of joining the gym... I am actually thinking of the Y while I am out of work since its income based ;0) Not sure how often they check after you join but I figure its worth looking into right now. I have my interview to *hopefully* be rehired this Sunday. Not really nervous now but I may be more so Sunday! Not a whole lot going on today-I'll try to get back in here later!

Hope you chickies have a great day!
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Morning all! And Happy Friday the 13th to ye!

Too much cloud cover last night here to see the meteor show.

I'm on Day 6 of no caffeine and can tell a change in moods already. The sleep's not uninterrupted (still no Advil PM either) but maybe that'll come later. Considering I've drunk and loved coffee for almost 35 years, the transition to herb tea wasn't as hard as I thought it might be. That old trick about replacing a bad habit with a good one (although drinking coffee's not a *bad* habit) appears to be working.

DH and I are headed off to a picnic at the LBJ ranch this afternoon. In our picnic basket: leftover cold steak slices, cold SB chicken fingers, veggies and french onion dip (homemade, SB), cheese and wine (cheeeeeaaat!)

Have a lovely day car buying and cat-UTI-ridding and shopping and preparing for dinner guests and trying to make the plunge on joining a gym. (<--I want, also.)

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Happy Friday!
Resignation went well, I guess - I am resigned, so successful anyway. All I've done all day is take calls from my team and managers wanting to know why I'm leaving and from my new team and manager saying welcome. Govt customer doesn't know yet, so once they hear there will be another round of calls from them. Funny thing is, I've been waiting to receive my offer via FedEx, and a little while ago my brother called to tell me it had shown up at his house. ???? That's what happens when you live in a very small town and have the same last name.

Pizza at my mom's tonight, night swim at the pool. To celebrate we are getting a bushel of crabs tomorrow, woo-hoo!! I was going to clean out the garage but would much rather pick crabs.

Happy Last Day, Cyndi!
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Mmckellen- congrats on those 5 lbs!!! You're doing great. :-D

Ruthxxx, what a sight that must have been to behold! It sounds absolutely lovely! I wish I could have seen it. :-)

Cottagebythesea, have fun shopping for school supplies! I will have to do a bit of that myself tonight. Good luck with the birthday present for your granddaughter! I bet you'll find something amazing!

CyndiM, sorry about your kitties! I hope they get well soon. Good luck with the car!

Waistingtime, lol!! I love your description of the mythical creature. Are you on vacation? Hope you are having a wonderful time.

Lexiss, I feel your pain! Insomnia here too. Good luck to us finally getting some sleep one day! Glad you did obtain some much needed sleep. Hope you have a wonderful time on your cabin retreat!

Rdw1, good luck on the interview!!! Hope you enjoy your new gym if you join. The Y's are great!

Honeysox, congratulations on your breaking an old habit and making a new. You've got some willpower! Yum, sounds like a delicious picnic day you have planned.

Schmoodle, glad your resignment went well, even though you must deal with an influx of telephone calls! Hope they dissipate as soon as possible. Have fun with the crab dinner, sounds great! Crabs are delicious little creatures. I read your post from the other day after the thread had been closed, but I wanted to thank you for your words of encouragement regarding my going back to school, I appreciate it a lot! :-D


Well chicks I'm going to be doing some school shopping tonight like Cottage! I'm thinking of going for one of those huge bags with handles that have really cute designs that Walmart usually carries, rather than a book bag. Excited for my son to finally go to daycare on Monday, because he'll learn so much and he'll get to experience playing with lots of different little kids and group activities, which will be great for his development. I will miss him while I'm at school but it will be for the best, so I can advance our future! I'm also wondering whether I'm too old to get those adorable brightly colored Lisa Frank folders and notebooks and pens.. sigh. I suppose I am. Heheh! Hope you chicks have a wonderful weekend!
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Melanie, your're never to old for cute things that you like! Get them!

Rikki, for your rehire! I love the Y-we don't have one here.

Sally, glad you are doing so well with your herb tea! I hope your picnic was fun!

I got an extra hour of spontaneous exercise today...rode to the bus, did my shopping on food and got off the bus a mile from home. We had a dog cancel at the hospital today, so I rushed home and bathed Bing and he went up and did his supervised visit. He did great! I'm going to work on dinner!

Xan-hope you had a good Friday!
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