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Working on healthy
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Default Fabulous, fun Friday

Well a girl can dream anyway Coffee is on, pull up a chair and jump in. I'm off to Wii but will be back in a bit. I'm trying Cottage's oatmeal for a fast breakfast so I have more time to visit
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Good morning Cyndi! I hope you had a good time with your Wii. I really need to look into one of those Wii Fit programs. You sound like you have so much fun on yours!

I just got back from the gym. I had to cut it short today because Connor gets off at noon on Fridays and the girls were putsy this morning so I didn't get there early enough. I only got to do the treadmill and not the elliptical. Oh well. There will be another time. We have no after school activities today, so it will be just getting through Fun Friday for homeschool (we nix the regular curriculum on Fridays and do science experiments and read math stories instead) and then Connor has to sand his pinewood derby car so it's ready to paint tonight and then race tomorrow. Kadyn has gymnastics at school today so I don't have to pick up the girls until 3:30.

I'm making the spicy beef casserole with mock cornbread for dinner tonight and I stopped at the market on the way home for zucchini and red peppers. Can't wait to see how it turns out! Of course, mine will be spicy soy-crumble casserole with mock cornbread, but I'm sure it'll be good. I'm going to make a salad and steam some corn for the sides. I know corn is a touchy one, but it doesn't seem to bother me and we eat it about once every six months.

Connor's home. Gotta make lunch!

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Come on Spring!
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Cyndi, it's OK to dream and that's a very positive title. Kara, are you talking corn on the cob? I don't think I've seen that in Europe since Columbus brought some back.

My Friday will be about as fabulous as I can make it with a long Charity Bingo to work this morning - 10:15 to around 4! I hope to pop into the quilt shop while I'm in town as I need some fabric to finish a quilt. Claire is coming in to let the doggage out for mid-day potty - what a great friend she is!

Whatever time is left will be as fabulous as I can make it. TGIF
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Hey ladies! Here's hoping we all have a fab Friday. I've got to rush off early for camp registration. I lost another pound this week. When I first got on the scale it went to "161" and I thought, OMG! But then it settled at 162.2. At least I'm still losing though.
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Be happy.
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Good morning ladies

I was dilly dallying this morning so now I'm running late. *sigh*
I didn't want to start the day without saying hello though. Hopefully I'll have a few minutes to check in again at lunch/recess.

Enjoy your Friday!
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I'm so confused as to what day it is... I saw this thread and thought it was yesterday's!

Cyndi - Fun for the day would be great!

Kara - You sound busy today - and dinner sounds great. I haven't added corn back in yet but hope to soon because I have some soup recipes that are much better with the corn in it.

Ruth - Charity bingo sounds FUN - but like a long day.

Mmc - Congrats on the pound; I have held steady all week which is a bit discouraging but I am feeling great.

Heidi - Have fun with the kiddos today.

I have my weekly mom-daughter workout. I will spend hours on the computer today; DH has convinced me to buy a new one since mine is old and could die anytime. So I need to figure out how to carry over all my stuff like bookmarks and emails. I am sooo not tech minded. Fortunately DH will do most of the other work.

I have gotten over my two-day funk and am ignoring the wet carpet and continued leak by my feet.

Not sure how I can make the day fabulous or fun, but love the idea of it

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Good Morning

Hi Cyndi, thanks for getting us started. I love the alliteration and associated comment. Yes, a girl can dream. Enjoy your Wii and I look forward to having you back.

Kara, whew, I get tired just reading your posts! I hadn't picked up yet that you are from. My take is that you can't understand the Mummers parade unless you've been there. Any idea why no brass is allowed? Have a great ?afternoon?.

Ruth, that's a long bingo day! I had a sale coupon for the fabric store and bought 3 nice patterns yesterday. One is for a reversable apron which uses 8 fat quarters. Thought it might be a way to satisfy my quilting bug with something small and functional. Have a great day!

Mmc, congrats on your WL!


Me, heading off to the grocery at 6am so I'd better get my buns in gear. We have a big event for the dog therapy group and I'm doing the food. I want to check out all the day old and they don't leave it up during the day. Every year they've purchased pizzas and I chimed in and volunteered to do something healthy. Then my usual swim and home to organize for tomorrow.

Catching up;
Pearlrose, I'm really sorry your dryer is delayed..what a hassle. Sounds like a real test of patience.
Rikki, thx for the tofu-cast iron secret. I hadn't heard that before. Did you get your crystals on?
Debbie R

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What a pleasant surprise to see that Cyndi started us up. Thanks, Chickie, and I hope you enjoy that oatmeal. It's my top favorite and I never get tired of it. I hope your dream of a Fun, Fabulous Friday comes true!

Hey there, Kara! I've been checking out a Wii, too, since Cyndi's enthusiasm has me interested in getting one. I'm saving my nickels and dimes! I may try that casserole today, too, as it would make the perfect comfort food for this cold, cloudy day.

Good morning, Ruth! Too bad you don't enjoy the bingo, but I guess it's a lot different when you're working instead of playing. I used to be a regular at bingo, and loved it. The only reason I stopped going is because the smokers made it unpleasant for me. Enjoy your stop at the fabric store!

Mmc, congratulations on your scale victory! Especially with going on vacation and all. I hope you have a fabulous and stess-free Friday!

Whoops, Debbie! You snuck in just as I was finished posting this! I didn't know about the Mummers not allowing brass, but I think they just want to keep it an all-string band. A holiday isn't complete around here without watching the Mummer's Parade! Enjoy the event today, and I know you'll contribute some healthy food for it.

Morning Heidi and Waistingtime!

I expected to see snow and freezing rain this morning, but so far we're dry. I'm sure the early morning commuters appreciate it. My weekend starts this morning, and I know it's going to be a Fun and Fabulous Friday for me.

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Good morning chicks!

Thanks, Cyndi, for getting us started. Hope you enjoyed the Wii! (and hope your title rings true!)

Kara - you reminded me that I wanted to cut back on meat. This week has been SO crazy! Of course, reading your post, I think you know what I mean!!

Ruth - have fun at Bingo!

MMCK - congrats on the next pound! I lost 1/2 - 1 1/2 lbs a week. But, I ate WAY too many cashews, and I believe really increased muscle mass with running. So, I was happy with that!

Heidi - have a great day!

Karen- have fun with the mom daughter workout! My DD thinks it's fun to do Wii Yoga with me...very cute. SHe's so serious about it!

Lexiss - wow. grocery shopping at 6 am. At least it's not crowded, right? Good for you for bringing something healthy!

All the rest to follow - hope you have a fabulous Friday!

Me - well, work was busy, but nothing exciting...grateful for that. However. The evening...can be dismissed from my memory. I was getting something out of our fridge (in the new kitchen!), and I saw something fall from the top. It didn't register initially what it was, then I yelled, "oh my god"...my D, D, D, DH hadn't moved his FULL PAINT CAN on top of the fridge...and it was now ALL OVER my BRAND NEW (that's 8 days y'all) floor. I about cried. And we have a floating floor, so while pulling out the fridge, he tore the new floor.

I think I was good by telling him I was mad, just not mad at him, it was an accident. I am, however, going to chew the flooring guys ear off today!

Sorry, that was a vent!!

SO, hopefully today will be a better day. If it's not nasty out, I'll get an outdoor run in before going to work. Need to paint the pantry shelves (oops, suddenly we're out of primer...), and get some errands done too. I did tell my husband I wanted just a wee bit of time to myself today too, since the week has been so crazy!!)
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Twynn, what an awful "accident"! I hope your floor will clean up as good as new again after that! I bet your DH is more than happy to give you some "me" time today, since you didn't bite his head off!
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Visualizing the Goal
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Ruth, it's frozen from the commissary. I refuse to eat corn on the cob unless it's from New Jersey. New Jersey makes the best corn. I'm not biased or anything.

Mmckellen, congrats on the pound! A pound down is a pound down!!!

Heidi, hope your day goes well!

Karen, I'm glad your funk is over. I got on the scale to see it hasn't moved at all in three days and it made me grumpy, but then I realized I am a good maintainer and that made me happy!

Debbie, I think it has something to do with a play that has the line "All silver and no brass". Maybe Linda has a better explanation?

Linda, I had oatmeal for dinner last night. It was yummy!

OH TAMMY! I feel so badly about what happened with your floor last night! I hope it can be cleaned up easily!

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Thanks for starting us up, Cyndi! I hope you have a fun and fabulous Friday!

We love our Wii Fit, Kara (and Cottage), although we don't use it as often as Cyndi does. I do try to get on there enough to track my progress, though. I can't wait to hear how the derby goes!

I'm sure you'll make the best of the long bingo session today, Ruth. I hope it goes by quickly and that you can get on with a great weekend.

Congrats on the loss Mmckellan. Sorry your scale was such a tease, though.

Hi, Heidi! I hope you get caught up with your day!

I'm glad you're out of your funk, WaistingTime. Shopping for a new computer will be a lot of fun. I can't wait until we're ready for an upgrade. Enjoy your mother-daughter workout!

The grocery store at 6 am must be so quiet and peaceful, Debbie. Ours doesn't open until 7, but I've only ventured there that early once and only because DH was sick. Hope you found plenty of day-old options!

Enjoy your 3-day weekend, Cottage!!

Twynn: OH NO!! I hope everything comes up alright! What a stressful thing to have happen...and you were so close to finishing! You'll have to take that "me" time by force if it doesn't just "happen". You need a break!!

Well, we were up a little earlier than usual today, so I think it's going to be an early Friday night for us. A big wind storm came through at about 2am and it caused these chains outside one of the windows (the hold the evaporative cooler up), came loose and started clanking around the side of the house. It was annoying, to say the least, so by 5:15, DH was outside re-securing them and we were all up and at'em. Coffee was made and happily consumed this morning. I'll consider it a weekend treat.

There isn't much going on the home-front, but work is CRAZY!! The state legislature changed all sorts of rules that have to do with my job, so I'm scrambling a bit to get that done and keep on top of my girls to get their things done. It's good, because we're all busy, but it is a bit stressful knowing our "district score" is pretty much riding on my shoulders. Oh well, after the middle of February I won't have to worry about any of it until June.

Well, I'm off to get a shower so I'm out of DH's way. Man, we're so off schedule this morning! See everyone later!

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Good morning everyone! Thank god it's Friday. =)

I'm about to head out the door to the dentist's office-- have to say its the first time I've really ever been excited to see him! Today I end my 8 year dental journey and I'm so excited! I'm genetically missing my two front laterals and it took A LOT of braces to get enough space for implants (why does everyone always think I'm talking about my boobies when I say implants?!) and today I'm getting crowns and veneers on other 4 of my front 6.

I'll be able to smile!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day, especially you Twynn! I hope the floor comes out beautiful with minimal harassment of the floor guys.

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TGIF beachers! I get such a late start to the day compared to most of you, I think I need to switch my hours at work so I can get on here earlier

Those of you with the Wii fit.. what is your favorite routines ? I just purchased one a few days ago so I'm just starting out, I love the hula hoop
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My family got a Wii fit plus for Christmas and I love the routine I created for myself under "My Routine" which is a mix of the yoga and strength training moves. I also LOVE super Hoola Hoop... and I love it when you get to the advanced one and you have to do it for a longer duration going right and left-- my high score is a little less than 2000. Hehe. I also love the bicycle game!
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