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Come on Spring!
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Default Tuesday Twitterings

Good morning! Looks like a sunny but cold day is unfolding. It seems we are going to miss the snow the "southerners" are getting. I guess we've suffered enough with our record-breaking deep freeze during January.

Today is get-it-together day for me. I've been procrastinating too much - the Christmas stuff is still in the hall upstairs and I'm way behind on laundry. It may be that I have too many clothes - 43 pair of undies at last count! The Doggage need me to focus on the Bark Busters training too. Not much got done yesterday as I didn't get home from my morning class until nearly 3 PM.

How does your Tuesday look?
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Default Tuesday's Twitterings

There's a fresh new coat of snow to greet us this morning. I guess yesterday's melting was just a tease, and Phil did promise 6 more weeks of winter!

I have most of the morning off since I'm keeping the girls tonight. I just may stay over if they get in too late. I think I'll take advantage of my morning by cleaning the house and giving the kitchen floor a good scrubbing. That's been getting shoved to the bottom of my to-do list, and it's time to face up to it.

So how is everyone spending their day?
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Working on healthy
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Good morning early Chicks I'm still not quite sure if I'm coming or going this morning. I'm supposed to have a meeting tonight (rescheduled from storm day last week) but now they are thinking about rescheduling again because half the participants are coming over the mountains and it might be dicey for them. It's been one of those winters.

Ruth - You are well prepared for being snowed in. It's good to have enough undies

Cottage - When you're done with your house want to stop by here??

For those who take the scale too seriously - yesterday I ate a totally obscene piece of flourless chocolate cake. Today I dropped 2 lbs. If I took the scale seriously I'd be writing my sure to be best seller right now!

Now to try to figure out what I'm doing today!
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Come on Spring!
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I just made a long and very comprehensive list and have completely intimidated myself!

Cottage, I looked at the front of my stove in the sunlight yesterday and really need to clean it! Spatters really show on a black stove and it seems to be one of the spots that Donna doesn't see.

Cyndi, yes, lots of clean underwear is really important. It certainly has been "one of those winters"! Somehow I think this is what winter used to be in the olden days - we've just become used to more moderate weather.

Now to break down my list into realistic and attainable goals.
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Morning Ladies (afternoon here)

Stoppin through on my lunch break!

Ruth-You can NEVER have too many...i think I have over 50. I actually have to stop myself from buying more. Good luck with your list!

Cottage-after cyndi's house, you could book yourself over to Scotland for a shuffle around my flat, if you like!

Cyndi-the scale is a funny thing. i go to the one in the local leisure centre near my house. I refuse to have one in the house otherwise, I'd never be off of it!

As for me. We got our snow yesterday. Apparently the snow and wind came all the way from Russia. (From russia with love, rofl )

I had a stressfull off plan day yesterday. My FIL was admitted back into hospital after a bad weekend. He recently had a triple bypass and has been re-coup'ing in the house...however he seems to have developed a bad infection, had a reaction to all the meds they have him on and has been re-admitted for a ten day stay. Thank goodness for the National Health Service! So between back and forth, worrying about FIL and MIL we ended up getting chips (french fries) from the chippy. I'm drawing a line under it and moving on with the rest of the week on plan.

TTFN (ta ta for now) and for all the gals on the beach
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My inspiration!
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Good morning! Well, luckily everyone slept last night, which is a huge treat for me! So, it is off to work we go! I have a busy day (as usual), and Natalie's next to me drawing pictures. Gracie is still sleeping!

I am taking a stress management class through work this month. To be honest, since having my second child, starting a new job, and working full time, my stress has been through the roof! And I really need to learn to better manage it all! Luckily, they've started this class -- on Tuesdays of this month, and I get it for free! So, I will be looking forward to it today. I hear the woman who is teaching is really great.

I started my antibiodic yesterday but I am still a little worried about this lymph node. The doctor said if the meds don't take care of it they'll have to do a cat scan or mri to look at it further. But, I am sure it must just be an infection!

OK, I think the coffee is ready!

Back a bit later!
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Good Morning, Friends,

Birmingham Bill (our groundhog) said that we will be having an early spring. We generally have early springs, especially compaired to you guys! Last week, 'they' said we would have snow yesteday and today. They changed their minds. We're just having cold -- high today about 40*.

Ruth, I like too many unders and socks. Good luck with your list today.

Cottage, Scrubbing the kitchen floor is on the bottom of my list, too. Down there with cleaning out the bottom of the trashcan. ewwww!

Cyndi, Those cake calories probably revved your metabolism for a few minutes. 2 pounds. You have to take it where you get it!

Jenny, I'm sorry about your FIL. I hope he's feeling better soon.

You all have a great day!
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Good morning all!! Happy Tuesday!

Ruth - 42 pairs?!?!?!? I'm all for being prepared, but that's crazy! Hope you're able to see all of the items on your list separately and can conquer them individually! Good luck!

Cottage - I seem to put off cleaning the floors as well. It's not like they're huge, and it take hours. It's just my least favorite chore. Hope your floors are sparkling when you're finished.

Cyndi - I love how you shrug off the rescheduling as "just part of winter". It's a concept I know nothing of. Hopefully everything will fall into place.

Jenny - Good for seeing what happened yesterday as a slip, but not a failure, and getting back up on it again! I hope your FIL gets better soon.

Nat'smom - I hope the class is helping. I can't imagine tackling everything you're tackling in one swoop. Good luck to you!

Chelby - Stay warm!!!

Me - Last night was lots of fun at the Ronald McDonald house. It felt really good to do something nice! I was exhausted when I got home, but I willed myself to get my food ready for today. I'm really pleased with that. I could have coped out, but I got it done and I'm looking forward to it today!
Tonight should be steady. There's lots of tv to be watched and I've got laundry that needs to be done. It's supposed to start raining again this week, so I want to get the clothes done and dry so I don't have to shelp them down to the machines in the rain.
Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!!! BLESSINGS!
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Hi Ruth! I also am spending the morning doing laundry! My second load is in while I relax and do some reading. I managed to walk the dogs yesterday and am in pain. I need to leash train cody! the problem is when Jade is with us he follows her, and pulls.. when she's not with us he follows me, and doesn't pull. I suppose I could walk them separately but that would take the fun out of watching them frolic in the fields ... chasing one another! It's so awesome to watch!

Cottage! I also need to scrub the kitchen floor, and run the steam cleaner! But later this week they are calling for possible rain! should I bother till after the rain to shampoo the carpets? Probably will! That cleaner solution is expensive! $20 a bottle! YIKES! Good thing I only need to use a little of it each time! Have fun with the girlies tonight!

Cyndi, you must of done something to counter that gorging! But then again, I often find the scales take two days to catch up to my bad or good eating/exercise! I'm learning to not weigh myself everyday, but once a week. Which is huge on my part! Your right, it's been a winter! I'd rather deal with cold than snow when traveling though. But Praise be to God we now have cars with heat/a.c.. rather than horse drawn buggies that had neither!

(((Jenny))) sorry to hear about your MIL and FIL! Please keep us posted about your FIL's condition! And your right, just get right back on track today with the eating plans and don't get discouraged about yesterday! Thats the beauty of SBD, just get back on where you left off!

Nataliesmom! the best destressor in the world is a good brisk walk outdoors! . seriously, exercise is the best! I know your pain with the schedule and the stress level and it's awesome you have the opportunity to take the class... gl with that!

Chelby! Good for you for having an early spring! but then, your winter is like our fall!

Heather! volunteering is one of the best things going! I'm pleased to announce that my son made arrangements to volunteer for the special olympics this saturday, and got most his friends involved as well! How cool is that? have fun with the laundry!

Me: lazying around more than I'd like this past weekend and yesterday. Though I did get the pups out for a walk yesterday thats ALL I can say I did! Today I have my second load of laundry in and some reading done, more to do. But I need to get out to run some errands hopefully today if not definitely tomorrow. I'm still waiting on my interest from my student loan before filing my taxes. I have a long list of to do's while I'm out of work. Including looking for work! Kodak laid off last week 1600 people locally, on top of record breaking unemployment ratings, it's going to be tough!

At least the sun is shinning!
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Good morning, everyone. I'm feeling a lot better today, although I did wake up with a headache again. Drinking 16 oz. of water quickly took care of it. It seems crazy with me getting around 80 oz. of H2O a day, but I apparently need more. I'm thinking about cutting out my morning coffee tomorrow to see if that helps at all.

Ruth: 43 pairs is a lot, but I will probably be the queen of undie-buying when I get to goal. I'm on the same page as you with my procrastination this week. I'm going to sit down at lunch and make a list of what needs to be done. I hope the doggies have a great lesson today!

Cottage: I need my floors scrubbed when you get done with everyone else's, please. I hope you're having a nice morning off!

Cyndi: Mmmmmm....cake. I need to find a not-too-bad dessert for DH and I for Valentine's. Maybe I'll go with that. I hope you have a nice work day and find out the status of your meeting soon.

elusivekoolaid: Sorry to hear about your FIL, but it sounds like the doctors have things under control. Please keep us updated and we'll send some happy thoughts your way in the meantime. Great job getting past the chips...just forgetting it and moving on is typically the best choice!

Natalie'sMom: What a blessing it is that you got a good night's sleep! Enjoy your class today; that sounds like something several people in my office (including myself) could use. I hope the meds take care of your lymph node!

Chelby: I usually like the winter, but I wouldn't mind an early spring this year. Our gas bill has been through the roof! We had to switch to electric heaters in the bedrooms. I hope you're having a pleasant morning!

Heather: Bless you for your work at the Ronald McDonald house. It is such a great organization and I know MANY families that have benefited from it's existence. I hope there's no rainy laundry schlepping for you! I remember the days of the laundry room being in an outside storage room attached to our old house...I HATED that thing!

Me: Just the usual here. I have A LOT that needs to be done and find it hard to get it done. I get home at 5, workout until between 6 and 6:30, then we have dinner, then dishes, and by that time, I just don't seem to care that the sheets I washed the other day aren't put away yet. I need to buckle down and get used to this new schedule with longer workouts so that my house doesn't completely fall apart! (I can't imagine how you ladies with kiddos have time for it all! )

ETA: Good morning, Lori! I hope you have a nice day and get done what you need to! Sending good thoughts your way for the job situation!

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Kim, if you cut the caffeine out in the morning your sure to get a headache! . Proven fact! I used to get terrible headaches. The change of diet seems to have helped with that, as well as getting out of stressful work situations (the place I was at for 8 years).

Me... I forgot to mention... according to the BMI charts, I'm no longer obese, but overweight! ok, the mornings I weigh in at 169 that is. This morning was 170.5 which puts me at obese! But, I'm right there! I think I'll celebrate!
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morning, girls! Just a second available in between tasks -- things are slowly starting to get uncluttered.
DH pressed something on his phone yesterday and now it won't make or receive calls. I guess I'll be making a trip to AT&T today.

Have a great day, girls -- off to prep dinner and throw some dishes in the dishwasher.
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Ruth-LOL at the laundry! My kids have way to many clothes so I haven't been washing them for almost a month and making them wear everything! I'm finally washing today luckily their clothes are small so only 2 big loads a peice.

Cottage- Will you do my floors and be my nanny?

Cyn- same thing happens to me, good day= scale up cheat day= down. I guess a treat is good for us every now and then.

Jenny- sorry about FIL keep us posted.

Nat's Mom- I need a stress class too!

Chelby- It's chilly here today!

Heather- I feel guilty how much pleasure I get from volunteering! I wish we had a RM house here.

Lori- how old is your son? he sounds like a gem!

Kim- hope you can get it figured out!

Me: I guess I must admit I do have a cold, I think I am cleaning out my med. cabinet by ingesting it all! Sore Throat and Cough, I'll make it though.
I'm trying to be good today because I'm going to a pampered chef party, the hostess is dieting though so she's usually good about making healthy food for parties.
I'm trying to wean off my Zoloft I think it's affecting my weight loss and I'm exercising regularly so that helps with depression. I'm home today with the kidlets until the party at 6pm. I'm doing some light cleaning, I think after hunting season is over we'll have a spring cleaning weekend.
I went by the cosmetology school yesterday, I think I may get my hair done there. 4$ hair cut!
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Morning all!

Going to go to Trader Joe's tomorrow -- let DW take the car this morning. So I am playing couch potato (though I did do a load of dishes).

Have a good one all!
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Jenne, what is DW?
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