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Default Prepare Yourself to Start South Beach

Does anyone have suggestions how to preapare yourself before going on South Beach. By that I mean suggestions on planning, stocking, etc. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help.
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to The Beach!

Be sure to buy and read the book.
Check out the Phase I Food List and other hints in the FAQ Section here.
Get rid of all temptations before you start.
Check out the Phase I thread in here for ideas for menus.
Stick around and post.
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What helped for me was to put *my* food in one cupboard and my hubby's food in another cabinet. I also put *my* food on one side of the fridge and his food on another. I organized the pantry so that the shelves at eye level were *mine*. This way, any time I opened a cupboard, the fridge or the pantry, I wasn't looking at food that I couldn't eat. This won't work for everybody, but it helped me.
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I read the book and then I keep a written journal of measurements, weigh ins and recipes I've tried. I also keep a spreadsheet of my meals and each week I plan meals (breakfast lunch and dinner) around what I have in and any recipes I'm going to attempt. Then I make a shopping list by grocery aisle. This way I don't even go near the naughty aisles!

Posting with the chix also improves my success rate. Good Luck, chick!

Good Luck
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when i started, i planned out 2 weeks worth of meals (used the sb online website) then went grocery shopping. after the first month, i had the hang of it and didn't so much need to plan so far in advance.
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What a great idea for a thread, BKStitch!

I highly second what many of the other chicks have said. Here are the things I did that really helped:
  • Read the book (if you can't afford a copy, check out your local library--they are bound to have it or be able to request it for you from another library in their system)
  • Read our FAQ's, especially the updated lists of Foods to Enjoy and Foods to Avoid, as they've changed a lot since the first book was written.
  • One thing that helped me was eating the things I liked a lot and knew I would miss. I can't recommend it to everyone, but it worked for me. I had a two week "binge," in that I ate whatever looked good to me, and I went at least a year before I mentally craved any of that stuff--I could still remember how it tasted and how sick I felt after eating it.
  • Get rid of anything in your house that isn't Phase 1 or 2 safe for SBD. I can't stress this one enough. Eventually, I was able to bring some things back into the house, like sugar (for baking for friends or for friends' coffee when they come over) and cookies (for DH's lunches), but it took a couple of years. There are some things that can never be in my house because I just can't avoid them. Getting rid of everything was cathartic for me and helped me get through those times when I was really yearning to eat off plan. I didn't have the option, because nothing in the house was off plan.
  • Tell everyone you know that you're doing SBD and that this is a change for life, not just a short-term diet. Get their support and help. Tell them what you need from them so they don't do things that make you feel bad (like ask, "Are you really supposed to be eating that???"). Knowing that everyone knows will really help keep you on track and will make them more supportive.
  • Let your family know what you need from them to support you on this journey. If your family isn't eating healthy, this is a great chance to get them moving in that direction, too. If your DH or kids eat things that you crave, but you feel you have to keep them in the house for them, consider ways to change that thinking. If they really need that food (and I'd have to question that...), they can get it outside of the house. If they love you, I'm sure they'd rather see you healthy and happy than eat their treats in front of you. I realize some people aren't able to do this. If you're one of them, just do your best to take baby steps in the right direction. Lentilbean's idea is a great compromise. I've heard of people whose spouses kept their treats in a locked box in the basement, in the trunk of their car, or who gave them to the neighbors so the kids could go over and eat them there. Do what works for you and your family, but don't think that willpower is the only tool in your arsenal. Out of sight, out of mind works just as well, if not better.
  • Sit down and think about what things might trip you up and how you can deal with them. Do you have a coworker that makes baked goods each week and puts them on your desk? How can you cut her off at the pass? Do you work in a bakery? Work night shift and find it hard to eat healthy? Are you busy and find it hard to make meals? Figure out your barriers and how you can change things to push them out of the way.
  • Set a good time to start Phase 1. Don't start it during your birthday, your family's big reunion, Thanksgiving, your daughter's wedding, etc. Set yourself up for success!
  • Plan on staying home to eat throughout Phase 1. It's very, very difficult to do a clean P1 while eating out. It's not impossible, but your life will be SO much easier (and you can eat much, much yummier things if you make them at home) if you stay home during P1.
  • Stock your home (and pantry) with P1 and P2-safe foods. If you find that the P2 foods are too tempting, don't buy them until after P1.
  • If you're not currently exercising, using P1 as a time to investigate exercise options you can start in P2.
  • Plan on eating lowfat (LF) and fat-free (FF) dairy, beans, bell peppers, and tomatoes in Phase 1 to avoid the "Phase 1 Flu" (the symptoms of detoxing from sugar).
  • Post here so we can help and encourage you!

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* Get rid of all "Non SBD" foods before you start.
* Have emergency "quick fix" foods on hand for those days you're too tired to cook or don't have time to cook. I usually freeze some soups, grilled meats, and have a few frozen veggies on hand.
* Beans and nuts are your friends.
* If you feel the urge to eat something, make sure you're eating because you're hungry and not because of some other reason (stress, depression, boredom, etc.).
* Brush your teeth before bed. This helps me with late night snacking.
* If you just have to have that snack/second helping/whatever, try to make yourself wait fifteen minutes before eating it.
* Discover marinades and spices. They keep food interesting and good tasting.
* (For those who exercise) - if you have a day where you don't want to go, tell yourself to just do fifteen minutes. I do this, and I ALWAYS do more than fifteen minutes.
* Get enough sleep. If I'm tired, that leads me to bad choices foodwise and keeps me from exercising.
* Trader Joes and Whole foods. My two favorite stores.
* Laughing cow cheese. MMMMMM.
* Don't starve yourself. If you're hungry, eat a snack (which is where nuts, laughing cow, celery sticks, cucumber slices, etc. all come in). Your meals during the day may not look like breakfast - snack - lunch - snack - dinner - snack - AND THAT'S OKAY, especially if you're within the daily allowances.
* If you don't eat eggs, eat "other stuff" for breakfast. I've been known to eat chili, pinto beans, cabbage, spaghetti squash, and other "weird" stuff for breakfast.

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Thanks for all of the input girls. I have done South Beach before and had great luck. I bought the new book and am reading it now. I like the idea to stay home and eat to get a clean phase 1. I have a few meetings next week so then after that I have nothing for almost three weeks. I am planning on getting the book read and making out menus for myself and start on the 23rd.
The main problem I have is cooking for myself. Does anyone else have to cook for themselves?
Thanks again girls, I will start posting on the 23rd. I will also let you know what I have done to get ready for this new way of eating.
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Bkstitch, I cook for myself so feel free to "brainpick" from me. I usually cook and freeze extra meals in my "stash".
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i cook for myself to. i find the best thing that helps me is ziploc steamer can take chicken breast, shrimp, fish...right out of the freezer throw it in the bag add veggies and in 10 minutes your done.
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How do you deal with an unhealthy eater for a co-worker that you share an office with?
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Originally Posted by cbrown27 View Post
How do you deal with an unhealthy eater for a co-worker that you share an office with?
Don't eat her food.
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Originally Posted by AnAbsoluteDiva View Post
Don't eat her food.
Ha, ha! I work with about 15 other gals every day that eat like crap! I am no longer tempted by what they eat because I know how unhealthy their food is & how good I feel. I always take my meals & plan ahead for food emergencies.
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And no matter not mess up in P1. If you have to mess up then do that in P2. The faster we get in and out of P1 the better. Those two weeks are tough on some of us, but it is the prerequisite you must take and pass in order to ensure you are successful in P1.5 or P2. Never give up!
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I just joined this community - thank you - and have a quick question. I did phase 1 already with just a couple beers sneaking in as cheating. I lost a couple pounds. When I went from phase 1 to phase 2 I got off track and have stumbled the last 4-5 days with being on and off plan. I am losing motivation.

Should I start phase 1 again to get back on track??

Thank you!!!
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