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Most suggest a clean Phase I (the whole two weeks). Sounds like the cheats may be your problem. Sorry, I would start over. Dr. A says beer is a no-no.
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Thank you for the response. Beer really is my biggest setback when dieting. I know it's sad - but I love my beer! I just ordered the book and the dining out guide, so I hope that helps me as I re-prepare for Phase 1!
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I can do this!
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Default Preparing Your Kitchen for Phase 1

Here are some tips from today's Daily Dish on preparing your kitchen for Phase 1 that I thought were helpful in this thread:

Stocking Up Your Kitchen

The journey of reaching your weight-loss goals starts in the kitchen. Taking stock of the foods that you will be cooking and eating as you follow the South Beach Diet is a good way to improve your results. This means removing certain foods altogether. To help you get started (or to serve as a reminder), we’ve created this checklist of foods that should be eliminated for Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet. Most of these foods can be reintroduced two weeks later, once you enter Phase 2. Learn how to create a healthy kitchen with this easy Phase 1 cheat sheet:

Foods to Avoid in Phase 1

Baked goods: Breads (even those made with whole-wheat flour), cakes, cookies, crackers, cupcakes, muffins, pastries, and waffles

Beverages: All fruit juices, sodas, and any other drinks containing sugar, fructose, or corn syrup, as well as all alcoholic beverages

Cereals: All varieties of cereals

Condiments, dressings, and seasonings: Barbecue sauce, honey mustard, ketchup, and any other condiment, sauce, or salad dressing made with corn syrup, molasses, or sugar

Dairy and cheese: Whole milk; cheeses made with anything but 1% milk, part-skim, or fat-free milk; creamy cheeses except for low-fat cottage cheese

Flour: All cornmeal and flour, including pancake and waffle mixes

Fruit: All fruit and fruit products, including dried fruits

Meat and poultry: Anything processed using sugars (honey-baked or maple-cured ham, for instance); fatty fowl such as duck and goose; pate; dark-meat chicken and turkey (legs and wings); processed fowl (such as packaged chicken nuggets or patties); beef brisket, liver, rib steaks, and other fatty cuts

Oils and fats: All solid vegetable shortening or lard, butter, and hydrogenated oils

Pasta: All pasta, even whole wheat

Rice: All rice, even brown

Snacks: All packaged snacks are off-limits, both sweet and salty varieties, except for one-ounce packages of dry-roasted nuts

Soup: All powdered soup mixes (many are full of trans fats)

Sweeteners: All sweeteners, except sugar substitutes

Vegetables (starchy): Beets, carrots, corn, green peas, sweet and white potatoes, pumpkin, turnips (root), winter squash, and yams
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Default phase I

For the first phase, can't I have unlimited veggis. I do have the book but I didn't read front to back. I thought you don't have to count calories or weigh your food.
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gfallo, you don't have to weigh your food or count calories on the SBD, and you should be eating at least 4 1/2 cups of approved vegetables every day.

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Come on Spring!
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And please, PLEASE read the book thoroughly. It's very important. You should also check the Phase I Food List in this Forum which will save a lot of confusion.
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ending 7+ years of yoyo
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Default Make a shopping list of minimum things to have on hand

I found this thread incredibly helpful when I went back to South Beach at the end of January (2010).

This year, I have struggled with being away from my own home, being on the road, being in other people's spaces with lots of temptations. I sat down recently now that my life has (hopefully) calmed down a bit and tried to figure out what is the minimum I need to have on hand at all times to do what I consider a good job of eating by South Beach principles. There of lots of OTHER foods that I include sporadically but I am getting the basics down so I don't ever have an excuse for not eating well. It helps me to not get bogged down with all the things I COULD eat, but just the minimum I want to have on hand. It also helps with simplifying my shopping - I can always add stuff on, but a good place to start is to keep up with the basics.

Anyway, I don't know if anyone else operates this way, but it helps me to have a manageable, specific list of what I CAN have rather than what I have to AVOID - if I have this stuff on hand (of course with the other stuff gone) I have no excuses.

I am posting my list in hopes it helps anyone else who is just beginning to formulate their own list. I limited it to 40 items total. Like I said, there are lots more things that could be added but I tried to keep it simple. I didn't include the really basic staples like spices, onion/garlic, oils & vinegars, lemon juice, etc etc ...

Happy Beaching!!

[NOTE: I am mostly veggie, but try to incorporate more fish in my diet.]


1. Tea
2. Nuts, any kind, but especially almonds and walnuts
3. Peanut butter, natural
4. Tahini (to make hummus) or prepared hummus
Proteins (& dairy):
5. Tofu/tempeh
6. Eggs
7. Veggie sausage
8. Frozen fish: tuna steaks and/or salmon fillets
9. Shrimp, frozen
10. Canned tuna and/or salmon
11. Skim/lowfat milk or unsweetened soymilk
12. Cottage cheese, lowfat/nonfat
13. Parmesan cheese, shredded
14. Cheddar cheese, lowfat
15. Mozzarella cheese, fresh and/or mozzarella cheese sticks
16. Greek yogurt, fat free
17. Vegetable juice
18. Cucumbers
19. Tomatoes
20. Broccoli
21. Cauliflower
22. Cabbage
23. Celery
24. Red/orange Bell peppers
25. Green leaf/Romaine lettuce
26. Radishes
27. Green onion
28. Spinach, fresh and/or frozen
29. Edamame, frozen
30. Pinto beans
31. Refried beans
32. Garbanzo beans, canned – for salads and for making hummus

Phase 2 additions
33. Carrots
34. Sweet potatoes
35. Berries (especially blueberries), fresh and/or frozen
36. Other fruits, a selection of oranges/kiwis/apples/pears
37. Quinoa
38. Brown rice
39. Steel-cut oats
And the bonus:
40. Dark chocolate
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YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Welcome . . . come over to the daily chat threads and the daily meal posting . . . makes things MUCH more fun!

Be well -
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Just remember how much healthier you are becoming each day!!!
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I wanted to see what this looks like tomorrow is my first day of the south beach diet...I don't even own a scale I just want to shrink and loose those damn carb cravings how do I get one of those little scale thingys
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What type is scale are you referring to? Most stores with a housewares section sell scales to measure food. Personally I don't measure anything I eat. Check in often it helps a Good luck
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jesscar - you have to have a certain number of posts in order to get the ticker...
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One thing I found useful was shortly after I started SB I bought a Collected Recipes cookbook. It is essentially a 3 ring binder with pages like the photo albums of my youth: a sticky page with a plastic protector sheet. There were also pages for conventional recipe cards available and of course, dividers. Whenever I print or hand copy a recipe it goes in there, either on cards, hole-punched, or on whatever scrap of paper I used. That way I have my favorite recipes in 1 spot.
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