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Default Yasmin Vs. OTC

Hey there girls.
Im a newbie to PCOS. I started working out and seeing a Nutrionist. I have an appointment with an Endocrinologist in October. Until then, my Dr has put me on BC. To make a long story short....I started out with a prescription for OTC. I couldnt take it because I hadnt started my next cycle yet. I ended up being really dis-satisfied with the OBGYN that I was seeing. When I went to see my PCP, I told her al the problems, and she suggested not taking OTC but Yasmin instead and gave me a free sample. Ive read bunches of opions and talked to numerous people who are on the Pill. Most seem to lean towards Yasmin. MY OBGYN (the one I fired...) said she doesnt promote Yasmin due to the fact that it was pulled off the market in Europe for causing blood clots.) My PCP's opinion on that was, all BC pills have the risk of side effects, but she recommens Yasmin for someone with PCP since its been having great effects on people.

Since this seems like "the place" for discussing PCOS, Im looking for some opinons.

Thanks so Much!

Molly - Another PCOS'er
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Hi Molly! I don't know much about Yasmin, but I have a question about the OTC. Are you referring to Ortho Tri Cyclin? Not sure of the spelling, but if it is it, then you do NOT want to take that. Maybe Yasmin has problems in Europe, but the Triphasal pills will cause more harm than good for PCOS, so you still did the right thing by firing your doc! She doesn't know enough about PCOS if she is giving you Triphasal pills.

I have heard basically only good things about Yasmin, but I haven't researched for side effects.
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Default My thoughts on Yasmin

Yasmin with exercise has worked really well for me.
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I haven't heard about the studies in Europe, but I have taken bcp off and on for 12 years. If you read the insert, each brand has a warning about blood clots, so it isn't like this only happens with Yasmin.

My doctor put me on Yasmin two months ago, and it's really been a huge help to me already. I take it along with vitamins (women's multi vitamin, chromiun, vitamins C and E), and I low carb. This is the first time I've had normal cycles in who knows how long, I still have facial hair, but I've noticed the peach fuzz isn't nearly as bad. Still have the dark ones though, which I pluck. The best part is that I have lost about 15 pounds and have tons more energy.

I have had a few side effects though. The first two weeks of taking it, I was very, very nauseous, but taking Emetrol helped with that some. (Some people don't know what Emetrol is. It's a sugary liquid sold over the counter to combat nausea). I did have a really bad case of acne for a few weeks, but that is beginning to die down. Also, I had a headche throughout my period, but I get those with all bcps, so that may just be me.

Even with the side effects, the good has far outweighed the bad for me.
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