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Default Dukan?

Hi all

Anyone here doing Dukan? I started it 2 weeks ago and the first 9 days I lost 9 pounds but since then the wightloss has completely stopped! I havent gone up or down (even by 100g). Of course it is just before my t.o.m which I normally gain like 5 kilos, so I guess the fact that I havent gain means I should be grateful and I am reserving worry for after, if I am still not losing. My size though is perceptibly changed though and ppl are commenting on it.

Is anyone here tried Dukan. How are you finding it? For the cruise phase I am opting for 5 days protein and 5 days protein and vegies. Has anyone tried alternating the protein with a day of vegatables? Not sure which is the better way to go and also worry about getting bored.

I am such a sugar addict and so far its been easy but the cravings are starting and I worry about temptation! How do you deal with temptation?

Look forward to hearing from all fellow dukans and non-dukans
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hello mascara, I am on the dukan diet....the rapid weight loss slows down significantly after the attack phase. Stick to it, as you can see from my weightloss journey it still comes off week by week. I would say I've been averaging a pound a week (that's on my 'good girl' weeks) I had plateaus and moments of frustration, I still have them but i'm still moving along.

To help my intense sugar cravings in the beginning, I bought sugar free candies and no sugar added desserts. Not all of them are technically "dukan approved", some of them are just plain "wrong!" but they helped wean me off my old habits, to where now I don't buy or eat that much of it on a daily basis. I needed training wheels and this was what worked for me.

Jello Sugar free puddings/mousses:
Dark chocolate
Milk chocolate
Caramel Cream
Boston Cream pie, etc etc

Russel stovers sugar free chocolate
Dark chocolate bar
Milk chocolate bar
Caramel Crisps
Coconut/chocolate candies
Toffee bars
Mint discs

Life savers sugar free candy (30 calories per piece)
Classic, Sorbet

York Peppermint Patties - Sugar free
Hersehey chocolates dark chocolate, caramel/chocolate

Sweet & Low sugar free hard candies
Blueberry/acai berry

To name a few.

Also at Trader joe's I buy their delicious NON FAT PLAIN YOGURT ICECREAM WHICH IS DELICIOUS (it has a small amount of added sugar so i eat it sparingly on those days when I'm really spazzing out)

Whole Foods has Sugar free/Dairy Free fudge bars as well. they come 3 in a box

Keep in touch I'd love to know how you're doing as u go....

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Hi Chouchoubou, I am so excited to find someone else who is doing Dukan!!

Ive lost 12 pounds by this morning and am pretty chuffed. Mainly because it always takes me ages to lose weight and I think ive tried every diet under the sun!! I have chosen to do the 5 days protein and veg and 5 days pure protein. I actually find it easier but I really worry about the vegetable days. Which way do you do it? i am thinking when I get a bit tired of it,I will switch to one day protein veg, one day protein.

I dont eat anything that tastes sweet, even if its fake sweet. I actually found that it makes me crave sweets more and thats my weakness. I even stopped drinking diet coke...I do cheat though.. with full fat cheese. I know its suppose to be a no no but I thought its not like i eat killos of the thing. Also when I crave sweets, I eat cheese and I find it really really helps.

Do you feel tired though? I feel so exhausted by the end of the day, when I take the dogs for walk, they mostly drag me behind them. I find my energy level is really going down and I am not sure why that is. Ive started to take vitaming tablets now, to see if that will make a difference.

Will update you with progress and please do the same.
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Post new to this site, and I'm a dukan diva with diet fever!!!

Hi girls

I too am on the Dukan . Today is day one of week 5.
EASY PEASY. I did 10 days of attack and lost 12lb.
i have since then continued to loose, nice and slowly and i am now 21lb lighter at the end of week 4.

I have had no cravings, no headaches, tiredness, bad breath or fatigue.

The most important thing is to drink loads of water. I used to drink 4 glasses a day, now i drink 4 litres a day.

The dukan book is your bible, read it every few days, so you take in all the info.
I use sugar free gum to help with a sweet tooth, although i have not had any problems. I don't drink diet drinks, just water, and cups a tea and hot milk.

I have oatbran as porridge for breakfast with sweetner and it fills me up for the morning.
i eat vast amounts of fish,seafood,chicken,ham,eggs oh and home made custard. i make a pint and eat a pint!!!

Onken make a fat free Vanilla yog, large pot and i eat one of those in a sitting.
Marinades i use soy sauce, ginger, garlic,drop of sherry, sweetener and then marinade anything and everything in it, its lovely and all free.

I cheat and buy chicken roll from Lidle , it has a herb crust 1.39 a pack, i eat the lot. I buy Tesco brand pre cooked chick goujon pirpiri or bbq and fry it with lots of veg and splash of soy. again its lovely.

Custard, 3 egg yolks,1 dsp sweetener, pint milk, dsp cornflour.
heat 3/4 milk in pan, mix rest of ingredients together. when milk is warmed, pour over mixture, then transfer it all back to pan and whisk with a balloon whisk till thick and gobble it all up.

good luck everyone,

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Ladies, on the Dukan what would you eat on an average day in the attack phase? I'm thinking of starting tomorrow..

Aiming to go from 146lbs to 135lbs
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S/C/G: 95/Ticker/70

Height: 170cm


Hi Parlezvou, on a protein day I eat two eggs which I pan fry in oil spray. i am gluten intolerant so I dont eat the oat bran. Because I dont drink milk, I scramble the egg but with a little cheese or make a cheese omelette. On Protein and vegi days I also add mushrooms or tomato to the egg. I highly recommend this diet as I am just about finishing week four and have lost 7 kg 350 or 16.17 pounds. But my size has reduced a dress size which is great.

Mummymouse - I was drinking upto 4 litres of water but I saw a naturopath who told me that I was drinking too much water and that my kidneys were over worked and was causing water retention. so now I drink 3L but sip it slowly throughout the day but feel less tired now.
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Hi mummy welcome and wow at your progress!!

Hi Parlez,

Here is what my shopping list looks like for Attack phase. Maybe It can give you some ideas for what will work for you:

1-2 Dozen eggs (have tried buying just egg whites in a carton to make life slightly easier but I wasn't really a fan....This week I bought powdered eggwhites to see what - if anything - I can do with them.....just to experiment...IDK about it!! :-/ keep u posted)

Low or Fat free cottage cheese
Low or Fat free sour cream
Low or Fat free yogurt, plain
Low or Fat free Ricotta cheese ( u can actually bake a yummy cheesecake thingy with this...)
Low or Fat free Greek yogurt
Reduced fat cheddar cheese, swiss cheese, or mozzerella (doesn't taste the greatest, but will fix a craving in an emergency)
Fat Free milk

Fat Free Evaporated milk ( i just "discovered" it in my supermarket and bought 4 cans on sale, not sure what to do with them yet!_

My favorite tea or coffee
Powdered No Carb Stevia (or Splenda - NO Aspertame for me!!)
2 packs of sugar free candy
Fresh herbs (dill, cilantro, basil, thyme, sage, u name it)
Whole grain mustard
lean steak
Chicken breasts
prociutto/sopressata/cappocolo/ ( i cut off the fat and keep the meat part!)
Sliced roast beef - deli thin
lean sausage
kielbasa ( cooked really well throw of the grease about 2-3 times while cooking)
Hot dogs.....during bbq season, eaten without bread (Warning! Salty!)
Lean ground beef (hamburgers, meatballs, a skillet lasagna w/o noodles...)
pork - all various lean cuts.....if u eat pork that is...
Surimi/Imitation crab or lobster (did u know that its made from a fish called pollock? I didn't)
Oat Bran

*I also eat a small amount of fresh garlic and onion during my attack phase...but that's just me...idk if that's approved or not. I approve it for flavor...LOL*

Everyone feel free to add what they eat during attack to this list!!

bon courage

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