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Default 8 weeks in and not losing. :( Could use some pointers.

Hey, I hate to be a downer, but I have read through a bunch of threads here and see so much success. I see people that can't get to their daily points for a day, people that never use their flex points too. SERIOUSLY?!?! I can't figure out how to NOT go over by 5-8 every day.

Here is my big problem, I exercise a ton. So I am always hungry. I make good decisions, but to fuel up for my exercise and recover from it, I end up way over every day.

I figured I'd get the hang of it a few weeks in. I'm two months in and I've actually gained 1.6 pounds.

I'd really like some help figuring out how to deal with a large amount of activity. I blow through all of the weekly points and half of my activity points every week. Any suggestions for figuring out how many I can really eat and still lose?

I get 29 daily points. I think 40 weekly. And last week I had 91 activity points. I used all but 25 of them and had a gain of .2.

Thank you for any help you can give me.
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I know I read that you cant eat all the activity points you earn or you wont loose. I think if you eat over 4-6 activity points you will hold at the same weight. I'll try to find the link for you.
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If you are on the points plus program, maybe you are eating too much free fruit/veggies?

I also read that some people cannot touch any or all of their weekly points allowance to get a decent loss so you may have to play with that to see what works for you. As for AP (activity points), I usually only eat 2-3 of whatever I earn, even if it's 10 or whatever. Hope this helps you!!! It must be very frustrating.

ETA: I just realized you posted in the momentum/flex category so fruit/veggie may not be the problem since fruit/veggies are counted- it sounds like it may be the AP that is doing you in.

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Did u ever try the Wendie plan?
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Originally Posted by RealtorOnABike View Post
I can't figure out how to NOT go over by 5-8 every day.

Here is my big problem, I exercise a ton. So I am always hungry. I make good decisions, but to fuel up for my exercise and recover from it, I end up way over every day.
You know what your problem is. You just said it. You're not following the plan.

Some thoughts: exercise does not require a lot of food to recover, it requires rest. The only kind of exercise that requires food is high intensity exercise that should be limited by anyone dieting because it requires food to recover from. I suspect that is exactly the kind of exercise you're doing because that is the kind that makes most people very hungry.

Solution: exercise less and lower the intensity. Stop going over your points. When you've lost the weight you can resume your exercise addiction.
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I realized that I hungrier than normal after a workout. So I usually have a light dinner after I get home from work before I workout, and nothing but water after working out. I also try not to "eat back" my activity points because I am sure that I underestimate some of my points.. this way my underestimated points and activity points cancel each other.
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Maybe you should post your tracker so we have an idea of what your eating... its seems like your eating a lot. Despite the excercising...

I find that the activity points are a grey area to me, i work out, i THINK i am working out hard, but i dont like how the points can be perceived differently from person to person. I may think ive earned 10 points, but then i may have actually only earned 5. So i dont count them or use them at all. I usually will eat something small like an apple before the gym (i dont want all kinds of things churnin' around in my belly when im working out). Nausea + Elliptical = messy situation :P So then i will have something light like cereal when done, or have dinner. My favorite dinner combo is a little bit of chicken with a big plate of roasted asparagus and steamed brocoli. Desert is something like cut up strawberries and a spoon of butter pecan ice cream Snacks? i like to eat fresh fruit (grapes, watermelon chunks, pineapple or cherries).

What are you eating?
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I think I would try eating less points maybe not using as many of the activity points. Take a look at what you are eating are there more filling options for less points? Make sure you use your points wisely to make them go further.
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Go for more 0 point and 1 point foods throughout the day (hello veggies and soups!)

If you focus enough on way low point foods, you can eat a LOT and stay within your normal points.
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On the Momentum plan - 28 activity points can be converted to food points.

I admire your hard work!
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Post your tracker - maybe we have some additions/modifications to make your points go further with less hunger.
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I personally do workout hard, I know I do lol. BUT I do not eat any extr points I earn nor any of my weekly's. I am trying to lose weight, I likft heavy and hard 3 days a week and do cardio 6 days a week. After every session i have a protein shake as well as something with sugar (fruit or G2 gatoraid). Its 4 points (the protein shake), its chocolate, and its super good for your muscles (protein!) as well as curbs my apetite for the next few hours. If i do get hungry i grab a handful of carrots. Also before you workout you should not have anything with sugar in it as you are just burning those calories you just ate and not tapping into the fat you want to lose. I workout from 1030-12 everyday besides sundays and I have a protein shake right when i get up before working out and one after. 4 points may seem like alot to be drinking but I also dont get super hungry until Dinner/after dinner. I also graze. I think this is just a motivation thing and feeding your body the PROPER nutrients it needs versus OMG you are starving. If you are feeding it the proper nutrients pre and post workout, you shouldnt be hungry for a couple hours. JMO tho.
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Like others have said -- too much exercise might be the issue.

I personally, can't truly exercise hard when I'm trying to lose -- my body holds on to EVERYTHING and I'm starving all the time. I can still be active, but truly doing aerobic workouts kills my weight loss each time.

I try to hit mini goals, then introduce an exercise plan for a while (knowing I'll plateau or gain slightly), then go back to weight loss.

Good luck!
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