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Default A really stupid question about 2am snacks

Last night I was having a bout of insomnia and was awake till 3am. So, of course, come 1:30am or so I was realllly hungry.

I guess it doesn't really matter much, does it, which day I put the points under? (I'm doing WW online). To ME it was still Tuesday but technically it was Wednesday.

As you can see I'm still exhausted and therefore completely unable to process simple logic
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On days I stay awake late...I count it on the day it is for me. Basically all the time I am awake from morning until I go to bed is all on the same points.
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Doesn't matter as long as it gets counted somewhere (you can even count it for whichever day it fits best into). When I was in WW, we had a leader who started her day with dinner, and recommended it for people who had trouble with late night snacking, or anyone who had trouble staying on track when they ran out of points, or for anyone who tended to eat most of their calories in the evening (to work with, rather than against their eating preferences).

I tried it for a while, and it did make sticking to my point budget easier, because it was psychologically easier for me to have my lowest point meals at breakfast and lunch. If I did go over budget the night before, it was a lot easier to eat a low-point breakfast and lunch than to do the reverse.

When I worked swing shifts though, I started my day at midnight, just because my sleep and meal schedule was so erratic.

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I have issues with late eating because I work nights. I just started the online but I would do the same thing you did.
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I always count anything after midnight as the next day.
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I also count the points towards my current day, no matter what the time. It is the same day technically (to me) pertaining to points usage. It's not a new day until I go to sleep and wake up fully rested (or at least close to it).
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I also work nights during week, I count my points from the time I get up until the time I go to bed. Even on weekends when I change my nights and days back around. Sundays are always a long day/night most of the time I have 4 meals on sundays.
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