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Diet Started: 1/4/10
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Default Mini Goals Galore!

- I've reached the 120's
- I've successfully met my New Year's goal of 130lbs
- I'm 1lb from being half way to goal
- I'm 3lbs from having a normal BMI
- I've NEVER been below 140lbs in my adult life... until now

- ALL my pants are too big for me, though some I can wear with a belt. (Others are so big that they're unsalvageable.)
- I started with an XL belt and grew too small for it, and now I'm on the second to last notch on my M belt! (Though, it's a men's belt. But still!)
- I've lost 5.5" on my chest (below my boobs), 5.75" on my waist, and 4" on my hips since I started.
- I FEEL pretty most days.
- It's taken me from January 4th to lose the 27lbs I've lost so far. Slow rate? Sure. I did maintain for 3 months within this year though. HOWEVER, because my weight loss rate has been so slow, I've learned discipline from it and I have high hopes for maintenance.

I've always had commitment issues with goals. I always wanted everything to be done NOW. But this journey... has been so much more than just weight loss. Like I said, it's given me discipline. Some days I'm still impatient, but I've worked so hard to get where I am now, that I don't have the option to throw in the towel. I feel like I'm improving on being "slow and steady" instead of a steam roll machine that runs out of gas fast. I'm becoming a better me, both inside and out. I went from a B/C/D student in college, to one that gets all A's. I went from lazy, to becoming a hard worker. And that too I want to maintain.

This has to be the most amazing thing I've ever done for myself.
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What an inspiring post!

Thankyou! and Congratulations!
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SO inspiring, exactly what I needed to hear right now- I have been maintaining instead of loosing this last month at 220, but my main focus right now is consistency & discipline; and I am so glad that your journey has been about more than just your weight as I hope this journey changes me all around as well... again, CONGRATS!!
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Wow congrats. The best thing is your studies improved. Hope mine do too.

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Fanfriggintastic! Congrats
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Awesome!! Congratulations!
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Happy Holidays to YOU it seems what a host of excellent gifts, congrats on all you have achieved!
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