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Default Reached Goal of 150 pounds in 1 year!

Well I've done the impossible. Impossible to me anyways! I've lost 150 pounds in one year. In just ONE YEAR I've gone from 377 pounds to 226.8. Actually three days shy of one year I've been asked multiple times for my "story." So here is the very abbreviated version (as I am working on a book.)

I was always a thin child. Played outside all day. Very active. Around puberty I started to put on weight due to family issues and genetics... and CRAPPY eating. By the time I was 18 I weight 180 pounds. And by the time I was 20? 299 pounds. Yes I put on 120 pounds in two short years. A failed relationship, an abusive relationship that led to me losing my 19 week gestation daughter and multiple suicide events all led to me basically sleeping and living on junk food for two years. When I woke up out of my food "coma" I was 299 pounds.

I met my wonderful husband online and then in person and we were married 2 years later. He NEVER judged me and my size NEVER mattered. I had two babies and multiple miscarriages. By then I was 360 pounds and showed no signs of stopping. In 2005 I was diagnosed with a very rare blood clotting disorder that is life threatening when you are overweight. I'd like to say that was enough to stop my insanity... but it was not. I had another child, kept eating poorly and prepared myself to die.

I suffered from massive panic attacks. My knee's KILLED ME. I had undiagnosed sleep apnea. My hips and back were giving out on me and yet I kept on trucking. Thinking I was going to die. KNOWING I was going to die. And not doing a damn thing about it.

Now's where I wish I could say that I had a MOMENT or a significant event that CHANGED MY LIFE. But I didn't... I woke up on the morning of September 27, 2008 and decided I was done with being fat. I was DONE. That I WAS going to lose weight. That I DIDN'T have to let my weight kill me. That I DIDN'T have to be in pain. That my weight WAS something I COULD control.

I knew it was going to take a long time. I was planning on losing 75 pounds my first year. And taking 3-4 years to get off all of the weight. But that was okay! I knew that in a year I could be the same weight, or heavier or lighter... but that year was going to go by NO MATTER WHAT. And I could make the most of that year. Even if I ONLY LOST 20 POUNDS. It would be 20 pounds less weight on my heart, my joints and my mind. I was going to go for it. And I did. From that moment on.

So what did I do? I started counting calories. I started at 1800 (and could have started higher) I cut the junk COMPLETELY, upped my water intake and started walking. That it's. That's all. The first 3 weeks SUCKED. I suffered massive junk/sugar/caffeine withdrawal. The hardest three weeks of my life. And then the fog lifted and it was okay! And what that fog lifted I had already lost over 15 pounds!

Now I've read stories about huge amounts of weight being lost. I even read one that said you were going to HATE losing weight. HATE the food. HATE everything about it. I didn't. And it didn't suck. And it STILL does not suck. I knew that for me it had to be doable for life. So I had to eat good amounts of good tasting food. And often. So I eat 5 times a day (3 meals and 2 snacks.) I use lots of seasoning. Roast tons of veggies. Lots of REALLY yummy salads. TONS of whole grains and lean proteins. And no junk. And cutting out the junk did not mean that I binged on it. I just DIDN'T EAT IT. And I know that's not for everyone... but EVERYONE asks HOW I lost SO MUCH weight in one year. Well that's it. I CUT THE CRAP. Both food and mental. I just did it. Day after day after day. One foot after another. Through gall bladder disease (4 months in and out of hospital) through pancreatitis when I almost DIED. Through vacations and birthdays and holidays. Through summer parties and winter parties and festive teas. DAY IN AND DAY OUT. And THAT ... that is the magic pill. Consistency. NO EXCUSES. Cut the crap... literally.

I would like to put in here that I took NO supplements. No diet pills. My magic shakes or meal replacements. No very low calorie diet. Not a single day of intentional fasting. I don't even take vitamins because I get all of my needed nutrients through food!

I LOVE losing weight. I love it. Sometimes it's hard... it's hard when the scale is not moving as fast as you would like it. It's hard when everyone else is eating something and you want it and have to say no. It's HARD to know your limits. But you HAVE to. You are in charge of YOU and every meal you eat off plan, every "treat" you sneak, every single excuse you make will hurt you on your journey. It WILL. Accountability is key. Make YOU accountable to YOU. You are in charge! That still does not mean that is has to suck! You can make low calorie yummy food that will fill you up and taste just a good as that "other" food.

I now eat 1500-1600 calories a day. I wear a size 18 missis (14-16 plus) when I used to wear a size 32. I wear xl tops when I used to wear 5x. I wear size 8 undies when I used to wear size 13. I walk EVERYWHERE. I RUN up the stairs. I have gone from 377 pounds to 226.8 pounds. And I KNOW that's where a lot start off! And it sounds HUGE and I still am really big. I know that. But I WILL get there. I only have 76.8 pounds to lose to reach my goal of 150 pounds. And I will do it.

I'm not extraordinary. I'm not unusual. I'm not special. I'm one of many on the 100 lb club that ARE DOING THIS. We are losing weight TOGETHER through the wonderful support and love of one another and this great weight loss forum. If I can do this... YOU CAN DO THIS. Do it. Today. Now. NO MORE EXCUSES. Because the only one you are kidding? Is you. And the only one you are hurting? Is you. Start. Today. Now. Join me on this great journey we call life Because you are REALLY living when you are doing something to preserve your quality and QUANTITY of life. Whether it takes you a year... or 10 years. You can do this
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Awesome! Congrats and thanks for sharing
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Wow, amazing journey! Thank you for sharing...and inspiring!
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I love your story! Thank you SO much for sharing your journey with us. It gives me so much inspiration and motivation to read that other's have gone thru what I am going thru.

You are so right, there are no excuses. I remember going up a flight of stairs left my head pounding because I was so out of breath! I know my journey is going to take a bit and I was having a "poor me" day today but you just made me snap out of it!

Keep posting and Thank you!
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Thank you for this.. I couldn't get to the end without crying. It really struck a cord, everything that you were saying. You inspire me. Congratulations-- you're living proof. We control our fate. You took charge of yours, and I'm ready to take charge of mine again.
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Two things:

226.8 pounds. And I KNOW that's where a lot start off! And it sounds HUGE and I still am really big
Bullsh*t. No you are not. You aren't to goal yet, but AREN'T BIG ANYMORE. Get it through your head. You're not. You're not! I've seen the pictures woman! Pictures don't lie! And neither do DC Hounds.

that is the magic pill. Consistency. NO EXCUSES. Cut the crap
Yup, that's it, right there.

You know, if I hadn't abused my body so horribly by losing over 100 lbs twice before, I might be right there with you. But I'm older than you, and I've dieted before...therefore, it's slower this time. But hey, I ain't worried about it cuz I took CFMama's magic pill, too. Bless her.
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Wow, congratulations!! You have accomplished quite a feat! I'm very impressed...
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It's still so very inspirational for me to see someone starting near my own starting point and being so successful. My process has been much, much slower, but that's because I took a few years "off" when I should have kept going with my losing (the only redeeming point I have for that part of my life is I didn't gain any of it back). But I'm back on track again, losing at a steady pace, and looking to wonderful people like you to remind me that yes, I can do this.
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You're so cute! You look incredible.
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Starting over
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Thank you!

and this?

(as I am working on a book.)
This is the best news I've heard all day!
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Mama...if I told you once, I've told you a hundred times, YOU ROCK! I loved your story. You are such a great inspiration to me and MANY others! No excuses, no crap, and no failure!!! That's pretty much the secret to weight loss success and you have captured it through and through.

I can't WAIT to see you at the goal line!
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Amazing story.What a great gift to your children as well as yourself!
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Thanks for the story, so inspirational. congrats!
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oh my gosh! You've changed so much since the last time I saw your update pictures. the difference is just amazing! You must feel wonderful- you look beautiful.
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I love your story. Thank you so much for sharing. You truly are an inspiration. I am roughly where you started from (shy 20lbs or so), and it is a daily struggle to stay motivated for the exercise aspect of it. But I am doing well on my calorie intake and eating healthy. Your so right. We control whether we want to lose weight or not. We control whether we say yes or no to the unhealthy food. No one can make you eat something you don't want to eat. Can you share any of your exercise tips? What did you do when you were 377 to get to your 226?? CONGRATS AGAIN! I'm in awe and so inspired by you!!!!
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