Mini-Goal Photo Album Share your photos along the way and show us how far you've come!

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Default Star2Be's 100-LB LOSS/mini-goal #5 progress pics!! :D

Hi girls!! Although I've been insaaaanely busy with schoolwork for the entirety of this quarter, and thus have not been posting on 3FC, like, at all, I *promised* myself that I would at least come back to post my progress pics when I reached the 100-lb mark... These last 20 lbs have been the hardest ones so far, that's for sure--I've had a couple plateaus, most recently wavering between 167-169 lbs for the past month or so, BUT I am extremely pleased to announce that today (after a week of steady losses due to TOM, which always gives the ol' metabolism quite a kick) I weighed in at 162.2 lbs!!! WOOHOO!!! So, as promised, I busted out the camera today and took my requisite 38472 pictures... Here are the results! As usual, any comments from you ladies are extremely welcome!

First, those "before" pictures we all know and love:
(Ps. The first pic should say "May 2007," not 2008!)

Aaaaand, on to the progress pics!! And I'm not joking--there are a LOT of them!

Front shot:

Side view:

Random body angles/comparisons (just for kicks!):

And finally... Oh yes.... You knew they were coming... Some infamous Meredith self-portraits!!!:

I hope the second one properly conveys my joy, hehe! Sooo... I guess that's it! As far as my opinion of the pictures goes, I'm pleased with the difference I see, but of course (as you might expect) it's still extremely difficult adjusting my body image to connect with what I look like now--I don't *feel* all that different, y'know? But I know that I do look pretty darn different, so it's weird to be in this in-between stage where I feel like I basically have no idea what I look like to other people--when I'm still looking in the mirror and seeing jiggly arms and heavy thighs, etc, it's hard to feel like I'm "normal" yet, though according to my BMI, I am no longer overweight (as of 164 lbs--YAY!). I dunno, I guess I'm just hoping that my view of myself will adjust with time; I'd hate to think that I'll never be able to see myself accurately!

Also, I can never say this enough, but again, THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone on 3FC for all of your love and support--I am 150% positive that there's no way I could have done this without you all, and this site has been the most priceless resource throughout the entire process so far... I don't want to get all gushy, but seriously, thank you so much, girls. It sounds weird when you think about it, but you really might have saved my life! Who else can take credit for something as cool as that?

Much <3 to you all!! See you at.... GOAL!

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Oh my! I have been following your progress since I joined here about a month ago!

And I must be honest here, you are one of my inspirations!

You are gorgeous and look at the body! Magnificent!
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Wow! I love each picture. You look... excited, happy, like it was fun. It was really uplifting. Congratulations on your progress, you look absolutely amazing. It proves, even students can do it- tough yes, but it is SO DOABLE!
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You look fantastic! Your progress is so motivational and you are definitely an inspiration to so many of us on 3FC.!

Congratulations and I can't wait to see you at goal!
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You look beautiful. Congratulations on your weight loss!
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You look wonderful and so happy! Your hard work has really paid off. Congratulations!!!!
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Ahhhh!!! The pics aren't showing for me!!!! Stupid computer!!! I'm sure you look fab! I'm dying to see them!!!
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The pictures aren't showing for me, either. Wahhhh! I wanted to see the size 8 jeans!
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arrr they arnt showing for me either!!!!!
i am SO excited to see!
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You look incredible. There's a HUGE difference between 183 and 163.

I'm close to 183 right now and I can only hope to look as awesome in 20 lbs as you do right now.

I also love your style of wearing a contrasting cami under your tops. I might have to pick up a few more camis and start wearing them more often. Great look, very youthful.
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You look A M A Z I N G!
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Wow! You look great.
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You look fantastic! Congratulations. I strive to be like you!

On another note, I can't help but notice that you REALLY like to layer your shirts!
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why aren't the pics showing!!???? Could you post the links to photobucket, also, so we can see? Thanks.

Edit: I had to download google chrome, because explorer/mozilla couldn't process the pics for some reason.

Anyway, congrats, girl! You look so amazing. I hope I can look nearly as good as you when I get that small!

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Originally Posted by beaka View Post
Ahhhh!!! The pics aren't showing for me!!!! Stupid computer!!! I'm sure you look fab! I'm dying to see them!!!
I thought maybe it was just me! I too really wish I could see the awesome pics
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