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Doing it.
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omygosh you are too stinkin cute!!!

Well done!
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I love being a mommy!
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Wow! Okay, I'm signing off to work out definitely gave me a much needed dose of motivation!

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You look amazing! Thanks for sharing!
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Junior Member
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omg you go girl. you are, were and always will be gorgeous. but wow!
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Star2Be- You look absolutely fabulous! I think you have already accomplished a tremendous goal!!!!
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You Look Amazing!!!!
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You look adorable. Thanks for posting.
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Wow! you look amazing! You are my new inspiration! I hope to be able to post one just like this next year too! I don't want to wait another year for it to happen.

I had lost 26 lbs from July 2, 2008 to about mid Sept 2008 but then completely slacked off and stopped losing. By Jan I was up 6lbs and on this Monday was only -8.8lbs from where I started last July! While it's a bummer for me, a post like this shows me if I keep at it, the change will come and within 6-8months I will be so near my goal and a happier me! So I got 2 months before this July comes around again and I hope to shed 20lbs by then and be on my way to losing the rest of it throughout the rest of the year and reach my ultimate goal sometime next spring!

You prove it's possible thank you!
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There is no spoon!
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Height: 5/9


Awesome, you look amazing! Bravo!
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Saving Myself
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Height: 5'6


You're self portraits are adorable. You are so amazing to have come so far!! I bet you're so happy! You look great.
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You are not only beautiful - you also look like you're such a fun person! Congratulations!
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Getting my Halle bod! :)
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Wow, congratulations you look great!
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Hey Meredith, I haven't logged onto 3FC in forever (not being that naughty... just maintaining) and I come today and see you hit 100 lbs lost! WOW, girl! You look so good! You're such an inspiration, it's success stories like yours that make me dust off the running shoes.

Keep up the good work!
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girl, you are a total knockout!!
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Stay true till the finish
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Height: 5'4


Ohhhh my goodness as I was going through the pics I thought you were gonna disappear lol. You look so AMAZING. Another inspirational story, (and pics) keep up the great great work!
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