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Default 2014 starting off great

So way back when I got Suzanne of 3FC to start the Men's Corner and I was the first mod. Way back when...2001.

I had gotten up to 340 in my mid-30s as a result of a medicine that had me gain 80 lbs in 2-3 months, then a life setback that I used to wallow in for a bit.

Got down to 230ish but didn't really know what I was doing. I was moving more but my diet wasn't coherent. I then pretty much lost focus and between say 2003 and 2013 I was between 260 to 300 lbs.

Now everything seems to be clicking.

Was on vacation at in laws for 9 days over the holidays eating out most of the time and gained less than 2 lbs.

Then I have dropped 8 so far in 2014 (I know not sustainable).

Most of all I am running now. Just did my first 20 minute run in a C25K program and it was awesome. I was an athlete growing up but NEVER a runner. It is almost getting fun.

Targeting junk carbs and bread and pasta in particular helped so much. I was a potato chipaholic and fast food and candy and ice cream. Cookies, pies. Cutting wheat out in particular just ripped out my desire.

So having no more hunger while eating less is awesome beyond belief. So is the energy I have now.

I say May was my start date because that is when I committed to cardio every day. But I really didn't start on diet for sometime after that. In any case I have no time goals at all. But I admit I am thinking I might be somewhere around 200 on May 1 of this year. That would be freaking awesome.

220 was a long time goal. Once I hit that I will enjoy it for a day then change my signature.

Here is to everyone having a good 2014.

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Congrats on those eight pounds lost so far this year.

And Congrats for your historic role in starting the Men's Corner. As you are well aware, we grunt back and forth more sometimes than others.

What's your plan to keep this on-track streak going?
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Thanks. It was my pleasure to start it and I am glad it is still here.

That was an excellent question. So many things are different. I was in my mid 30s last time. Late 40s is a whole different ball game for me at least. Diabetes in my family, my uncle having dementia which is probably diet related.

Most of all adopting my daughter. I was just READY. I knew inside I would succeed this time and it has been lifestyle changes from day 1 not dieting.

I have much more nutrition knowledge now and I am more organized about my eating and why I eat what I do and why I cut things out.

My appetite has done remarkably well. I wasn't a runner last time, this time I am. It is getting easier as time has gone on now. Both the running and the appetite have gotten easier I meant. I don't know how other people find it, but once I got away from junk food and fast food and bad snacks instead of missing them more and more my appetite got under control more and more. That alone is priceless.

Nothing I am doing is not sustainable. I still go out to eat, I am enjoying my foods now. I feel 100 times better than I thought I would. It feels so good every moment of every day no food in the world comes close to it.

This is my lifestyle forever now not a diet so there is no stopping point.

And life is so much better: movement, energy, health, strength, mind, appetite. It is, literally not a commercial jingle, priceless when you get this under control.

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