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Height: 5"8.5" 51 yrs


It is impossible to overstate how much your wise and loving insights have helped me!

I am glad to hear you like Walk Away The Pounds. With the help of DH, who is such a saint with all of this health thinking, he helped me to order these (DVDs and others) from Netflix. We had to change our membership level, adjust the queue, etc... You are so right about variety. I think one of the failures (wisdom) from the past was thinking I had to be doing x forever, including the gym which for many reasons is not a fit. After reading so many posts about "the gym this and the gym that" it made me a bit uneasy with my own efforts.

When the weather in SA warms up, then I will be walking outside again and hoepfully warmer but I think there is a value to the 14 min benchmark for the sake of habit. So having DVDs & youtube as a back up will be helpful for now. The weights are another thing to think through. I don't know if my 4# sledge hammer (shovel glove) is enough or do I need something more. One for each hand lets say.

Thank you for describing what low impact exercising is for you. Have a blessed day!
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Originally Posted by Karen925 View Post
The weights are another thing to think through.
I don't know if my 4# sledge hammer (shovel glove) is enough
or do I need something more.
One for each hand lets say.
At my age, size, and life-experience, heavy weights are not for me.
I have a 4 lb long handled sledge hammer for shovelglove
and a 6 lb long-handled sledge hammer for shovelglove.
After exercising with the 4 lb for about a year,
I increased it to a 6 lb one, however, the 6 lb seemed twice as heavy,
and I found it very hard to use.
and stopped doing shovelglove after only about 4 mo with the 6 lb.

However I recently began using the 4 lb for Shovelglove again
and just as I did before, I'm starting with only 5 minutes a day.
This time I've decided that my final time will be 10 minutes a day,
and I may choose not to ever use the 6 lb again.

I've learned it is a mistake to compare myself and my exercise activities
to the exercise of younger, stronger, more athletic women.
I believe that what I choose to do daily, is really quite impressive...
considering my age and my lifetime of inactivity,
especially considering that, even as a child, I chose not to participate in sports,
and I do not enjoy participating in, or even watching, any type of sports activity.

I can admire athletes, without wanting to be like them.
For example I admire runners,
even though I personally lack the Herd Instinct,
and don't understand why ANYONE would enjoy
running for miles and miles with a crowd of people.
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Oooh, this one hits close to home. I don't exercise much. I do 6 sun salutations in the morning, aiming for every day but I often forget on the weekend. I just recently signed up for a Zumba class, so I'm doing 1 hr of Zumba once a week.

I'm definitely in camp "I don't have time". I am the breadwinner of the family, and I homeschool my son. He is clingy and when I'm home I hate to leave as DH needs time to think his own thoughts. Lots and lots of reasons to not get out and move my butt!

The other side of this is that I LOVE my Zumba class. I like to go for long walks. As other have mentioned here, I eat better when I am active. Don't know how this works...I think I'm more tuned in to my body and it's needs. I start craving high fiber foods to keep that light feeling. Bread loaded with cheese just stops being the fix I need. It's amazing!

I made the list below just for my own head, and to help me know what activity would be best for me. It's not to glorify listing things we hate! I could change my mind about this any time.

I love:
Zumba class
Long walks
Roller skating

I hate:
Biking for exercise (like it for transportation)
Cardio Machines

I won't:
Do DVDs (no appropriate space, no privacy)
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