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Angry Happy Moan-day Chatter - 10/06

Coffee's on !!
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bless you!
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Angry Good early morning!

Grab a cup of coffee and let's chat a bit!

Before I forget, again, has anyone heard from Barb? (ageoldie?)
I've been wondering how things went with her moms surgery. Barb, if you're lurking-hope all went well.

Peachie-glad to see you. Though I've lurked a bit lately, I haven't seen your pretty face and you were going to get a call today! How're those gorgeous boys of yours?

Had a fairly quiet weekend. DH and Michael went to the deer lease. I did a bit of deep cleaning and arranging in the den. I'm still trying to accessorize with the new furniture (well, it was new in January! lol) I've discovered the wonderful world of Kirklands. And so has my credit card! My friend Bonnie called me the other day to inform she's ticked at me! For taking her to Kirklands! She went the next day and spent $1,600!!!

Back to the usual crazy routine this week. I slacked quite a bit last week. I was gone over a week and had a hard time getting my butt back in gear! I'm even going to the gym today! I may only walk on the treadmill but it's a start. I hope they're offering some beginner aerobic classes. These old knees have a hard time with some of those skinny girl moves!

Have a wonderful day my friends! I'll check back in later!

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good afternoon. thought i'd check in for a minute before starting supper. have a great evening!
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Well today is Yom Kippur and I should be at temple and fasting, but instead I went to the gym and I am having a snack....

J, Barb has posted over in the WLS forum. I think everything went well but I have not been back there for a few days.

peach, how are you doing and how goes the weigh loss?

off to shower and get dressed. have a good one and Yom Tov to all,
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Happy Dance! I just got on the scale and I am down 4 pounds total for the week! What a great jump for the Great Pumpkin challenge! I havent weighed this little in 2+ years! WOO HOO! only 12 pounds to go to get to my virgin fat again! Back in 1999 I had gotten down to 169. I am really focused on that now! WOO HOO! TOM is due today too!

I am shocked too because I had a really long weekend. My 1997 Dodge Caravan decided that at 99875 miles the transmission needed to go. We just paid it off last year!! I was so upset! But I am not the proud owner of a 2003 Mazda MPV now and I LOVE IT. Between the cargo room and the leg room.. and all the cool new features vans have now compared to when we got the old van, I absolutely LOVE it! But talk about Stress city! I didnt cheat though.. But I didnt eat either!

I gotta run now because I have to take the kids to school and them I am off to the gym! I will check in later though!

Have a great morning!!
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Default 4 weeks of BFL done

I've just finished 4 weeks of my new plan, and Im happy to report that in 4 weeks, Ive lost 10lbs, and 12 inches. 8 more weeks to go. I hope I keep up this pace, I could learn to like it very much!! I even forgot yesterday was my free day when hubby had a small mound of white chocolate next to his side of the bed, and I didnt snitch one. I smiled at his pile, and went about my business. It wasnt until he popped one in his mouth, that I realized it was my free day and I could have one! Oh well, if I had wanted one bad enough I could have gotten up and gone downstairs to get one. But it wasnt that important. For me that was real progress.

Been busy around here, hubby and I spent the day yesterday in the cold in a warehouse installing signage on the sides of vans and trailers. My hands were so cold when I was done, they hurt, took up to about 10pm last night before the pain in my bones finally went away. (and thats after a really hot shower)

Off to more running around today. Woke this morning, and realized hubby's cell phone quit. I even heard the moment it decided to leave this world. Gave a last Blaa and its lights went out!

Karen~~ Your doing wonderful!!! Keep up the good work, and congratulations on NOT stress eating this weekend!!

Have a great day all!!
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Yom Tov, L144S. Tut tut - a snack and no temple! I hope the snack wasn't lobster with bacon!

MamaJ, it was fun chatting with you on Yahoo yesterday. Sorry I had to gussy up for Red Hats and leave. Yes, it was fun and a well-needed break! Ageoldie (Barb) posts on the WLS forum sometimes.
Karen. Four pounds off is such a great loss! Sorry about your car but it sounds like you handled the stress well and got a new Mazda. I love getting new cars.

Peach, you have to say more than bless you - and no caps either, I notice!

Robin, you must be so pleased with your weightloss the past 4 weeks. 2.5 a week is great! I know what you mean about getting so cold - sometimes I swear my bone marrow needs antifreeze in the winter. By the way, I saw a moose yesterday and thought of you.

Gail is cleaning this morning and has zeroed in on the kitchen. Whoops! Didn't get lunch organized before she got there. Maybe Harry and I will go out - he could do with a bit more stimulation. Poor man!

Have a great Monday!
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Good Morning all.
I've been absent for a week or so. Checked in, but never posted! I'm back.
Karen, did you see the beautiful sunrise this A.M. I thought it was just for me and my pumpkin challenge weigh-in, but I guess I can share it with you and the others!
I lost 2 pounds and am thrilled to be below 220 for the first time in around 4 years. I have a pair of pants that I can put on (but really tight) and I'm going to wear them in a couple of weeks. That's my mini goal.
I was getting afraid that the only time I could lose was on the induction phase, but I guess I just have to be patient. If it's going to be 2 pounds every 3 weeks, then that's what I have to accept. It's still a loss and although it will take longer to get to goal, I will get there!
Robin, I just started taking my measurements. 12 inches is amazing! You must really be able to notice the difference in the way your clothes fit.
'Til tomorrow

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Congrats to Karen and all the other 'losers'! How uplifting!

We've got Indian Summer in full swing out here in Cali so it is chilly this a.m. but supposed to be 90 this afternoon.

Janice - You gotta search the forums for our ol' buddies. Some are at WLS & I've seen a few at Atkins & Depression.

Boy would I love for my house to be 'deep cleaned' - anyone? Anyone?

Have a nice lunch out with Harry, Ruth - you both are in my thoughts and prayers.

Well, off to see how the boy (14yo Bry) is doing - He sprained his ankle (again!) yesterday at baseball so I kept him home to give it a day of rest before he has to put his 190 lbs. on it all around campus. Videos, ice packs and motrin are the plan for the day.

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Congrats Jen! Good job on the loss this week! Have you started exercising? IF you did, you will see it slow down at first then all of the sudden do what I am doing, 2 pounds a week, and 4 this week! And TOM is due sometime today! Ididnt get a chance to see the sunrise.. I was already in full swing getting the kiddos ready for school.. But I think I might take my coffee outside tomorrow morning and watch it!

Thanks Everyone for the Congrats! To be honest I was Stunned. Never have I lost more than 2-2.5 pounds in a week on any other diet other than the first couple of weeks...

Ruth- I really need a Gail... actually, I have one.. but she is my mother-in-law! Dont thing she would drive up from California to clean my house! LOL! But I love her to death!

ROBIN - WTG! You did so good for your first month! I know NOTHING about BFL but I am sure you did awesome!! Keep up the good work!

Well, I better go jump in thw shower before DD gets home from school! I love the days I dont have to pick up in the middle of the day! see you all soon!
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Good afternoon - been playing hide and go seek with my diet and here It can be so depressing sometimes. I do good, then fall off - back on good today - not going to make my pumpkin challenge this way. Trying to get the house cleaned out of "bad" foods. Going grocery shopping tonight and hoping to do some bulk cooking so I have things ready, cut up and cooked to grab in a hurry.

The M&M man here has been after me and succeeded in finding me again. Been doing a very stressful computer job after hours that has been driving me to eat - not drink, but eat - chocolate. Need to go invest in a few chocolate bars to have for emergencies. Pushing for 2 week induction again. So far so good - breakfast sausage for breakfast/morning snack and hot wings for lunch. Shooting for baked chicken breasts and a salad for dinner tonight.
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Hi everyone! Anyone know anything about nursing wee kitties? My sister was conned into taking one home from work, she thinks it's about 2 weeks old, can't even walk. The vet she called suggested a formula that costs $6 for 3 oz. What??????? So, any ideas what to feed the poor thing?

Other than that, it's been the same old same old around here. Hope you're all having a great night.
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Just a quick one-SOOOOOOOOO much happened today,Tell ya about it sometime.
Till tomorrow.
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Wink Aren't evenings supposed to be for relaxing?

Not at my house! Does anyone else have the problem of planning their days out but cause people don't think you "work" or have daily obligations that you can't get a darned thing accomplished???????

I'm always glad to do things for my friends but it sure but a dent in my daily plans.

Guess what!!!!! I forgot that my friend Susie had given me a Body Flex tape years and years ago! I was looking for my Latin wiggle tape and spotted it! I am one day down on the Body Flex! Has anyone tried it? It's a bit weird but I'm willing to give it a go for a month and see if there's any results! I'm craving input here girlfriends!

I did manage to get a few things done today and now have chicken on the grill.....spinach, squash and salad made. I have made a personal two month goal. Sure hope the determination I feel now will continue on!

Karen --

Taz- So nice to have you back!!

Good4Me - Find your local feed store. We had abandoned newborn kitties a few years ago and the vet recommended a "mix" that was very healthy, closer to the mothers milk and less expensive than Petco. You are in for much work my friend!

D_ - I know that M&M man very well! We used to have a joke about how he called our name from the cabinets! Look at it this way - you may feel that you're playing hide-n-seek with your WOE - BUT - at lease each good choice does less damage than a bad choice! Hang in there girl!

Kel - OMG! How is Bry's ankle? And not the first time?????

Jen -

Ruthie - I enjoyed our brief chat too. I can't wait to see pics of you in your "Tea Party" attire!!

Robin - - You go girl!!

L - Did you ever make it to temple?

Fulfig -

Whew! That's all I can remember!

Hugs to all!

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