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Default At what point did you decide to leave Induction

At what point did you decide to leave inducion and go on to the next phase?

I'm really curious. I did my two weeks but as I was sucking down Splenda the whole time under the misguided notion that it was carb free, I've decided to do another two weeks as the first two can hardly be said to "count" - I still lost weight, but some days I was having so much caffine free green tea with Splenda, my carbs were probably closer to 40 than 20.

I know that the next phase involves adding carbs back, five at a time, so long as you're losing weight but - is it healthy to stick somewhere around 25 or 30? If keeping carbs much lower means losing weight faster (and since I don't at all feel deprived or really even have cravings) do I HAVE to incurease my carbs? At this poing, I'd be happy to stick at 25 and just use the extra for some strawberries or something and just keep going. But I don't want to do myself damange or anything.

I guess I'm just a little confused about when to move on and how much moving on I have to do. I have two more weeks before this second induction is up, but I'm already kind of freaking out about moving out of this comfort zone.

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I would like this info also. I just finished my induction and have been holding at the current weight of 171 since the 4th day of induction. Would it pay to keep on it or to add some carbs back in. I am going to start my exercise routine over because I am now on my vitamins that I have helped SO much, I just hope that will help me to continue to lose!!! But I don't know if I should start adding carbs back or continue on the induction??
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I would suggest that you both make very gradual adjustments to your eating plan. 5 gr. of carbs really isn't much. One slice of multigrain bread is usually around 15 gr. Before you start adding in fruit and grains, perhaps you should try adding in some extra lower glycemic index vegetables instead just to test how your body reacts.
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I switched over to OWL when I got really really bored with my food choices. I did induction for about 2 months, then started adding carbs 5 at a time. The first thing I added were more veggies, then cottage cheese and berries.

But you have to be very careful when adding carbs, not only do you have to keep an eye on your weight, and see if your still loosing, you also have to pay attention to the fact that you may be eating more than you should. (cravings may creep back without you even noticing it) This would be why Im back on induction

Hope this helped
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