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Come on Spring!
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Default The Cluck - Wednesday, April 23

It's HUMP day again. For those of us who had a Monday holiday, it's early this week.

Whine! Whine! Whine! - it snowed last night and is still snowing! The dogs are delighted, of course, and I must admit, snowy paws sure beat muddy paws.

I took yesterday off from the Greenhouse and worked all day setting up packages for delivery to the local schools. This is the info they need to enter school work in the Fair. Naturally, driving will be the pits today with the snow but I will deliver half of them on my way home from my piano lesson this morning. I keep booting my butt about this job which should have been done last fall! I have a note to myself for September 1 to get my [email protected]@ in gear earlier if I'm still director in charge.

Yesterday was NOT a good eating day! Today I am doing protein and water only because I feel poopy, physically and mentally.

Have a super day, chickies. Three days until the weekend!
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Oh Ruthie, I'm hearing you on the not good eating day--I did REALLY bad too. Hmmmm, it seems I need dh around to keep me in line. I have a headache right now too--ooohhhlots of water and protein on the horizon today!

M and I aren't dealing too well with dh gone, seems we both miss the lug too much! She fel asleep at 5:30p last night and didn't look back (poor thing). Of course she was up at the crack of dawn!

I'm in a winter wonderland too here...grrrrr.....but I will say that I have too much to do inside the house to worry about it. I applied the levelling agent to the floor but it hasn't completely dried yet so I'm going to get the fan and put the fan on it to helpit dry out. Hopefully I canget to sanding this afternoon and if I get brave, doing the tiles tonight??

Linda, you must be just so proud of your daughter, I hope she keeps up the great work!

Jiff, don't worry aboutyour work stresses too much, remember this to shall pass!

Miss, you don't need a monday to start the rest of your life! I think I started on a Wednesday actually!

L and KFS, have fun organizing your auction

Jnice? Peach? Ms. Spot? Barb? Sono? where are you guys?
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Default Good Morning Ladies

Pooky, you've got me thinkin' !! Ive been wanting to get the rest of this house redecorated since I moved in here.

Linda, Congratulations to your daughter!!!

As for the decorating, I still need to finish the bedroom which I started last spring. Just the finishing up stuff that gets left and never done.

How about some ideas? I want to redo the bathroom but we have a pink toilet and a pink tub and no, we wont replace them. Its just too expensive. So.......What colour can I get away with. The walls are a sponged pink, white trim, and pink & grey peel and stick tiles on the floor. Oh, I forgot, the tiles around the tub are white with gold flecking, with pink tiles every 6 or 8 along.

Im willing to change everything except the tub and toilet. Ive thought of yellow/blue/pink. Soft butter yellow walls, blue & pink accents. High gloss white trim.

After this is done, I'll move downstairs

Well, I havent been eating very well either. I cant seem to get enough sugar in me and Im having a very hard time quitting!! I got up with hubby today to have a coffee with far so good. Im curious as to why I cannot stay on Atkins for more than 3 weeks before I fall back into the sugar.

Have a great day ladies!!

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Owned by Dixie
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Hump day today. I didn't go to the gym but came home to WO instead. I really wanted the quiet of home this morning. So i used DH's weights and walked 3 miles.
Coffee with the girls this morning. i have to call DH"s grandmother and see if she wants to go out to lunch.

Auction stuff with KFS today after school.

2 other things. DR Phil yesteday did a show on Self image and food. Lots of good info if you get the chance to get a copy or catch it in a rerun.

Hersey is now making Suger free chocolate with the kind of fake suger that is supose to be ok for diabetics. We may be a test market: I found this on the web

Hershey Foods has announced the launch of sugar-free chocolate.

Diabetes sufferers are in for a new treat. The giant US chocolate maker, Hershey, is launching new sugar-free chocolate products under its Hershey's and Reese's brands. The new chocolates will be sweetened with a sugar substitute called lactitol and contain 25% fewer calories than the regular products. They are expected to hit U.S. grocery shelves by late April and Hershey is hoping for a sweet return - up to $40 million in sales in the first year.

Hershey is targeting all people who are concerned about their sugar intake, especially consumers with diabetes and those on a low carbohydrate diet. The new products will carry the logo of the American Diabetes Association to reassure and educate consumers as to its low calorie, no-sugar nature. It will undoubtedly be successful in tapping into the spending of the growing number of diabetics, which itself is driven by increasing numbers of obese adults and children.

However, whether the new lines will appeal to those trying to commit to low carbohydrate diets, and others 'concerned about sugar intake', is another question. Certainly the chocolates should appeal at a nutritional level, but by branding them as 'diet' products, Hershey leaves itself with little room for maneuver.

Health concerns are usually low on the list of priorities for those buying chocolate. Taste is likely to be the driving factor for initial and repeat purchase, with convenience and price being close runners up. During these times of recession, self-treating is often one of the last luxuries to be cut, and consumers refrain from allowing their chocolate experience to be compromised in any way.

As such, marketing will play a vital role in persuading consumers to even try the new candy, and to create an association between the treat of eating chocolate and the sugar-free diet product. Hershey will need to plan, and pay for, a particularly strong campaign to make real and strategic in-roads into consumer groups outside of diabetics.

Have a good day chickies,
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Red face Morning Chickies!!

Hello all!
Well, not much happening here today, hubby keeps asking me what I am gonna do today(I wish he would get off the later shift, now I am up when he leaves) I told him I really do not have many plans, just the usual, houswork, grocery, get Tori from pre-school, well, for some reason that was not enough for him, he thinks I should move mountains everyday or something. MEN!

Eating is still off track-thanks Pooky for reminding me that I do not have to start on a Monday-for some reason I always think that is a good day to start. I need to get exercising, maybe that will bring me out of this slump! I am tired, and cranky, and you think I am on carb-overload?? I do!

Robin--if you find the right color green--that could go well with the pink tub and toilet. I love forest green, that is what my bathroom and my kitchen is done in, and the basement furniture is dark hunter green. Sheesh, I did not realize just how much green I had until I just typed it out

Well, girls, I better start my day--I did drink more water yesterday then I have been-that is a start I think.
Linda--So happy for you and your daughter! I need some medicine like that
Ruthand Pooky--I can't belive it is still snowing there--I feel for you guys, I'm sure you guys are ready for some warm weather and sunshine!
Speaking of sunshine--where is Dyan?????
Scooby-glad you are back! I noticed a lot of chickies were missing, I just could not think of everyones names!
Later Ladies!!
Miss D
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Default Good Morning Ladies!

I am day 3 of "re"induction. I was already in Keytosis last night, and I am happy! Being back "off carbs" is suiting me well.

Sorry to hear about everyone's struggles getting back on track. It is so hard. I can only do it one day at a time or I would go insane! The first day was the wors, with yesterday being a bit better. Feel great today... so far.

I agree with putting the color green into your bathroom with the pink fixtures. I say a pale springy green like daffodil stems. If you keep it subtle enough it will look great AND make your bathroom look larger. Then you can do all kinds of floral accessories! YAY!

My DH actually brought home 2 bags of that Hershey's SF Chocolate the other day. I have not eaten any yet because of being in re-induction. Maybe I will have a piece tonight and report back. Believe me, I know my chocolate. It will have to be very good to impress me!

Have a great day!
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Talking Feeling pretty good......

Hello wonderful chickies! Hope everyone's day goes well! I am slowly re-inducting myself. Even turned down birthday cake last nite!

GinaMarie-Congrats on re-induction!! It's hard but I'm making my way there slowly.

Miss D-Men!I don't know how else to say it

L144S-I love Dr. Phil, I didn't catch yesterday's show but I'll look for it on re-runs.

Robin-Hmmmmm, I like the idea for your color scheme. Sounds relaxing.

Pooky-Don't worry, spring will be here to stay soon.

Ruth-I'm becoming intrigued by the PWD, I'm off to do some research!!
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Quick hello-check-in cuz *blush* Pooky asked about me! (lol)

Baseball in FULL swing out here in Cali even though we have been getting quite a bit of rain lately. Younger son (Cody - 13) is on a Pony team catching and playing second base. Older son (Bryan - 14) is on a traveling tournament team pitching, playing 1st and outfield. So we have plenty of travel and bleacher butt ahead!

I like the pink and pale green combo - I think you could do a lot with that.

I will be interested in the report on those SF chocolates. Chocolate is my one great downfall - I can easily give up the breads/pasta/potatoes but I just MUST have a nibble of my beloved dark chocolate often. Newman's Own makes an organic sweet dark chocolate that isn't too bad in the carb department and I always have a bar on hand for my nibble. Seems to make it easier for me to stay away from the really horrible carbs. NOT that I'm saying I've been a good LC girl lately. I really need to cut out my milk intake and a few other things that have snuck back into my eating practices.

Congrats to your daughter, Linda! Most inspiring news!

I think it is great that you are going to surprise your hubby like that, Pooky! Altho, your posts (and Ruthie's too!) always make me tired just reading them. You get more done in one day that I do in a month most of the time. Oh well, I always say that on my death bed I WON'T say "I should have dusted more!" But that is just me. Procratination is my middle name.

Have a nice hump day all. (where's Taz? I love that woman's wisdom)

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just a quickie, since i'm at the job from **** at the moment. but things are quiet right now. i wonder why?????

sympathies on the snow, ruth and pooky. it HAS to end sometime, doesn' t it???

i almost bought some of the SF chocolate a couple of weeks ago, but then decided not to risk it. if it doesn't taste good there's no point in eating it. so, maybe after someone braver tries it....

and yes, i'm in the 'not eating right' club as well. but maybe today will be better!!

love you all. will try to check back later
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All I can say is that today has been the WORST eating day yet--and it is only half over

Congrats to Gina Marie!!
Miss D
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Well, don't hate me but I've been eating right for the past 2+ weeks (South Beach Diet) and I feel terrific. I've started adding back a tiny amount of low glycemic index carbs (strawberries) with no ill effects. I've lost 10 pounds. Mind you, I'm still working on the weight I gained over the holidays but it's a good start. 8 more pounds and I will be back into "virgin fat". LOL
Yesterday I bought three new t-shirts for spring and was thrilled to be able to buy 1X instead of the usual 2x or 3X. I had to steam-stretch the lower part of the shirts but not by much. My new swimsuit is a 22 instead of a 24 or 26, so that's good news too. I just wish I looked good in it but ya can't have everything.
I too like the idea of the pink bathroom fixtures with green walls but I think I'd go with a soft, sage green rather than something dark. I'm thinking of going with sage green in my master bedroom which is stuck with rose pleated shades and a mushroom carpet with rose trim. My only problem is the adjoining ensuite bathroom which has white fixtures and grey ceramic tiles but some of the tiles have rose and blue designs in them. No green. Hmmmm, what to do?
Today I found a sale on baby clothes so I went on a mini-shopping spree buying little sleepers and shirts for new grandbaby. My daugther in Scotland received the Easter parcel I sent her on Tuesday and was pleased with the receiving blankets I'd made but especially happy with the book I sent A Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy. Being so far from her old pals means she doesn't have any other woman to share this experience with. The book looked quite funny so I'm glad she'll get a kick out of it.
I have now finished the little knitted sweater I'm working on for grandbaby and have started the bonnet. I think keeping my hands busy this way has really helped me stick to my diet.
Now, somebody, please give me a kick in the backside so I get back to the swimming pool. Now I have a new suit I don't have to worry about it shredding off my body so no more excuses.
And, the best news of all was the Canucks victory over St. Louis in Game 7 last night. Go Canucks Go!!! Minnesota Wild will be our next victims.
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I am gonna have to check out this sourth beach diet thing....Amazon is backordered to May 22 for the book!!!

Good evening to all - 2 sick kids and too much work, talk to you all tommorrow!!!
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