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Angry Moan Day - January 27 th

Wakey ~ Wakey chick-a-dee's! Coffee? Tea? Here, have a cup!
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Come on Spring!
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Thanks a whole bunch! Coffee, please! It's GAIL Day today so the doggage and I are scurrying around getting eggs and bacon. Catch you later, Chickies!
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Good morning busy chicks! A first for me, up at 5:30 and didn't go back to bed, didn't make Tommie late for school, and feel like crap to boot! Yay for me!! Sinus pills are my friends this morning, along with some good leaded coffee (don't tell Dr. A, ok?)

Going to have your typical Monday at work today, and get to tell the bosses that my surgery is off, and the rescheduling **** will begin again. "Do you NEED this? Can you put it off?" Well, I like to have it done at least once a month just for the fun of it! Ugh.

Hope you all have a wonderful day, I'm off to the steam-bath for some sinus help. Talk to you this afternoon!
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oh sherrie... just tell them ... well, you are thinking along the same lines i am, but you are just waaayyy more polite than i could ever be!!!!

and i'm sooooo proud and impressed with your weight loss. see/?? EATING DOES HELP. unfortunately, only to a point.

all of you with heartache and body aches., many prayers and healing thoughts for you. i only wish there were enough of raul and armand to go around to help you all!!!!

trying to get mom moving. a challenge at the best of times, but at least she's sort of willing this morning. it's SENIOR AEROBICS DAY!!! and she's actually admitted that she likes it, so i've been trying to get her up and moving for the last hour. she's had some coffee, fed the cat, and is moving for the toast, but she has to be out of here in a half hour!!!

later, ladies. hope it's a good day for everyone, more later. i hope
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she who must be obeyed
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Just a quick

I'm taking my friend for her biopsy today, cross your fingers that all is well.

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Just a quickie from me, too!

Debbie ~ Please know there will be prayers from Houston for your friend today.

I'll check back with ya'll later.

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Ok, all you number watchers, guess how cold it is today? It is MINUS 36 DEGREES Celcius withoutthe wind chill (don't even get me started on Farenheit!) outside!!!

My car wouldn't start, warmed dh's car for 1/2 hour before we could move it, took everyone where they needed to go and now am at home and my house is 53 degrees farenheit. Wood stove is cranked right up, hopefully the furnace man will make it back to our house today!

As for me, staying warm is the priority, failing that, we're looking at laundry and bathroom cleaning.

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Mornin' all!

Well, today is the day for me to get back on track--I think I may walk the treadmill this morning and then aerobics tonight. Kids are on a 2-hour delay this morning--which really means little miss tori will be home with me and Alyssa will drive me nits until the bus comes!! The 2 hours usually seems like 5!!

Well, although I was praying the pizza last night would not come back and bite me in a$$, I think it is. This morning as I was pouring toris cinnimon toast crunch ceral I actually took a bite--I have not done that in 3 weeks--I don't wanna start doing it again, I quickly put on some sausage and eggs for me and built up the protein. I am gonna have to look inot the chromium and l-caritine--money is a little tight right now though--so maybe next week.

debkay-- I am sending these to your freind.

Ruthxxx--send gail here next--my dh is about to leave me if I don't get some laundry done

goodeform--sorry to hear your surgery was postphoned--get well, and take care of yourself!!

good day to everyone else out there today--pooky, mamaj, tazcat, jiffypop, ginamarie, and any one else watching

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Good Monday morning to you all,
AS for me I had a wonderful weekend and again thank you all for the birthday wishes.

My ww and LC isn't going as planed, I am practising the words, "no thank you". I don't know how to say no to myself

Debbie-Prayers from "Scotia".

OHHHHHHH-cold Pooky, that is sso cold. Our house is melting, the temp is +4. Think it hasn't been that warm since, July????
Well I am going to give the house the 1hr. blessing, how coms that takes at least 3 hours????

God puts each fresh
morning, each new chance
of life, into our hands as
a gift to see what we
will do with it.

Love, Tazcat
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I just wanted to start this Monday mornin of with telling All of you chick's that i think your all such wonderful careing people

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Good Morning,

Yup today is another LC Start. I purchased a low carb cook book and yesterday I went and bought some soy and whole wheat flours, spices, brown rice and ww pasta's oh and veggies Here we go again girls. But the diet isn't the only thing I'm trying to change, I'm sooo trying to be positive. Everytime I'm positive, satan does his work and bam. So my mental exercise starts as well (along with alot of prayers )

Today I am celebrating my 13th wedding anniversary

TTYL, Love Leens
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Hi there. I've been lurking for a bit but today I thought I'd say hello. You seem like a nice bunch, dedicated to healthly LC lifestyles.
Pooky, I used to live a bit further North...Timmins. Oh the snow!! I'm now outside of Winnipeg...windchill was 39 the other day!!! But a lot less snow. I can still see the fields. I think I like it this way better. Brutally cold and windy but when winter's over I don't have to wait for the piles and piles of snow to melt.
Well, today I'm off to the dentist. My first cavity in more than 15 years This afternoon I'm going to kickboxing. Not sure how that'll work out with the dental work...ouch!
Have a great day everyone.
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Leens-Happy 13th. May this be the "BESTEST"
I will start new today as well, Back to induction, really, really, AND I will exercise, I will exercise, I will exercise, "yea RIGHT"

Welcome -Jeanni Pooh
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Good morning fellow lc'ers

Saturday, I went to walmart and bought a few low carb supplies including canned Atkins shakes. I just had one this morning for breakfast. Pretty good stuff.

Anyway, have a good lc day
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Hi all,

I am hiding in the office because it is my "gail Day". Tomorrow is older boy's 9th birthday. I went to school last thursday to find out about the sexuality curriculum at school. BOY am I far behind. I though because he isn't asking questions he wasn't interested...NOPE!!! as it turns out they "teach" eachother about thye birds and the bees...So I have a book to read with both of them and then we can go from there.

My father's lovely bride has insisted that I give older boy his gift tonight so that they can call him tonight to wish him a happy birthday. She always has to be first and have it her way! UGGGGGHHH
Leens Have a great day and wishing you well on LC again.
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