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I'm ticked off. They cancelled my pilates class because the lack of people. Darn it. I was getting decent at some of those poses. The "Powers That Be" are determined to make me join a gym. Curves doesn't sound like my cuppa tea, so I think I'll look into the "women only" gym down the street.

I'm down to my pre-holiday weight, but I don't think I'll make my 5lb goal this month. That's still 3.5 lbs away. My fault too, with the carb binge last weekend. Maybe I can, there's still 4 days to go.
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Default Afternoon Ladies

Welcome to the Daily Jenni!!

Went to the library today....the "big one" downtown. The place has 3 floors! Ive never seen anything like it. Anyway, thought I would pick up a few books on LCing and sugar resistance etc. I found a few and will be doing more research in the next couple weeks. For what ever reason, I cant get the sugar cravings under control. I go good for a week or 2, then I hit some sort of wall, and I loose my grip. Hopefully, I'll find something that will help.

Been feeling a bit down lately...I actually think I have a period coming soon. Not really sure though, with pcos, one never knows. Im having the pms stuff happening, and popping pains in my ovaries (not unusal for me) but nothing has materialized as of yet.....may decide not to come, just torture me with pms.

Im not sure who asked me for the taco salad recipe....but I'll look for it, because I got it from someone here

Dyan, as soon as I finish typing, Im going to redownload my scanner, and start up a new thread...hopefully it wont take anymore that 20 min (the computer geniuss you know!!?? )

Hope everyone has a great day
I just cant spell today!
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Default Taz........

go to the recipe section, and under Entree, Ive brought it up to the top. This is the one I use all the time
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Hi guys! I officially missed Monday, but still wanted to say hello on today's thread! I have been offline most of the last 2 weeks and trying to catch up is really hard. I worked a ton last week, but had the day off today. I spent the day with Suzanne, today is (was) her birthday. We had a nice afternoon together doing sister stuff.

I got my Gazelle going, and I love it! I need to set up the extra TV down in the dungeon and I will be set. Actually, it isn't in a dungeonesque setting anymore. We have moved some of the exercise equipment into the one finished room down there, but I am sharing it with Cody and his Tae Kwon Do stuff, so I can't fit all I want in it. The Gazelle should do me for a while though. It is fun and I don't think I will get bored with it. Now I need good videos because we don't have cable downstairs. Maybe I'll tape MTV2 and watch that.

What is everybody elses favorite kind of exercise these days?
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welcome back jennifer!!! you've been missed big time!
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