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Arrow Daily, Thursday April 18th

Coffee is on!

Hey Jiff! Tell 'em the best part...location location location!!!! Notice you did not include me in that reference list!!!! hows come?

I have done some serious deck sitting/reading/coffee sipping this early morning. A delight ful quiet morning.

Dh got the PSE&G guys in the house last night. They have been going up and down the street replacing lines for the past two weeks and my oven has not been working and we have only had luke warm water and not hot. There are traces of them being here (we did smell gas...just what I need) and the hot water is flowing. I guess now I have no more excuses not to cook!

Will go to ww tomorrow since my friend has to work today..not sure if I am going to lose any pounds/ounces...but that is ok, really, yep, I am is ok!!!! steady steady steady!!!

drink your water and stay


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Morning just a minute then I have to get ready for MY LAST DAY OF WORK...

Check out this pic of my 3 yr old. about that azalea in the background, I have 5 of them just like...pretty gorgeous.
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Morning ladies.

Back from a mini business trip to Lansing. I attended two days of seminars and spent the night there. I was feeling so much guilt about leaving dh in charge of the boys and their many activities. I often was laughing at the thought of him in panic. Tuesday night they had 3 destinations and Wednesday they had 4! Ha! Oh well they survived thanks to mom's planning.

I thought I would enjoy an evening to myself in the hotel, but I was lonely. I tried to pamper myself, I bought roses for my room, some wine, a silky long black nighty and it only made me wish dh was there

Scooby, lucky you, your last day! I feel a twinge of jealousy.

Peachie, sounds like you have had an absolutely wonderful start to your day, I hope your day continues to be so lovely.

Have a great op day chickies.

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Good morning, Peachie, Scooby and Dondar and all to come.

Hotter than Hades here yesterday - broke all kinds of records and I'm now in that quandry - do I put away the winter clothes or not. Two weeks ago I was wearing my winter jacket but this sure as heck feels like summer.

Peachie, deck sitting is in my plan today for sure. The darn fencing did not come in yesterday so I won't have a backyard full of guys with nekkid chests and butt cleavage to distract me. And YES, it is OK not to have lost or even to have gained a bit so go to WW. (I say this because I know I am up today after Chinese yesterday.)

Scooby - Wow! Happy last day. Your picture is just gorgeous! We can't grow azaleas here and I can't grow cute 3 year olds either. Some stuff just won't make it in USDA Zone 4! I tried rhododendrons one year - they can't hack our winters. I do OK on herbs, peonies and puppies, however.

Dondar, I know what you mean about hotel rooms and business trips. I used to travel a lot with my job and would look forward to the time alone - except the reality was not that great. Gee black nightie! And then did you order room service? I used to buy myself flowers too but the evenings sure were long.

Roy, my hunky physio therapist, evaluated me yesterday. He is cautioning me about overdoing it as he says the bone and muscles in the arm will take at least another 6 weeks to recover. (ME? Overdo it?) However, I have good mobility in such a short time and he has given me exercises to do twice a day. Recheck next week at 9:30 - a better time than this week which was 11:30. The Chinese Buffet place is half a block from the clinic. Need I say more?

Right now I am going to walk the puppy down for the newspaper and then pick a huge bunch of daffodils and forsythia to put in my old blue speckled coffee pot on top of the woodstove. Yellow is not my favourite colour but it sure makes a room come alive - and helps you ignore the garden crude tracked in since yesterday!

Have a wonderful Thursday.
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Default happy last day to yoooouuuu

happy last day to yooouuu
happy last day to yoouuuu
happy last day to yoooouuuu

<sing to the tune of happy birthday!>

and scooby, your daughter is just TOO CUTE!!!!!! what a little hunny bunny!!

and peachie, i didn't use you as a reference because you know too many secrets about me.

and i'm surprised i didn't mention the location of the potential job...

it's in the middle of all the factory outlets in secaucus, across the street from the Liz claiborne outlet!!!!! for those of us who will have to replace an entire wardrobe, that's a real plus!!!!!

not much planned today. lunch with a friend who's been helping me job hunt. and a few errands. and so on and on and on.

looking forward to a cooler day today. yesterday was just too brutal.

hope ya'll have a great day. and i'll check in later to live vicariously.
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Good Morning Kids,

Yup another warm one today. Nothing much new here sosdd. Boss is out again today and tomorrow yipeeeeeeeeee. But that doesn't mean I can play all a ton of work lol

Ruthie, yellow flowers are beautiful, Yellow isn't my favorite color but my favorite flower is the Yellow Rose and I love Daisy's.
I need to get serious about planting some flowers in my yard, I have nothing we did plant some tomato, onions, cucumber and morning glory seeds and they are coming up nicely so hopefully we will have a full garden again this year. Peach I don't know if you plant veggies but if you want some come over around august thats when they are the best. Our neighbors just go in our yard and pick some

Have a WONDERFUL day everyone

Love, Leens
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Morning ladies!

Another warm one today. Nice breeze from the south and east -- that can mean rain. We didn't get that storm I saw yesterday -- it just foofed away and we had sun all day.

Rachel! What a gorgeous, gorgeous picture! Your daughter is a cutie. And those azaleas! Reminds me of when we lived in South Carolina and I used to plan my spring weekends around the azalea festivals as they came north up the coast. I'd never seen such beautiful, immaculately groomed flowers! BTW -- I love Tennessee! If I had my 'druthers I'd live there now and forever!

Not much exciting around here -- In-laws coming next week. Love them both so that's great.

Up a pound at WW (I survived, Peach!). Didn't deserve it (or course! well, maybe a little...had more than my share of leftover pizza last weekend ), but more than anything else I think I'm puffy/fluffy from the heat and TOM. I'm feeling great, though. So, I don't have any complaints. The meetings for the next few weeks are on self acceptance...interesting topic, that. Yesterday we talked about how children's personalities are 80% formed by age 6 and how those voices that we heard as children are now the tapes in our heads that we may have to deal with and work at "re-writing."

Went knob shopping yesterday (no comments, Ruth!) -- for kitchen cabinets. Thinking red or blue to go w/my Campbell's soup kids theme -- but couldn't find ceramic drawer pulls to match the red cabinet knobs. Oh, the trials of being a housewife!

Need to do some serious writing today -- I've been more than a little scattered since Tuesday. And DH is gone until tomorrow night. Which reminds me -- we'll be going out to dinner w/friends in Dubuque on Friday -- fun!

Gotta get coffee and get busy.

Carpe diem!

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Come on Spring!
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ROFLOLPIMP! Knob shopping? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....... do you try before you buy?
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I'm still tired from yesterday, but I want to clean more kitchen cupboards today. I can't believe how dusty they get! I also dehydrated 10 pounds of apple slices a few days ago and they're so yummy. I had sprinkled cinnamon on them and the house smelled like apple pie! Today, I must look up my rhubarb cream pie recipe as the rhubarb is shooting out of the ground.
What with all the coughing I'm doing, I don't have any appetite. My tummy seems slightly queasey so food doesn't tempt me. I hope the scale shows a lose because my clothes are loose.
Have a great day everyone and God bless!
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Talking Good Morning to all!!

Well today is going to be the beginning of a new me!!! I finally bit the bullet and went to the doctor to ask for an antidepressant and a referral to see the counsellor I use to see. They had wanted me to go on antidepressants a few years ago but with TTC it just wasnt the right time. Keep your fingers crossed for me .. I hope this will stabilize my moods .. actually I think everyone in my house is praying for that

My DH is still up north with his mother .. and I have to admit I am enjoying the break away from him .. is this bad?? Before I left Sudbury to return home, he made some really nasty comments to me .. and it hurt Why is it that men dont understand how a woman's body image can affect their sexual desire?? On the way home I actually thought of packing up and moving while he was at his mother's bedside .. that was just a thought .. I would never do that. My home has been so relaxed without him here .. that is such a sad comment to make but so true. How can someone who claims to love you make such nasty comments .. oh and BTW he said to me .. "Either you F**k me or I will find someone else to F**k but that doesnt mean I dont love you" If I hadnt been driving at the time I would have knocked his head off his body!!! Men suck!!!!!!!!!! I love him dearly and I will be telling him that either we go for counselling or I see no alternative but to suggest seperation. Just the thought of it makes me ill!! Anywho .. guess this is a bit heavy to be sharing .. but I need to vent.

I go to WW tonight .. I know that I have not lost anything .. but who knows maybe I will surprise myself. I have decided to go to a WW meeting at a community center close to my house .. I figured that I have more of a chance meeting women in my neighbourhood that way. I need friends .. with the Foster Kids it is sometimes difficult to meet people who will come for coffee when the kids are often very time consuming

Its off to do yard work .. and drink lots of water ..
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NO Men don't understand, they simply have the natural desire to have sex more than women....well for most of them anyway.

You two need to sit and talk about this issue. Don't be embarassed, every couple deals with this one time or another in their marriage. But communication is the most important thing you can do. You both need to understand eachother's feelings. I know its hard because being fat myself I have such a horrible self immage and I'm sooooooooo embarassed that it does surpress my desire. OY.

Enjoy your time alone.
Love Leens
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Wow! This place is smokin this morning! How wonderful!!!

Can you believe that after all my incessant complaining about the rain and nasty weather that the sun came out yesterday and it was glorious!!! And, it's not looking too bad today, either. I did watch a special last night that explained why everyone else is having such great weather -- the jet stream is pushed way north on the east side (and still in the same spot here).

Well, today I am 32. A little sad because it's just yet another holiday without dh home. But, that's ok, because tomorrow I will go spend the weekend with my family and we'll have a good time. And, I know that in just 14 month I will see so much of dh that I will be wondering why I was in such a rush for him to retire!

Scooby: What absolute beauties! Both the flowers and your baby!

Laura: I've been there with the sex discussions. Men just seem to have a constant need and it is so much more for women and they just can't fathom it.

Take it easy ladies. I've got to get some coffee in me and then hit the Pilates.

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Just a quicky,

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They're gone, they're gone, they're gone!!
All my company is gone, gone, gone!!!!! I had over 14 days of various visitors, and now they are all gone!
I have so much laundry it is disgusting, but at least now I can get somethings done and not feel guilty about ignoring guests! I had a wonderful time, but entertaining people 24 hours a day is exhusting! Thought I'd get to rest today, but a friend called and needed someone to keep her 4 yr old DS, so he's here playing with my 4 year old for the day....Oh well, I can always sleep when I'm dead right???
I'm now going to go back and read everything I've missed in all your lives in the last 16 days!!!
Take care ladies...
McMom (Stacey)
Oh...MamaJ, thanks so much for the suggestions on where to go, we unfortunatly had to go where we were told to go by my friends mother.....I was just the bus driver, not the trip planner!!
By the way....We sold my car on Friday, had to rent a car while we look for a new one, and put over 400 miles on the rental while my company was here!!!!! UGGGGHHHH all me behind the wheel!!!
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Default Must share with Goomba!

DH and I have been going through some difficulties and last week we hit some snags. At one point, he tried a little game. He suggested that he move out. I told him:
(1) If he thought it was something he wanted to do, to do so.
(2) He also must be assured that that night I would be out making new friends and building a new life.
(3) By the end of a week, there would be a different vehicle parked in the driveway at night.

He decided not to pack and leave!

My second DH tried the same game and I told him to be certain to pack enough socks.

Goomba, never allow another person to intimidate you with threats! If he wants to f*ck someone, tell him to do so to himself!
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