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Default What does being thin feel like?

I have never in my life been thin (ok maybe from the age of 0-4). What does it feel like? It may be an odd question but I honestly dont know what I am missing so maybe thats why I am so comfortable being so heavy.
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I haven't been thin either, but judging by what being 65 pounds down felt like, I'd say it's probably pretty awesome. I gained back 40 lbs pretty darn fast. Because I gained it so fast, I really notice that weight and how much harder everything is. I can't wait to get back to where I was and beyond because EVERYTHING is easier. Right now I'm just so tired.
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I was thin growing up and when I say thin I mean rail thin to the point where people thought my parents weren't feeding me. It felt awkward and sometimes painful (hitting your bones on things hurts). When I hit puberty I gained a bit of weight and simply because I wasn't as thin as I once was I thought I was fat. I look back at pictures of myself as a teenager and can now see that I was thin then.

I may have felt a bit self conscious but it was nowhere near as bad as it is now. I would wear spaghetti strap tank tops and shorts in the summer and could go into almost any store and buy what I liked and not be reduced to tears in the fitting rooms.

I think back to it and I really miss the confidence I had then; yeah I would never have worn a bikini but now I won't even wear shorts.
I think many people who lose weight have a very difficult accepting their new body and the changes that come with it (additional attention from opposite sex etc.). I personally am really looking forward to it I know there will always be things about my body that I won't like but I just want to have the same feeling of pride and confidence I used to have or even just not always being so concerned with how I may appear. I remember being able to wear just about anything and feel comfortable and know it looked good but now I am constantly concerned that I look fat.

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damn good, haha .....I only weighed about 115 up until I got married....and I, like Veela, just remember how much confidence I had and how I never worried about clothes fitting or shopping ...everything was so much easier...can't wait to get back there ...well not 115 but to a thin goal

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I was only two lbs from my goal weight last summer (132) and thin felt so much easier. I could try on clothes and most things looked good on my frame. I felt so much more confident. I had no issue being at the beach without a coverup (I can't remember a time before last summer that I didn't have shorts on over my swimsuit) and felt great in shorts. I was no longer worried that when strangers would look at me in public they were silently judging me for being chunky. Running at the gym also became easier as I lost more weight.

I'm up about 10 lbs, and although I'm not overweight, I'm looking forward to the added confidence that I'll feel when I get closer to goal.
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I also was skinny until puberty, and then fairly "not fat" until young adulthood. I first gained weight in my early 20s - coincidentally, one of the most hellish periods of my life - and then took it off again in my later 20s. Now I'm working off the baby weight.

Being shapely, or thin, or fit, whatever you want to call it, it feels good. Quite good. You enjoy having your picture taken, among other things. For me, it's worth fighting to be shapely, it's worth giving up favorite foods for a while to get back there, and then really monitoring myself to stay there. It's a good feeling. You can practice for this good feeling by feeling good about your hard work and the progress you do make with your weight loss efforts.
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I was thin for a while a long time ago, too. But I think it was different then because I couldn't appreciate it. I was 5'8" and 130 lbs and I thought I was huge. BUT, at the same time, I could wear anything. I hardly ever tried clothes on because I knew that anything between a size 4 and a size 10 would probably fit me (not always flatteringly, but still...) I just eyeballed it. And it worked. I didn't have anxiety about people watching me eat, or run, or swim.

This time, I think it will be different because I've been truly fat for so long. I can only imagine how different it will feel to live in my body when it weighs significantly less!
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I was thin as a teen/young adult and didn't get heavy until my 30's. In addition to being a healthy weight, I was also quite active- and that felt great. I have managed to lose 38 lbs, and it feels good. I'm not thin, but I can feel the difference in my body vs. 38 lbs ago. I have more spring in my step, I feel smaller, I am more capable of physical activity now and I have more energy. My goal is to achieve the weight I was prior to gaining all this, but mostly I want just to feel healthy and physically capable of doing the things I know I ought to be able to do.
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I've been overweight my whole life. Being thin feels like I can accomplish anything.
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I think the best thing is that we stop thinking about our bodies as obstacles but as tools. Though I would like to lose a bit more, I now feel lighter, not self-conscious, and use my body to do things: I walk, I jog, and I am more expressive with it, since I don't feel bad when people look at me. I like discovering bones under what used to be "padding"... Hightly recommendable!
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I may not still be "thin" or as thin as I'd like to be, but I know I'm no longer 220, or anywhere near it, so when I walk, I walk around with confidence, with my shoulders back and as if I can do anything. I also feel like I get more attention, and people are nicer to me. It's strange, but I don't seem to be angry at the world anymore lol.

Once I get to my goal, I'm sure I'll be much more confident though, I think feeling thin comes with being happy with the way we look.
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When I was at my slimmest, I had so much more confidence in my clothes and my appearance. My husband has noticed as I've lost weight that I love to go shopping, no longer avoid mirrors and I actually do put on makeup. He thinks I've been looking so much happier and excited about life in general (although this is probably partially due to tackling my social anxiety problems which kept me housebound most of the time).
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I still have at least 12-15p to go but I have lost a lot in inches and I can tell you I feel sooooo much better, I don't know why I waited so long to do this but I guess I just wasn't ready. I have been thin before but the last 9 years I have been "fluffy" after having a child in 2002. The strangest sensation is my arms no longer touching my sides anymore when they hang down. The space feels so odd but awesome.
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It feels good being thin, because you can wear anything you want. But being too thin is also not good, people may mistake you as anorexic or drug addict! lol!

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I never thought I was thin (but in retrospect I realize that yes, I was thin) so I can't really tell you what it felt like. Shopping was a little easier but still not super easy because I'm so short. I had to wear a lot of little girls clothes. I remember it was better than being fat like I am now but that's about it.
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