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Default Apple-shaped ladies & pants falling down?

I am SO frustrated with my pants right now (and my tummy, but I am working on that). I am very, very apple shaped, and all of my weight is either stomach, boob, or back fat. No hips to speak of.

Anyway. So my pants seem to fall into one of three categories:

1) Too small; fit below my belly, the band gets hidden under the fold. NOT an attractive look. They don't hold on well anyway bc I have no hips.

2) Too small; fit across my belly, gives me horrible lumps and hurts around the middle. Also not attractive. These are the only ones that stay put, but they hurt.

3) Too big; fit across my belly, most attractive in terms of look (no lumps or bumps or overhang), but dangit if I'm not hitching them up every 5 minutes! These naturally gravitate to under my belly, bc I am shaped like a funnel.

Does anyone else have this problem? Find any pants or pant-finding tips that make this process easier? I can't handle the stupid pants struggle anymore. I know losing 30lb will make this problem go away but until then - HELP!
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Mine are doing that right now! I told my hubby this morning that In have to get the sewing machine out today!
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Yep. Same problem here. Although I am technically an inverted triangle, I have apple tendencies. I carry the weight in my midsection, but my hips, butt and thighs are small. As a result, pants either slice into my belly or fall off as I walk. lol

Honestly, the best solution I have found to this problem is to opt for jeggings most of the time. Because they are designed to be tight fitted through the hips/thighs, I can get a pair that fits my belly without looking too big through the legs. I like Old Navy Rockstar ones, because they are darn close to being real jeans.

Another option: skirts and dresses. I am wearing more of these because of this problem.

And finally, check Juniors racks. The pants are cut for young girls who tend to be less hippy, so you might have some luck there.
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I tend to have this problem. Lately I've just been wearing leggings or jeggings and a large, baggy top to cover up my bum area. This masks my body shape pretty well, because it shows off my skinny legs but covers up my middle area, which is quite "chubby".
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I have no hips, no butt, no thighs . . . but my stomach? I don't wanna talk about it. If regular jeans fit my stomach, the butt is super baggy. And if I find some to fit my butt, well . . . there's no way I'm going to be able to zip them up.

I don't like them a whole lot, but I wear elastic-waisted jeans from Walmart. Since they're stretchy all over they sorta fit my butt better than any regular jeans would (yeah, only sorta) and the waist stretches enough not to cut into my stomach. My shirts seem to hide them pretty decently.
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Default re:

Yep, me too. I recently found some jeans though that I LOVE. I've always hated any jeans with stretch and thought they looked awful on me.

Now that I've lost a little bit, I'm actually loving the stretch jeans. (particularly GV Amanda style) They give just enough stretch in the belly while not having super loose legs.

Might just want to go to the store and try a few options.
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Maurice's Jeans tend to look pretty good on me, but I honestly hate finding jeans. My stomach is huge and round and my legs are smaller proportionately, so the legs and butt of my pants are always baggy to some degree!
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These are the ones I get: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Just-My-Si...Pants/16503462

They look ok as long as I don't tuck my shirt in (not that I ever do that anyway, that always looks horrible on me).
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Oh man..i feel your pain... i have the exact same problem.. I go to a Penningtons store to buy my jeans and i have to buy them a size smaller then what i am because they are too baggy in the hips if i get them the exact size i am..and then on top of that, they stretch out like a whole size when you wear them for more than a day..so my butt looks saggy, hip area looks saggy...but my stomach...hurts like crazy because my pants are so tight..and thats the only way to keep them up...because if they arent so tight they hurt, then they are falling down and i have to constantly hike them back up all the time! Gawd i hate pants!!!
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Porthardygurl, are you making sure you're getting the right fit of jeans from Penningtons, they have like 4 different cuts, and several styles within those cuts.

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This is why I avoid pants and wear leggings. Ugh the "joys" of being an apple!
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I have this problem too! A size smaller usually looks much better in the back, but not so cute (or comfortable) in the front. If I can find jeans that are sort of low rise I like them best, but it seems to me they are always too low or way too high on the waist.

And the worst part is when they kind of slip down and then get stuck under your stomach fat. Or maybe this only happens to me.

I also like Maurices jeans, but skirts are better
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Even leggins fall down on me, I am horribly apple shaped with skinny legs, flat bottom and no hips, I just can't find pants to suit my shape at all and end up having to wear dresses all the time. Also tights have to hoiked up and I have to wear knickers that sit above the tummy button, I am about 30lb over weight but all that weight seems to be on the chest and above the belly button. It's not pretty and it also means I just can't wear pants.

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I have the same problem and when my pants don't fit I get grumpy. My favourite pants are black pants that I put a drawstring into the waistband. That way they don't fall down, but the butt is still saggy. A long sweater to cover it up and I'm good. If the drawstring has little stretch to it, it doesn't hurt when you sit down. When I wear tights, I have to pull them up to stay up and then the crotch looks not so good.
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I have this problem too! I do best with Lane Bryant Right Fit Yellow. ... they don't actually make my legs swim.

I've heard that skinny jeans can be good for this issue too - just they won't look like skinny jeans - they'll look like straight leg jeans. But this may be a solution for getting a large enough waste but not swimming in the rest of the jeans.
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