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dirty labour daughter
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Yep, I have this problem! The best pants I've found so far are Lane Bryant genius fit straight fit slim bootcut jeans. I had to go up two whole sizes compared to what i wear in other LB jeans, but they fit great!

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I have this problem too!

I just avoid jeans smh.
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Try the Old Navy "Diva" cut. I am apple as well, and the Diva jeans are cut narrower through the hips and butt. They are also comfy stretchy enough to make up of some minor fit issues. I get a lot of compliments on my legs when I wear them. Old Navy also carries a good selection of larger sizes that are not ugly; it's the same clothes as the straight sizes, just bigger. If you don't find a size in the store, they have a lot more options online and a great return policy.
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Sorry to sound like an Old Navy spokesperson; it's just that once I graduated out of stores like Avenue and Lane Bryant, Old Navy was the first place I found clothes that fit me really well and made me feel good so I always talk them up a lot to others who are losing weight.
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On a mission!
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@HelloNurse Thanks for the info! I have tried a few styles from old navy and just lost hope when they all cut or just sat so weird on me. I am going to try this "Diva" cut
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Default Slipping jeans

I am 5'6 160 lbs. and I have exactly the same problem. I tried the skinny jeans from Kohl's, Vera Wang brand and they seem to work the best for me. They come up a little bit higher than a low-cut Jeans and they are very stretchy & comfortable. I buy the dark wash & they are awesome! They run $49.00. Good luck!!
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I have this problem as well, but what adds an extra complication is my big thighs! I have big belly, big thighs, no butt, no hips. So pants that are designed for apples usually don't fit over my thighs. I'm with the jeggings group; those are the only pants I have that don't fall down all day. They are kind of high-waisted, which helps them stay up.
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I have a couple apple friends who swear by men's jeans, but if the waist is bigger even men have the same problem.

My hubby is a very big apple, so he's either got to sinch his belt uncomfortably across his middle to create a fake waist, or he has to cinch his belt under the belly, whis is less comfortable, but more likely for belly to peek out under his shirt.

For the most part, he belts under the belly, and then wears untucked tall (longer) shirts.

I think suspenders would work better, but he doesn't want to try them.
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Weird thing about Old Navy clothes is sometimes I have to try on tall, regular, and short in the jeans section to get a good fit but overall I really like them!
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OMG. You just described my life story!!! Pants shopping is a NIGHTMARE and I hate it. I have to buy the jeans in walmart that have the stretchy band. I hate having to do that because I feel like I'm buying maternity pants, but they are basically the only ones that fit. Not to mention when you do find a pair of glorious non stretchy pants that fit across your stomach they look like men pants on your thighs cause they're too baggy back there! Argggh
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Starting over sucks.
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This was a huge issue for me. My belly is one size bigger than the rest of me. Penningtons in Canada has different fits. The "Straight fit" is perfect for this particular problem and look best on me.
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In response to first post. i have the same problem and have a solution of sorts. Cut two incisions on the inside of the two side seams of jeans/trousers etc. Run thick elastic through the band and attach elastic with a button to both sides. Pull the elastic tight enough. When you wear these now they can't fall down but they won't hurt your stomach either. It's worth a shot! Works for me.
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Originally Posted by modifyeddoll87 View Post
im an hourglass apple i live in leggings/ juniors jeans / dresses for this reason lol people think im fancy because im always in a dress .... i just hate the great pants struggle is all lols
I'm glad that I'm not the only one that wears a dress occasionally out of pure laziness.

I usually get higher-cut jeans because my natural waist is substantially smaller than my gut, so it works better with my complete lack of butt and hips. You can get tummy-tuck panel jeans, but I find that just normal Levis have about the same effect with a high enough rise. I have a pair of Levi Strauss 515 jeans that I wear until they can stand on their own.
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Default Glad I found this forum!!!

The struggle is real!! My legs are so skinny, I have zero butt and NO hips. My abdomen is distended from a health issue and so I look 6 months pregnant...pants are impossible except leggings but even those roll under my belly and I have to chose between that and a camel toe. Underwear I have the same issue. My question is... has anyone actually tried maternity wear for this issue? I just would wonder what to say to the salesperson😳
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Hi, I wore maternity pants for several months after surgery, when I was not permitted to have anything tight across my abdomen. I don't think the salesperson gave it a thought. I was obviously too old to be pregnant! My tops were long and covered them so no one could tell. I think a lot of overweight women wear them. If you have a Goodwill or other thrift store in your area you could check there because many people wear their maternity wear for a few months then donate it after the baby is born. A good way to get them gently used.
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