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one day at a time
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Default un-cute days

I hate the days where i just dont feel cute. i got up at 6:45 this morning and went on a run, did my push ups, wore a cute dress with boots, even did my hair and make up. But during my lunch break at work i tried on some clothes (i work in retail) and when i pulled my dress off, i just felt fat and like i was all jiggly and flubbery.
im trying to turn it into motivation, but its just so discouraging to have such an un-cute day.
you know what i mean?
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Vegetarian college girl
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I feel ya. But I guess that's motivation to not buy clothes until the weight is lost :/ at least for me...haha
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Um I think uncute days come and go... if I start feeling uncute i look at pictures of times when I really think I look cute and feel cute again.
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We all have them! I do think a big part of it too is that we all retain water at weird times so sometimes we really ARE bigger on those days. Or maybe or hair didn't dry well or maybe your skin decides to break out. Whatever it is, you can't do much about it (well, drink lots of water that always helps!).

But you know what? Think about the people in your life who you would like to emulate when it comes to fashion/beauty/confidence. Do they have ugly days? If so you probably don't notice. You probably think they look nice every day. I'm sure the only person who noticed your un-cute day was you (well, and know we all know about it ).
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Yes - uncute days suck! I know the feeling.. I think it is water weight... which for me to hard to control... I must be eating too much salty foods that retain the water.. regardless.. on those days, I just remember that I am smaller since I started and would much rather be at my weight today, than a year ago.
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Every pound is a victory
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I have the Mt. Vesuvius of TOM pimples erupting on my chin right now, so yes, I can commiserate!
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Every pound is a victory
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And lest I forget, the bloating!
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Working out makes me feel totally different about myself on my un-cute days. Looking at myself just before I hop into the shower after a hard workout I see a strong, able body that can do anything, not something that is doesn't look exactly the way I want it to in a particular outfit.
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Playing to Lose
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The only thing that makes me feel better is putting on a shirt and pair of pants from the "fat chapter" of my life. I kept one outfit from each size along my journey. It really helps put things into perspective how far I have come. It doesn't help 100% on my un-cute days but it does make it a little easier.

Congratulations on your success so far! WTG!
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Started Precon 6/29/11
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I hate how some days I can feel so thin, and then the very next day I'm feeling like a fatty again. I can be the exact same weight or even lighter, and I still feel fatter than the day before. I just tell myself that, logically, I look just as good as the day before, but it doesn't always sink in.

I think I've realized that I will always have those days, even at my goal weight. However, nobody else will think that or even notice a difference, usually-- it's all in our heads.
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