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I've noticed that I need to wear a smaller size, I'd say my shoe size has decreased by a half to a full shoe size. Some of my older shoes literally fall off my feet when I try to wear them now.

Like a couple of other people have said, I think it's down to the amount of weight that your feet are carrying as to how far they "spread". If you were to place your hand on a table without putting any weight on it, it would be narrower and take up a smaller area on the table than it would be if you put weight on it by pushing down on it. I think much the same happens with feet.

I haven't really noticed my feet decrease in length. I think that I was having to buy a slightly larger size so a shoe fit me in width, and now that my feet have narrowed due to weight loss, old shoes are way too big.

Another thing that may be causing it is that feet swell and shrink in size depending on how hot your feet are (i.e. how much blood is flowing to them). I think my feet may have felt hotter and more swollen when I was larger because of the increased stress on them from my body weight. Now that they are under less pressure, I think they don't get nearly so warm, and thus, they don't seem to increase in size as much as they did before when they got hot.
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