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Originally Posted by Meg View Post
Do any of you feel guilty throwing away cookies and goodies that the rest of your family would eat just because you have a problem with them in the house? I'm struggling with that question today.
Hi Meg,

In our house it all goes in the trash on January 2nd. If DH doesn't take it to work on Tuesday, it's out of here. Really, DH doesn't want it here after that either and my two sons get enough treats through out the week at school, playdates, etc. I really try not to feel guilty about it although sometimes I do. But then I just tell myself they, (DS AND DH) are lucky I brought it all in here in the first place...

After I get over the guilt, it feels good to get those added treats out of my cupboards and fridge. I then head to the grocery and stock up on all my fruits, veggies, nuts...Ahhh the tormentors are gone and I am back in control of the kitchen.
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I used to feed only myself (not my DH or DDs) healthy, whole foods and spend extra money to get the lower-cal or higher-fiber version of things. Because it cost more, I wouldn't give these things to the others. They were fine with that because they liked the fattier, less healthy things I fed them. Then I realized how unfair I was to rob them of health. And how much harder I was making it for my DDs... they need to grow up appreciating the taste of things that are whole grain, high fiber, less fat, etc. So I quit worrying about the price (well, somewhat) and started feeding all of us the same wholesome, healthy foods. Along with that shift in mentality, I throw away junk food or sweets whenever I need to because no one benefits from them. Even if they don't struggle with their weight, junk food is equally bad for their hearts and arteries!
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I figure I can use the trash can, or I can be the trash can. Give what you can to a food bank, and the rest just isn't going to do anybody any good.

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You bet I give it away! DH will eat some of it, but he doesn't need it any more than I do. I take some to work, but only if it's really good. The so-so stuff goes out.

We're home tonight, and will be in bed long before midnight. Happy New Year to you all!
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Joy and Susan - I moved your posts to the January thread and will close this one.
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