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Default LOVE this advice. As true for maintenance as for weight loss

Found on My Fitness Pal with the catchy title "Corn Used My Man Parts for a Speedbag" (Originally posted by SS (og SS))

You don't need to eat clean.
You don't need to avoid white bread or potatoes or beans or rice or _____________ (insert food here) unless you've got an intolerance/allergy/medical condition.
You don't need to eat breakfast to get your metabolism started.
You probably don't need to pay any attention to GI.
Your metabolism doesn't get kick-started and you don't rev it up.
Eating frequently is fine but it doesn't "boost your metabolism".
Don't waste your money on Raspberry Keytones and you should probably turn off Dr. Oz.
You are not toning.
You will not bulk up, ladies.
You also don't "gain muscle really easily". Yes, YOU.
Low carbing is not dangerous.
Low carbing is not metabolically superior.
You can eat food before bed.
You can eat food IN bed.
There is no specific time at which eating will cause you to gain fat.
The little pink dumbbells do not constitute "lifting weights".
That glass of blended up "juice" that you're replacing your meals with, probably isn't "cleansing" any "toxins".
"Hot Pants" don't make you lose fat, although they may make your wallet lighter.
You don't need to burn off that bowl of cereal or piece of chicken.
You don't need to worry about whether you're burning carbs or fat.
You don't need to worry about how much fat you burned during your workout, or how much muscle you gained during that set of bosu-ball dumbbell flies.
You don't "shock your body"
You don't "confuse your mucles"
Stop switching up your lifting program. How about stick to something and add weight to the bar.
Just because you saw it in a documentary doesn't mean it's a good idea or even remotely research-based.
You don't need to zig-zag or carb cycle or do the 17 day butt wash or the cabbage donkey stew diet.
2 weeks is not a plateau.

Start here:
1) Eat within a reasonable caloric intake for your goals.
2) Consume adequate protein and fat.
3) Consume at least enough carbs to allow you to train with intensity.

(And can you just use some common sense with food selection?)

4) Lift weights
5) Get rest.
6) Repeat
7) And quit worrying about all the other crap.

Be patient.

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I love it!
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Back to Basics!
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Three cheers for clear thinking.
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Simple and sensible.

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I agree with it all, although i can't be bothered lifting weights at all. I'd rather do a headstand! Or a handstand! Or ride around the world on my bike.
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What a wonderful post. Agreed! However, I will say that lifting little pink weights shouldn't be a negative thing. Not everyone is into or wants to do work with barbells. Also, all the weights at my gym that are dumbells come in bright colors, not just the 1 or 2 pound weights.

In general, I just love this post. I think there is a lot of confusing information out there and it just makes people trying to get healthier confused and overloaded with the pressure of all this information. I also think people should turn off Dr. Oz.
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When I reached goal I asked long time maintainers how they kept it off..I could lose but I couldn't keep it off. My answer from long term maintainers, We kept it off the same way we lost it. I figured they must know something I didn't and decided to follow their advice It worked.
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Yes, I also mostly agree! (Although I wouldn't knock the little pink weights, some people need to start really small because our muscles are really weak!)
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I kept waiting to read something that I'm sure I would disagree with - I didn't!!!

Yes, yes 1000X yes!!

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I like most of them, except that the whole "You won't bulk ladies" That is such an absolute answer that doesn't apply to everyone. Even if most most women can't bulk without extreme effort, some can, just like how some are more sodium sensitive, some might have metabolic issues etc - we all gotta look at what we're starting with. "bulkability" is totally fine and could be their end goal anyways. I have some women in my family with that build and if it isn't their goal to achieve that particular look, its 'avoidable' but very easily doable!

As far as the pink weights go, I love them!! Now I lift way heavier, but when I was starting out at stage 0, I really wanted to focus on form and lifting with such ease made it a lot easier for me to get a better form and then move on to bigger weights!
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Eh, there are several points on there I'd take down with some endocrinology and a few studies on genetic amounts of lean mass, but overall the point is very well taken and I agree. I'm always amazed at people who nitpick the amount of aspartame they drink, for example, but then shrug when they have an epic binge on donuts (or quit altogether, as though that's going to get them to their goal). And don't even get me started on the folks who think they can somehow go back to their previous diet in amounts and food types without getting their previous body condition right back with it
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Just about sums up to "Eat and move like your great-grandparents did." But if it wasn't complicated, we wouldn't need a $20 BILLION dollar weight loss industry. I loves me some "KISS" principles!
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Love it!
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