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Default No Easter Candy Pledge

Anyone in?

The hardboiled eggs will be fine. The, um, Reese's eggs are not.
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Thumbs down No Easter junk food

Count me in. I've been tired of seeing Easter candy in the stores since Valentine's Day.

No chocolate eggs. No marshmallow eggs. No jelly beans. No HFCS.

[But maybe a small square of high quality dark chocolate to celebrate such celibacy.]
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it's always something
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Me too! I bought one candy item for my granddaughter, the rest of the basket will be filled with toys. Neither one of us needs it.

edit: Woops! how'd I get in maintainers!
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Hey, Suzanne, if I'm here, ANYone can be here! It's all in the wanting to not regain, IMHO, not necessarily in the successful action of not regaining alone. But what do I know?

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I'm in!

Saying NO to all of it is so much easier for me. Even my beloved Peeps (5 years and COUNTING).
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I'm in, too.

Yes, even to Jelly Bellies. Those would happen to be my personal downfall. I ate them one by one, to savor the individual flavors, but I ate them all day, for hour after hour after hour. I shudder to think what that nearly IV-line supply probably did to my blood sugar.
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Count me in!!

And Midwife -- what do you know? You know lots! And you hit the Maintainers nail on the head. We're delighted to have you, Suzanne!
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Count me in! I bought peeps last year, I thought i was going to just eat one a day. Well I didn't eat any at all and 5 mo. later I ended up throwing them away. So I didn't buy any this year cause I won't eat them anyway. I can do this!
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I'm buying myself flowers instead of candy this Easter.

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Oh, and the spring flowers are so beautiful! Ranunculus in so many colors! Lilac! Lilies!
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I'm up for this!

I got the family some of the cutest little Lindt chocolate bunnies and chickies. Argh! I haven't touched any unplanned sweets for many months,and Easter is a potential disaster...
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Choose your hard...
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Count me in. I'm not a maintainer. (Still have a long way to go.) But I am definitely not indulging in the Easter candy this year. My dad always buys me an Easter basket filled with candy and eggs. So I have already asked him to please not to. Instead I have planned on getting a new workout outfit. The sweat pants I have been working out in are huge. I can use the draw string to make them tighter but the legs are so baggy it's probably not safe to be on exercise equipment in them.

So, anyway, I am not going to eat Easter candy this year. I will probably go to church etc. but no candy for me. The candy just isn't worth getting off my diet.

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Chuggin' along...
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I'm using the run-roll-dodge technique I perfected last month while avoiding tables of little s selling thin mint and samosa deliciousness (er, girl scouts) to avoid the Cadbury egg displays at the end of the aisles at CVS. I don't even like Cadbury eggs that much, why do they hold such a draw? Why are egg-shaped snickers so much better tasting? Why are pastel-colored peanut m&m's so much yummier? I've avoided CVS entirely for the past 2 weeks, and will keep it up! I'm not eating sweets anyway right now, but I don't need the extra temptation.

I'm going to my friend's son's 2nd birthday party this Saturday. She has made the theme an Easter egg hunt. I will only eat the real eggs (she has chickens so the eggs are plentiful!), no candy.

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I'm in, but I'm in with a guilty secret. I bought my (adult) son some Easter candy and then I had a stress breakdown and ate it this past weekend. So I will buy him ONE piece of chocolate (because he's not even that crazy about it) and I will have no more Easter candy this year. I took a long, hard look at the Cadbury eggs the other day but did manage to resist buying them. Those things are my downfall.

So....count me in. No jelly beans, no pastel M&M's, no chocolate bunny, no Easter candy of any kind. I will allow myself one small slice of my Mom's cake (white with sticky white icing) for after dinner, and that's it.
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Count me in, too. I did this last year on 3FC and it worked like a charm. Even told my family that I had taken a no Easter candy challenge. I could tell they were watching me to see if I would keep to my word. That helped motivate me too because I didn't want to not do what I said I was going to do. My hubby loves jelly beans. I bought him a bag last weekend and helped him scarf it down. That's the end of the candy. No more going forward. I mean it!


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