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My maintenance weight picked me and it was lower than I thought it would be. I've been holding steady for two months and it hasn't been a struggle to stay this weight so that's how I know it's good for me. Some people might think on paper that I'm too light but I'm an ectomorph - lean but not very muscular. This weight works for me, everyone's different. I don't normally "announce" my weight offline in my real life b/c I feel it's like a license to invite people to comment on it. It's no one's business but my own IMO. As long as I'm healthy and feel good, that's was always my goal.
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I picked a goal, but eventually my maintenance chose for me. I wanted to be around 124 pounds, but after I started weight training and increasing my diet food plan, I went to around 136 pounds. Standing at 5'5", I'm pretty happy about it and have no reason to complain.

I still wouldn't mind being at 124 lbs, but I love myself at 136 lbs too.
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When I got dead serious about losing weight I was over 204 pounds, and I thought I would try and get down to 150 somebody said "you will still be obese" so I lowered my goal to the top of a healthy weight for my height, I didn't have any confidence that I could go lower but when I got there I decided to try to go a little lower and was successful. I did this a time or two more, dropping my goal another 5 pounds at a time until I am where I am now , a few pounds below my goal weight. It has been almost five years. Not a perfect five years but still maintaining.

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I read all 4 pages of comments here!

I found my first natural plateau when initially joined OA and abstained from sugar and cheese for about 1.5 yrs. I dropped to 150 and stayed there.

I stopped abstaining from those foods in pregnancy, and gained a LOT, my top PG wt was 206. Midway through the PG, I took sugar out again, because I was having problems with binging on baked goods.

After my son was born, I continued to eat cheese but not sugar, and I breastfed him exclusively. My weight quickly dropped, within 3 months I had gone back to 150, and eventually hit 140. I got a stomach bug that made me feel sick whenever I ate for a few days, and dropped to 138. I NEVER thought I would weigh so little in my adult life. (As an older teen, I dropped to 128 once, but that was when I was living on the street as a run-away and eating very very little. I thought I looked AWESOME, my mom thought I was going to die of starvation... )

Anyways, because I have disordered eating and body image, and the normal weight thing is not what I'm used to...I thought I needed to keep my weight below 140 to be "at goal". After all I got there once, right? When I was sick...and not eating...and breastfeeding... Hahahaha!!!! Funny, and not funny.

Along the way, I got tired of not eating sugar. I reintroduced it a few times, and my weight has gone up in response. Today, I eat healthy most of the time, eat cheese and sugar though in moderation, and am hovering between 158.5 and 161.5. I am not happy with this weight, as it's harder to fit into my clothes (bought at weight 140-150) and it's harder to buy cute clothes, which I love. I'm a thrift store shopper and love vintage clothes and cute dresses, but they are much harder to find at this weight.

I feel that if I gave up concentrated sugars and cheese again (my go-to overeating foods), I would easily drop the weight...but that was an annoying way to eat because of special occasion foods and feeling different and resentful. I'm still wrestling with that. For now, my maintenance wt chose me based on how I am eating.
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When I reached 60kg I wanted to do better, so aimed for 55kg. When I hit the 54-55 kg range about 18 months ago I was really happy.
It's not that hard to maintain in a small range if you eat the same foods. Trying hard at the moment to lose the "holiday pouch".
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i am kinda lazy so i evaluated and choose
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