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I still don't know mine. I have made them before but I think it's a really long process to figure out where you want to be. You have had so much success thus far. I am sure you have looked at the BMI chart to see what a healthy weight would be for you. My first goal was to leave the obese category and the second was to leave the overweight category.
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You might want to check out a thread we had about a year ago on this very topic: Did you pick your maintenance weight, or did it pick you? My maintenance weight definitely picked me, rather than the other way around.
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Originally Posted by Meg View Post
You might want to check out a thread we had about a year ago on this very topic: My maintenance weight definitely picked me, rather than the other way around.
Thanks! I'm going to check it out...
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that thread might deserve a sticky
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Wow - that was a great thread from last year. I don't know how I missed it when I was searching for goal weight info last May! ETA - definitely needs a sticky!

My maintenance weight picked me, as well. I settled in about ten pounds lower than my initial goal, and am still fluctuating a good bit. Like a lot of the posts in the old thread, I go up and down by about five pounds pretty easily, so I have a range rather than one flat number.

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I hope you don't mind me jumping in but I wanted to put in a vote for making that thread a sticky. I just have a tentative goal weight. I know that I need to lose more than a 100 pounds but ........ Well, I am just going to lose the 100 pounds and then I will deal with it. I know that I will want to come back and reread that thread.

You are all such an encouragement. Thanks for sticking around and helping all of us who are on this journey.
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My WW goal weight was different from my personal goal weight. For WW, I chose the highest number because I wanted to quit paying the fee. Then I continued down to my personal goal of losing 100 lbs. Now I've set myself another goal that's under that goal, but I'm okay if I don't get there.
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Great suggestion to sticky the thread -- thanks!

I went ahead and stickied, then merged the old and new threads. It seems to be a question a lot of members have, especially as they start closing in on a goal weight. Please keep adding your input! One thing we've learned here in Maintainers is that there are many ways to pick a goal and then reach it and we all can learn so much from each other.
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I've recently been thinking about this issue of what my goal weight should be. I picked 145 initially because that's the weight I usually was in high school; once I got down to 127 and that was way too low, I was skinny enough to be worrisome. And when I lost weight once about 15 years ago, I got down to 160ish and still felt like that was too fat.

However, the compounding issue with these weights is bodyfat and lean mass. At 145 in high school, I know for a fact that I didn't have more muscle than just came about naturally. At 160 after weight loss, I did because I was doing some strength-training; but not with heavy weights. I don't know what my bodyfat % was at either of those times.

Now...I am at 42%ish BF according to my scale, 217ish pounds. With 125ish pounds of lean mass, if I manage to maintain that lean mass (which I have been doing, according to my scale progress over the last 4 months), I'll be down to 20% BF at around 155 to 160 pounds. That's 10 to 15 pounds higher than I'd been planning.

And for further consideration, my mom is 5'4" (3 inches shorter than me) and weighs in the mid-130s and appears quite thin...perhaps too thin. She also has good muscle mass. That's possible further evidence that my planned weight of 145 might not be what I really want. (Figure-wise, I take after her, and we seem to have a larger frame and a somewhat greater propensity to build muscle.)

But it's still too early for me to really know where I'll want to end up I think I'll probably be re-evaluating when I get down to 160 again.
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I sit around 140. I seem to get stuck there and have been bobbling around for months, so I think this may be my maintenance weight. I wear a size 8 (and bought a pair of size 6 shorts that fit!!!), so I don't know as I really need to get smaller. I have a lot of muscle and many people tell me I look fine.

I would like to lose some more and get to my "head" number of 135, but even if I stay here for life I would be pretty happy.
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it's funny how many people, like me, looked at BMI and said--ok, this seems like a middle of the road, not-overweight-for-my-height number to shoot for. My counselor at Curves told me to start small--50 lbs, which meant my goal weight was 180. That is still overweight for my height. Regardless, I stayed there for a while, pretty happy with myself. I always had in the back of my mind two numbers: 165, which was the lowest I remember weighing, ever--at 12 years old. And 150, which, for my height is a 22 BMI, seemed like a safe, if impossible to imagine, middle "perfect".

I never thought I'd break 160, honestly. I considered myself a "big-boned" girl. Now I sometimes think, Oh my goodness...135 is only 20 lbs away. That is, like...amazing. So maybe, I might change my goal to 135. I don't know. I can't see myself there, I don't have a reference point--my reference point is 165 on my pediatrician's office scale in 1993, before I had real boobs or hips or anything that wasn't just fat.

Everything after that point is just an experiment.
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hey ladies, i've currently been trying to pick my goal weight and i was directed to this thread. thank you to everyone who shared their stories, its helped a lot.

The thinnest i can ever remember being at this height was 120 pounds, and that was in the 6th grade (and i was so embarrassed by it, i thought i was sooo fat!). I haven't grown any taller since then, but managed to get almost to 170 pounds, and am currently sitting right under 140. My weight goal has shifted over the past 4 years as i've dreamed about and struggled with losing weight. Right now my body is kind of in control over my weight lose, as i haven't been putting in much of an effort to actually lose weight.
A couple months ago, i set my weight goal at 130. It seemed crazy to aim to be any lower than that, considering 120 was my lowest weight ever! But as i reach that goal (im only 9 pounds away!) i think (depending on how i feel 9 pounds from now) i might readjust it to 125 pounds.
It worries me to think that i might be able to achieve my 6th grade weight again, but its definitly seeming possible. But i dont want to be quite there.
Like i said, right now my body is in control of my weight, im just kind of living and learning how to eat when im hungry and not emotional-eat.
I spose that my body will eventually choose a stopping point, but i will be happy anywhere between 120-130 because back at 168, my sixth grade weight seemed impossible!

also, reading about some of you who never hit ur goals, but are still happy, has let me know that i may never hit that tiny number, but as long as im happy, its okay
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My goal weight picked me in a sense.

I started WW at 184 then found out we were pregnant with DS. I gained 50, lost most of that before WW came to my work place. I was less ready to get on the wagon but the opportunity was too good.

When getting close to the range for my height, I had "the conversation" with my leader. I hadn't been 165 since I graduated HS 15 years earlier and frankly anything less scared me, even though my body is much different HS v then. I picked 162 but wasn't able to get there - mental reasons I'm sure, plus months and months of weight loss, so we moved it up to 164 -where I was plateauing at - and started maintenance. I hit WW Lifetime when DS was 16 months old after losing ~70 pounds (20 w/ WW).

I understand throwing BMI's out the window (I'm pretty muscular, it's always been hard to meet top BMI weights) but there are some hard lines such as body fat% that should be heeded for heath reasons. Female Athlete Syndrome isn't limited to 15-YO gymnasts, and all three factors need not be present. It's all about being healthy, right?

Currently pregnant with LO#2 - we'll see if I'm ready to move that 164 when I get back there. I know I am right now, and had gotten a few extra off this year (161), so I think when the time is right I'll be ready for the 150's.

It's totally up to you and what you're comfortable in. I was very happy with where my body was, activity and clothing wise, I think that's important. It's important to be able to maintain that goal - as pp have noted, real life is going to the occasional party or out to dinner.
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At the time I retired from working, I realized it had been about 6 months since I'd felt fit and energized. I'd gained maybe 20 pounds, and it was settling into new areas of my body. My waist had always been very small, but now I was getting a real "gut". I joined a gym and began cutting back on eating. When I saw how cheap it was to join TOPS, I walked right in. They wanted to have a "physicians' recommended weight". I'd never had any kind of health issues, and my weight for these modern times wasn't considered a problem. I just off the cuff said "150", because that was where I'd felt the most energy in the past. When I had my regular physical, I asked the doctor to just say 150 was a decent weight for me and he did. When I was a teenager, people were much thinner. My doctor always said at that time I had to lose weight. I hated going to the doctor for that very reason. I weighed about 150 then, and he wanted me down around 130. Anyway, now that I am 150 pounds again and feeling fantastic, I think I want to lose another 10 pounds. Just so I can see as well as feel the new muscular definition in my abs. I may have a touch of "Female Athlete Syndrome". But at my age, 59yrs, I 'm ready to leap buildings in a single bound!
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I love this site for picking a goal weight. It helps me imagine better what I might look like at a certain weight...
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