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After reflecting more on this and thinking about comments my husband has made over the years, I really believe he thinks my weight loss was more from the exercise than from changing my diet. Yes, I realize I ran a lot of miles, but if I hadn't changed my diet there's no way I would've lost enough weight to even be ABLE to run those miles! I think he appreciates the fact that I ate less, but he always says "well, you never ate that much anyway." Huh? I ate like a pig for years! How else did I get to 275? And I've had times when I exercised but didn't change my diet, and I either gained or maintained.

After seeing how he dealt with this tiny bit of restriction of his own, I think it's just easier for him to believe exercise is the way to go. Also, it's something he can relate to, because he's always been so active. He was supportive of my efforts all along, but he never really talked about the nutrition part of it, just the running. I think he was just thrilled that I was into something he loved so much. I wonder if he'll ever truly understand what it's like to have to think about everything that goes in your mouth! Granted, I haven't been doing that so much lately, but I know that when I have the baby and start losing weight again I'll have to.

By the way, his fight didn't go so well. They had to stop it after the first round because the other guy hit him in the face and caused this big laceration in his eyebrow and it wouldn't stop bleeding. He had to get stitches! I was proud of him, though, for trying it. At 39, he was much older than almost every other fighter. But he honestly looked more fit than any of them! He overheard someone say "There's no way that guy's almost 40 with abs like that." That's something I don't think will ever be said about me!!
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One of the kids' friends asked DH the other day how much weight he has lost. I knew it was more than 100 pounds, but I wasn't sure how much. 124 from the highest weight he ever looked at on the scale, but he thinks he was probably 10-20 pounds heavier than he was willing to look at.

So, that said, you'd think this would be a man who knows what he's eating, right? NOT A CLUE! I mean, he knows the veggies and fruits and whole grains are good and the McD's is bad, but how many calories are in that piece of food in your hand? He doesn't have the foggiest idea.

He exercises a lot and he eats less food in a day than he used to, but there is no rhyme or reason to the calories he consumes. He'll eat brocolli with cheese sauce for lunch and then turn around and eat half a bag of chocolate chips because he's hungry for chocolate. I would weigh two tons if I ate what he eats in a day!

And I am the expert. If he's trying to decide between two snacks - like at a gas station - he'll ask me if I can guess which one has less calories. I tell him, ,then he looks at the package and he's floored when I'm right. Like it's a psychic phenomenon or something. HELLO! I look at the calories on everything everyday! Not rocket science, dear, just calorie counting.

He is learning and he does pay more attention, but frankly if he ever quit exercising I'm afraid the weight would come back because his eating is so erratic. I'm trying to help him make some sense of his eating habits without harping. I mean, he has lost a lot of weight, so he's doing something right. I'm just not sure what! Do you think calorie counting is a "female" ability???
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