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Hang in there!
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So funny! I go through phases. Sometimes people bring them to work as a nice surprise. I try to stay away the best I can. Just one is hard for me.
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One with the Wind and Sky
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Originally Posted by EatMoreCelery View Post
Elladorine, I like your avatar (Blind Melon-No Rain)!
Thanks! Found the Bee Girl so inspirational that I thought she'd make the perfect avatar.
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One day at a time
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I love donuts! So glad I don't live near any donut shop! The few times I have gone to krispy kreme was to get a dozen and take to someone else's house so wasn't tempted to eat more than one and ALWAYS leave them! I wouldn never be able to eat a whole dozen, ick....would make me sick.
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Newly Commited
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So funny!

Donuts are yummy. And I have such a sweet tooth. But as long as I stay away from them I don't crave them. But all those calories in a whole dozen, eesh.
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I was raised in the hometown of Krispy Kreme. My daddy used to pan toast me a glazed doughnut every morning for breakfast! I know they are a weakness and try to stay far away from the 'Hot Now' signs.
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This is sooo odd, cause today my hubby bought some pastries while shopping today. I gave him the ole stink eye for that. I told him, "They are yours & yours alone. If they even get near me, I'll beat you!" (Not really beat him, but I wanted to!!!)
Donuts aren't really my favorite. Their cousin the maple bar is!!! I've loved them since I was a child. They were my reward if I was good when I when grocery shopping with Mom. Know the ad for Klondike Bar? For me, it's what will you do for a maple bar? Sing, dance, almost sell my soul. Gimme a maple bar!!! (only a virtual one please...they are not for me right now, K?)
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Trying to get healthy
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I think that the donuts call my name. We have a few reps that will bring in donuts and other yummy treats to the office, and I try to put them as far away as possible, but I can hear them calling to me from the kitchen!!!
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Loved this thread!!

And donut holes have no calories right?? (kidding!)

I could eat 6 of the donut holes without even thinking about it. Powdered, jelly, chocolate glazed, cinnamon, YUM. The only ones that never tempted me were the coconut.
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I know this is an old thread, but...

I "have" bought a whole dozen and done exactly that - eaten the whole thing - by myself.

Seriously, I don't know how I didn't weigh more than I did. I must have always been fairly active despite my terrible, terrible eating!
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Aini Clive
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Nice sweet joke. Need Donuts and pastries and munch-kins :P
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