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Lighten Up! Feeling a little stressed out over your diet? This forum is for you! Laugh a little, relax, and take a load off!

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Originally Posted by ADL View Post
Apparently studies were wrong, lettuce makes you fat. That's why we're all having issues losing weight
Bahaha I love this one!

Oh and my old stand by, if I stand on my head, all the fat will slide out of my love handles and belly and into my boobs and stick there.

And for all you ladies that already have large chests...you actually just need to stand on your heads a little longer and the fat will slide into your hair follicules and you'll have fuller, thicker, shinier hair.

It's true! A friend of a friend of a friend did it and it worked.

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As long as you only eat foods that start with the same letter you will never gain weight. Choose your own letter. I pick C...for chocolate, cheesecake, cashews, cheese, calzones, Chinese food, croissants, crescent rolls and cookies. I heard some people change the letter every week and just eat their way through the alphabet. Keeps your body guessing and the diet is always fresh.
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This thread reminded me of this thing a bunch of people were posting on FB a while ago, I thought it was cute:

I figured out why I'm so fat. The shampoo I use in the shower that runs down my body says, "For extra volume and body." I am going to start using Dawn dishwashing soap. It says, "dissolves fat that is otherwise difficult to remove

One for every 5 lbs!
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I heard that if you scarf your food down, they wont count because it loses all its calories going down so fast!!!



Start Date: April 30, 2012

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199 lbs- ONEderland AND NO LONGER OBESE by Aug 26, 2012

One for every 2 pounds dropped!!! (I love these!)

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Every step is progress.
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My mom always ate her candy bars frozen because "freezing kills the calories" as if they were germs or something.
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Updating my software ;)
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Originally Posted by reallystruggling View Post
I heard that if you scarf your food down, they wont count because it loses all its calories going down so fast!!!

Hahaha, I love it!

I saw on the television that if you eat McDonald's every meal, every day that you will loss weight so fast and be healthier than someone who works out every day!

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I can't believe no one has mentioned the Half the Calories Diet.

If you take a bit of cake and cut it in half then it’s only half the calories.

And because it’s only half the calories you can have twice as much! (Marjorie Dawes, FatFighters)

It's true, I saw it on Little Britain!


Physical fitness can neither be achieved by wishful thinking nor outright purchase. Joseph Pilates

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I heard the coffeine in coffee speeds up your metabolism to the speed of light. So all we need to do is drink a litre of coffee a day (with full-cream milk and sugar) to get slim. Also, exercising too much will kill your effort, so slow it down, ladies. Weight training once a week is all it takes to get that shakira booty.
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I can't remember where I heard this...Dr. Oz maybe. You should leave a bite of food on your plate during every meal. All the calories remain in the last bite.
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Confuscious Sayhe more you exercise the shorter your life, each person was only alotted so many heartbeats for their entire life, when you work out you are shortening your life and using up your beats..stay away from the gym and use your beats wisely
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